3 Jun 2017

If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can

If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can on vickiarcher.com

Charlotte Rampling is a woman I admire not only for her creative talent but also for her style.

Yes, she is gorgeous and with a tall lanky frame made to wear just about anything and yes, I love her wardrobe choices.

When I am at a loss to find an outfit idea my go-to is a few women whose style I admire and who I think dress brilliantly for their age and stage. There is nothing dowdy about them and nor is there anything embarrassingly ridiculous about them. They combine a signature style with elegance and grace and avoid the dull. Simplicity in fashion can be equally as exciting as embellishment and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can on vickiarcher.com


I have been at a loss this week with what to wear for an upcoming work trip to Paris and (YES, I am very excited to use all those words in one sentence) in between writing to you I took a break and tried on about 20 pieces in the hope of finding a solution.

Do I ever listen to my own advice?

Breaking all the rules I ordered so many items I one, would never wear and two, would not suit me. What was I thinking? Did I imagine I had grown 2 feet in height? Have I forgotten Paris is an urban scene not a beachscape from the Amalfi coast? Seriously, sometimes I do astound my silly self.

The moral of my gargantuan waste of time, apart from heed my own advice, is to emulate those you admire and are simpatico with; like the forever poised and sophisticated Charlotte Rampling.

If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can on vickiarcher.com

What am I going to wear?

The lace dress for starters. The lace dress is perfect for the evening and won’t be too dressed up or down. The daytime requires a professional look but not too office like and this is where the white blazer comes in. This is my solution; I’m going with black pants and a white/cream blazer. Thank you Ms Rampling for the inspiration via this wonderful portrait from the NY Times.

See here is an easy solution; simple and flattering with a heap of style and without too much to stress about. I will make two wears out of this blazer with the addition of drop earrings and a pair of boyfriend/girlfriend style jeans.

Why is it the obvious is so often in front of us?

Flirting with a style change is all well and good but practicality and suitability are the keys to comfort, happiness and feeling confident. It is important to admire fashion, follow trends and recognise what is happening around us but also the true art is in truly understanding our signature style.

I do know better.

My style is classic and straightforward and it has been with me for decades so I suspect there is a reason for that. The addition of a new white blazer will do make a welcome change from this one. (Which I absolutely love but it has been my one and only companion for the last 6 months.)

It’s been a long morning but I made it :) White jacket here I come. xv

If Charlotte Rampling Can

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I admire any woman who doesn’t give in to trends and insecurities over her looks and ends up looking like those plastic clones walking around most cities .. but I do think that having a small surgery on her eyelids would be beneficial. It is not for looks or to make her look younger but when eyelids hang too much over the eye, infections occur often.
Plus it hinders eyesight . (yes, my brother in law is a doctor lol)


I’m not sure Candice, I find her eyes one of her distinguishing features and of course if medically they were a problem then that’s a different matter… but if sight is all ok, I think CR looks wonderful. She has always had a “hooded” eye look.. that’s her.. :)


Help… that was a handful ;)
I don’t know if I am brave enough… In some ways I would like to be.. but looking at that hasn’t tempted me!!


Definitely they are her “trademark” in a way but they are much looser than when she was younger and having a plastic surgeon in the family, I have been made aware of this and that … eyelids hanging ( in extreme cases) and causing infections / skin infections is not at all uncommon ..


I totally agree ! Her eyes are part of her wonderful face but they are getting to the point where they can hinder her eyesight as well as what I said, infections. I would never have surgery for cosmetic reasons, I am aging, that is always a Good Thing, considering the alternative … but when your eyelids droop too much, unpleasant things can happen to the skin and your eyes themselves.
I have always liked her and remember her face even when she was young being not that cookie cutter starlet type .. I would never want her to change that face .. I commented .. there are infections that can occur .. which is one of the very few reasons why a woman would smartly consider a bit of surgery.


I love her eyes. As someone who has hooded eyes and are getting more so everyday, Charlotte’s eyes show me her dignity, her grace and her peace with growing older. Thank you Vicki for another inspiring post.


Charlotte is indeed beautiful, classically so. As you say, she doesn’t need any surgery, unless it would be for medical reasons.

I am, however, taken aback by the makeup she’s wearing in the first photo. The penciling of her eyebrows is too sharp and seemingly only done toward the top of her brows. Her eyeliner is too severe, and the lip color is dull and makes her look drawn, pale. Her beauty would really shine with just a few adjustments to her makeup.


The Windsor is my pick! Very nice! And Vicki, you’re not alone in sometimes picking things that aren’t “you.” I have done that when I get itchy to try on a different look. But really I need to stay close to home, so to speak. :)

Anita Rivera

Beautiful Vicki, you are going to look smashing in that creme blazer; I love the idea of the black slacks with it. And this actrice, I’ve seen her a few times and loved her easy-going elegance. Oh, to capture that properly….


My husband had to have surgery several years ago to reduce his upper eyelids. They were actually interfering with his eyesight, and therefore his work, etc. When this is the case, and the surgeon can make that case to ones insurance carrier, the surgery is not considered a cosmetic procedure, and is therefore covered.
Requirements included downward pressure on the eyelids. interference with upward vision and general eye fatigue. We were told the condition usually continues to increase difficulty….and therefore is covered as a medical need, rather than a cosmetic issue.
Of course, the procedure did approve his appearance, and in his field of work, was beneficial in other ways. Men and women alike, can develop this problem, and it is almost always a family trait, as it was in the case of my husband.


Gloria, you know exactly what I mean then :) my mother in law, her daughter ( my sister in law) and my husband all had the same eyelids. Luckily my husband barely had any drooping but my sister in law went through a period of time where she actually had to hold her eye lid /extra skin, up when she was trying to look at something very small. She finally had surgery, it was hampering her sight .. it is not a surgery that makes your eyes look younger, just removed a bit of the drooping flesh.
You know exactly what I mean ..


Sorry, I meant to say downward pressure on the eyelashes, not eyelids. The doctor can determine if the eyelashes themselves are being forced downward.


My sister in law has something rare/ odd thing wrong with her eyes .. they close … on their own. She has no control over it. She discovered that she could push one eyelid up, under the brow, and both eyes would open. Needless to say, her lids now hang over her lashes .. she was told to get surgery for it , they are a hindrance to her sight but she said no more
surgeries …


Hi Vicki
Each of us has a feature that is beautiful and in my opinion for Charlotte it is her mouth. It gives her face a softness that is so lost in today’s trend for lip enhancements and facial surgery.
I am sure Ms Ramping is intelligent enough to decide if she needs remedial work on her eyelids for health reason so why cannot readers just pass comment on the gentleness of her eyes and the beauty of her mouth.
Just my thoughts!


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