5 Sep 2019

Choosing The Shade: It’s All Or Nothing

All or Nothing on vickiarcher.com

I’m all or nothing when it comes to my lipstick shades.

As summer draws to a seemingly speedy close I’m fast-tracking towards the depth and richness of autumn/winter hues. Choosing lip colour has always been an all or nothing experience for me. I like them nude or I like them coloured. The mid shades, the weaker versions and the pale imitations have never moved me. I like a bold lip or not much at all.

When it comes to bold I’m talking the reds, the raisins, the bricks and the deep plums. Matte colours to last and brighten up a minimal make-up. This season the raisins and bricks are back – “kissed lips” – they won’t replace a killer red but they make a dazzling alternative. Lip shades to attract and make a statement and lips to make us feel 100% feminine.

All or Nothing on vickiarcher.com

Tom Ford lipsticks and especially this new Boys and Girls Collection is my latest crush. Handbag size and not too much to linger in the bathroom drawer for decades; win/win. Use them, enjoy them and move on. That’s my motto with lipsticks. They last forever but that’s not necessarily a good thing; if there is one make-up feature easy to change it’s our lips.

I decided to clean out my dying lipsticks and replenish the stocks with these deep and delicious new shades. What’s more fun than writing all over the bedroom and bathroom mirrors with the remnants. After our conversation yesterday about recalibrating and shifting gears it seemed the least I could do was go all out. All the half-worn, slightly dry and not-quite-right shades have had their happy ending. My hands and nails are stained with pigment and the clean-up took a bit but it was worth every stroke to give my luscious reds the ending they deserved.

“All or nothing” is a motto to love, don’t you think?

I have never been very proficient at “halfway” and certainly not when it comes to lipstick. Lipstick is the one thing to elevate my mood if I’m feeling exhausted or “don’t want to”; applying a strong colour, when I am pale and wan, perks me right up. This month Nordstrom is celebrating the new beauty trends with all the very best brands. I am still wedded to my Armani, Dior and Tilbury favourites but for this season’s lip shades The Tom Ford babies have me.

“Boys and Girls” welcome to my make-up world. xv

It’s All Or Nothing

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Maggie Schwagele

I love that you are doing those delicious colours. I love wearing matte rich colours – why bother with insipid pale barely there!! Sometimes I think (as I am getting older) that I should go for a more subdued tone but I just cannot. I have a little bit of an Iris Apfel in me.

Michelle à Détroit

I love the idea of raisin and plum lipstick shades, but I feel that they don’t brighten my face and look a bit harsh. Perhaps it’s a more a question of getting used to the way I look in darker shades. I have several darker shades in my makeup box. Mac Diva is a good one. I must screw up my courage and actually wear it!


Go for it.. you will look gorgeous.. and especially a raisin shade with a little bit more gold/orange tone.. if that makes sense :)


When my husband was alive frequently I left him lipstick love notes all over the bathroom mirrors that were sealed with a lipstick kiss! xoxox, Brenda


Bonjour, Vicki!

My school schedule is challenging me at the moment and I’m finding it hard to make it to my favorite blogs in the morning! It’s great to see your beautiful self here, and the topic is up my alley! If I had to go without makeup and only had one choice to what I could wear, it would be a statement RED lipstick.


Mine too, Anita.
School will hopefully relax a bit.. the beginning of a new year is always challenging :)


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