19 Nov 2019

Christmas Comes To The Emporium: Collection No 5

Christmas Comes To The Emporium: Collection No 5 on vickiarcher.com

Collection, No 5 from THE EMPORIUM, is ready.

It’s brilliant, it is luminescent and it is lustrous.

If you know me by now you will have already figured out No 5 is Christmas decorations. I am a long-time lover and collector of decorations and my first real swag came about on a holiday in Texas of all places. A great friend had opened a beautiful homewares boutique and she introduced me to the joys of Christopher Radko. From then on I was on a mission to create a collection for my family to endure through the years. There have been breakages over time but pretty much the collection grows with new additions each year.

Now it is rare and unique pieces to grab my attention.

I want to add the vintage, a little history and source the pre-loved versions; such a fragile pursuit is not easy.

This year I have found them. This collection of ’50s 60’s and early 70’s Eastern European baubles is quite exceptional. They are in excellent condition, made from hand-blown glass molds and in some cases hand-painted. The colours are so vibrant and I have erred on the side of the pinks and put the collection together in these tones.

Some of the most extraordinary pieces are the Russian Cosmonauts. They are in the most delicious shades and as it is the 50th anniversary of the Moonwalk, they seemed to be a rather wonderful addition to our holiday decor.

I could talk about these all day, my favourites and how to arrange them.

Imagine one of the beautiful birds on every person’s napkin on the Christmas table? It’s early to show this Collection but I want to make sure you have them in plenty of time for your celebrations. As always I am happy to send them anywhere in the world.

Have fun browsing. No 5 this way. xv


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Oh Vicki, I had seen this very briefly yesterday in my Instagram scrolling frenzy during my busy lunch hour and I loved them! These vintage baubles bring back so many luminous memories of my mother’s collection from the 50s! How fun it was to hang these on the tree and I can still remember the delicate “crack”if I happened to clumsily drop one to the ground…sweet and festive are these!


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