4 Oct 2018

Co Essentials: Meet My latest Crush

Meet My Latest Crush: Co Essentials on vickiarcher.com

I am prone to a crush.

And also inclined to lose interest and become blazé about the familiar.

When you consume fashion like I do it is not surprising. The more I focus, write and feature what’s in, the more I feel particular about what I like and don’t. I will never set the world on fire with my choices; I am a ‘traditionalist with a twist’ kind of girl. Admiration for others zanier like Zhandra Rhodes or Dame Vivienne Westwood is simply that. I know what I want and I am happy to play along.

Rarely do I click and feel covetous. Today I did.

Nordstrom generously asked for an edit of their designer wear for the coming season – as they are my number one when it comes to a department store, it is not a hard choice. My mind was full of white; I had seen a very fabulous photograph of winter white cashmere and felt inspired to do the same. Forget that for today – we can talk that through another.

Co are not a brand I am familiar with. As soon as I started browsing their essentials I wanted everything pretty much. Beautiful fabrics and simplicity of style are what I am looking for and clothes where I can be me. I don’t want to look like I am wearing someone else’s wardrobe. When you are of an age where personal style is certain then when you see it, you know it.

Meet My Latest Crush: Co Essentials on vickiarcher.com


This dress comes with a belt, which is how I would wear it  +  the fitted blazer worn over the top. If you have the height and the toned arms then add some block heels and look no further. Sleeveless and fullness work well with the classic nipped in blazer shape.


Meet My Latest Crush: Co Essentials on vickiarcher.com


I found these gorgeous cashmere sweaters.  Elegant, simple and so wearable with trousers or a skirt. Dress them up or dumb them down with jeans. I could see myself wearing these most days.

Meet My Latest Crush: Co Essentials on vickiarcher.com

The skirt of this season – pleats and more fine pleats.

Let’s tuck the blouses in or wear it with the fine cashmere sweater. This blouse is one I could use as a uniform. A very effortless piece for the wardrobe.

Browse Co Essentials  at Nordstrom, I think you will enjoy their versatility. Meanwhile, I am trying very hard to find some restraint.
Not too much though . xv

Co Essentials: My Latest Crush

pleated midi skirt  ||  high collar sweater   ||  cashmere sweater  ||  suiting jacket  ||  tie neck blouse  ||  ruffle tiered dress  ||  pleated midi dress

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring, “My Latest Crush: Co Essentials”

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Absolutely GORGEOUS as always, Vicki. Whatever time span we embrace something new, we enjoy it to the fullest, then pass on the love. Thank you. How I wish I had time to go out and buy a few of these pieces; they’d instantly become my go-to pieces in my wardrobe!


Thank you Anita… yes I love them… have a look when you get to your local Nordstrom… lucky you having one to visit in reality!


Co is a new brand to me, so my thanks to you and Nordstrom for filling me in. I love their silhouettes and the fabric looks like quality, so it’s something I’ll have to share with my readers as well. xoxo, Brenda


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