2 Mar 2017

Concealer: How To Wear It 3 Ways

Concealer : Wear It 3 Ways on vickiarcher.com

There is a trick with concealer and I have figured it out.

It can be used 3 ways and can make quite the difference.

I forgot my favourite bb cream and foundation on a trip recently and didn’t have time or the inclination to re-buy my favourites. Somewhere in my distant memory a vague spark flickered and I remembered, if used properly, a good concealer can double or triple not only as a great cover up but also for a base and contouring.

Concealer is one of those products I use mostly under tired eyes and not for much else.

I thought hard and recalled many years ago the most fabulous Parisian beauty consultant in Le Bon Marché teaching me how to use the product in a variety of ways; of course I had forgotten, slipped into lazy habits and not made good use of her intelligence.

When I found myself with limited time and no make-up I bought a concealer. In one of our other conversations a reader had highly recommended this one and as I was up for something new and a single product I took her advice.

This radiant creamy concealer is totally fantastic and saved the day for me. She was right. Thank you.

I don’t know about you but I do become set in my ways, especially with make-up and being forced to try it differently was good for me. I like the idea of using one product in a multiple of ways; I do use lipstick as a blush but other than that I tend to stick to a single purpose.

Here is how to work it.

Cover Up

Tired eyes, redness and blotches are gone with this creamy formula.

Apply the concealer to problem areas first and blend smoothly.

Complete Cover

Working further and adding a small dollop of night cream, this concealer gives a beautiful coverage. Apply on the eye area to create a perfect base for shadow and liner.


Contouring should probably left to the professionals, that is one to go horribly wrong, but I do recall a great tip from the Parisian woman. Line the top lip and the underside with concealer to highlight the lips. The impression is of a fuller lip line. Try it, you will be pleased.

I am thinking in future I will travel only with this very creamy concealer in creme brulee.

There are many shades; I prefer one shade lighter and blend more consistently for a natural finish.

Any reason to pack and carry less is a good one. Great things do come in small packages.

One product to be worn 3 ways; what’s not to love? xv

Wear It 3 Ways

nars radiant creamy concealer

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image, Chapter Fifty & Other Stories The Dinner Party 2015, Eveline Hall

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Mimi Gregor

Sounds a little too creamy for me. I like the more matte look of stick concealer, which I apply with a synthetic brush, then pat into my skin with my fingertips. But on a “good face day”, I can get away with just a mineral sunscreen, lipstick-as-blush, and concealer. I notice that, as I am “getting more timeless”, I need to spend less time putting on makeup. When I think about how much product I used, and how long it took to put on when I was younger… oy.

Taste of France

I immediately scrolled down to find the name of the magnificent woman featured in the photo. You must give us her name!
I’m careful about concealer, especially around the eyes. Or any makeup, for that matter. I use very little (except for mascara). It has a way of getting into (LAUGH) lines and making them more visible rather than less.


Her name is at the bottom of the post, Eveline Hall. She is wonderful, isn’t she…


The NARS concealer is wonderful! Concealer alone doesn’t work for my dark circles though. I have been using Bobbi Brown corrector in Medium to Dark Bisque (I have fair skin color) under the concealer. The corrector is drying so I make sure to heavily moisturize before applying. I also use NARS illuminator, another great VA recommendation ;), on the brow to lift up and take the focus away from under eyes! Would love to know how Eveline does the top liner, looks like there were 2 kinds used.

Mimi Gregor

If I may, it looks like she may do what I do with my eyeliner. I use a gel eyeliner on an angled eyeliner brush, and put it close to my lashes. Then, I go over it with a powder eye shadow in a slightly lighter shade, also on an angled eyeliner brush. Then, I get a clean, poufy eye shadow brush and blend it. The lighter shadow on top serves to soften the line from the gel eyeliner, but you get the all-day wear of the gel liner. Looking closely at the picture, that appears to be what she does. It also looks like she may take the lighter shadow color and use that under her lower lashes in lieu of liner. A trick I may find useful if/when my eyes get too lined for eyeliner underneath.


Thank you Vicki! I have been looking for a new concealer and to pare down my make-up. I’ve read other things about this Nars concealer. Ordering now!!


CDP concealer is a long time favorite of mine! It lasts forever as a little goes a long way.


I too am beginning to enjoy the greys. Still a bit salt and pepper but so much more preferable to the dark hair I was trying to keep going. It suits my older skin better too. I don’t wear a lot of make up but concealer is an essential for me. I love seeing strong “jewel ” colours with white and silver hair too . Can be a stunning combination… Always love your posts.Thank you, Vicki.


i never use concealer, but apply foundation and powder. i’m letting my hair naturally go grey too, i had white hair up until 6th grade when i got my period, i’m hoping for the same white hair to come back at this age. (would be nice)


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