18 Feb 2015

The Corset Comeback: Breath In, Push Up And Streamline

The Corset Comeback, Breath In And Push Out, Vicki Archer

There is a corset comeback happening out there and I for one am grateful.

Embarrassing; yes very.

It’s not something I want to admit, needing a little streamlining, but there comes a day.

In my perfect world I would be clad in the lacy and skimpy, I would look like a young Brigitte Bardot and I would be frolicking with the beautiful and handsome in Saint Tropez.

Back to reality.

As time rolls on I realise I need a little support. Not structural, not emotional, not physical but more like a little streamlining. Shaving off the pounds around the edges, a little smoothing out of a bump or two. Do you get the picture?

Here is the truth,

I am not being lazy, I am going to the gym regularly, reducing carbs and I am avoiding that pesky little friend called sugar; I still need help. If we can rely on sophisticated cosmetics to enhance our appearance then why not take advantage of lingerie developments.

These control garments really work to make you look slimmer and even if you are the perfect shape and size they enhance your body and allow clothing to fall better. Lines are eliminated and it’s smooth sailing all the way.

Let me say, the corset is back.

My mother would tell you the corset never went out. I do remember so vividly thinking her choice of underwear very strange; my youth and naievety had me imagining that the body would stay in it’s rightful place and shape forever. She has the last laugh.

The best news is that “structural” underwear is now so much more functional, more comfortable and a great deal prettier. Yes, we can look smooth, eliminate unwanted bulges and breathe at the same time. No Scarlett O’Hara type dramas in the search for a streamlined figure.

So the big question; is this corset comeback, attractive, sexy?

When wearing these miracle pieces, does it mean a dash to the bedroom, lights out and a quick change?

Absolutely not, control underwear can be mighty pretty.

My underwear drawer has two types; for me and not for me. It is just a matter of when I wear what.

Know what I mean? xv

Going Solo

**spanx thinstincts mid-thigh bodyshaper

spanx thinstincts tank  //  **spanx thinstincts high waist shaper  //  spanx thinstincts mid thigh shaper  // spanx thinstincts camisole

On Show

**d mondaine full slip  //  d mondaine grace strapless slip  //  **heather thompson lace panelled slip

heather thompson yummie camisole   //  heather thomson yummie briefs

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The Enchanted Home

Interesting! I am all for anything that can help create that perfect hourglass figure and svelte waistline….but when I think of corset my mind races back to Victorian times and painful binding of an overly tight tight corset…..don’t know if I could handle that! “Shape” undergarments have become such a HUGE industry that in most dept stores they have garnered their very own dept…sign of the times, sounds like they might have to make way for the new kid in town…corsets:)


sHape garments sounds so elegant, Tina… and yes I think they are probably the biggest and most popular pieces of all lingeris..


I thank God every day for body shapers! I too like to have that smooth back and waist that seems to have disappeared over the past 10 years. When I was small I watched my grandmother and aunts jump up and down to fit into their girdles and found it hysterial. Now I find myself doing the same thing! As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias “I haven’t left the house without lycra on these thighs since I was 15” (or somethign like that)…Amen.


Yes, I remember my mother pulling them on and all that wiggling from one side to the other… now I will be doing the wiggling… ;)


Vicki, Spanks are a great invention as far as I am concerned. They make great leggings as well!
Have a great week!

The Arts by Karena


I remember thinking when I was younger that i would never have to wear “spanx”… ha, now I love them!

Nancie Bartley

I read an article about true corsets last year..not Spanx but the actual hook and eye closure kind that can be adjusted. The author ended up losing weight wearing one because she felt full quicker at meals. Maybe a return to corsets is just what our “can’t seem to control our portions” society needs. It started for this one woman as a saucy way to spice up her life (Guess what I have on underneath this dress?) and ended up becoming a lifestyle choice. Interesting and definitely I could use one myself for smoothing!


That’s one way of monitoring portion control, Nancie… ;)
I think they are those kinds of garments that once you wear them you never look back…

Heather in Arles

You are always one step ahead, Madame V. I just was thinking that I need to bite the bullet and think about getting something of the “for me” variety! Yowza! So comforting to know that I am not alone…
And of course corsets can be sexy…Dita von Teese made her career on them. ;)


Yes, some are very sexy… Somehow I can’t see me dressing like Dita.. ;) wish I did though… ;) ;)


My mother, who is 90, has never given up on shapewear. She wears an all-in-one every day with her hose and heels. I must admit the material of the shapewear today is much more comfortable! I do exercise, but I definitely need the help of an undergarment to smooth the bumps and the mommy pouch that never seems to go away.


What is the point of having beautiful, stylish clothes and not wearing the right underwear so they sit correctly on your body? I don’t believe in uncomfortably tight things that you can’t breathe in, but I think that wether you’re a small or an extra large, those statement, investment pieces in the wardrobe are much more enjoyable to wear and worth it if the right ‘underpinnings’ are worn! And what a bonus if they’re pretty…..

Anita Rivera

Good evening, Vicki! I missed this post early in my morning rounds! OK, let’s talk.

I agree. I am very thin, but there are some articles of clothing that I have no problem wearing with a little “support” underneath to help smooth out some things…teehehee…..because for some of us, even the thin ones, we need a little smoothing out. I agree that depending on what you wear, you have one set of undies, and another set for those form-fitting pencil skirts or WHITE PANTS…that’s my problem.


Gai Reid

I’m with Adrienne! I was blessed with genes for slenderness and a small appetite (if you don’t count chocolate and dessert and maybe cheese, oh and pâté ) so I have never owned a “foundation garment”. I can’t stand tight jeans so I can’t see myself doing the waggle dance to get into spanx – the thought of THAT vision makes me laugh :) But I’ll always enjoy wearing a pretty bra and knickers.

Cathy Wong

I have various Spanx items and a few other lovely similar items….I find I feel so nice in them! I’m sure I stand up a bit straighter and walk a bit more confidently. (not to mention the other obvious benefits :) and clothes really do look better).

Kris B

Nope not going into shape wear
I do barre classes and am 58 and doing barre has freed me from spanx


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