6 Apr 2021

The “At-Home” Diaries: What’s Missing?

What's Missing on vickiarcher.com

There is something I am missing.

Other than the obvious – friends, family and a fun night out – even a slight headache from too much banter and aching feet from a night on the dance floor looks positively enticing to me about now.

What I am missing is different from the day-to-day joys we take for granted.

Little by little I have watched it disappear not lost entirely but not the same as before. It is an element of my life I rely on and I need, as it is really a defining part of who I am.


At the start of our lockdown, I felt inspired to diarise my feelings as we entered unchartered territory. Now it feels like every day is Groundhog Day and my words are too repetitive. What is left to say that we haven’t thought or felt? Not to diminish what has happened and what continues to challenge us but as my world has reduced, so have my ideas. That sounds overly dramatic; I am simply reflecting without external stimuli our creativity is truly put to the test.

As an observer of life and a well-travelled one, I took what it meant in a wider sense for granted. My ability to travel and observe fuelled my creativity whether it was 10 or 10,000 kilometres. Looking – really seeing – gave me a multitude of ideas on any given day. These ideas allowed my passion for fashion, kept me coveting and interpreting interiors and striving for more in every which way. Creating is like breathing for me; if I miss a breath I’m out of synch.

Creativity needs stimulation to remain alive. That state will come again.

I don’t believe it is stagnant but rather hibernating like the wise Grizzlies who need their dormancy to rejuvenate.

Could it be change equates with creativity? I am accustomed to a life of change where the flexibility of mind goes hand in hand. I believe mental flexibility and change has the power to keep our minds open and resilient. Staying put for such a long period of time, while so beneficial in many ways, could be the reason I feel my creative output diminished.

I don’t wish to sound spoilt and I am certainly grateful for all the beauty I have in my immediate world and I do not for a minute feel worried creativity has extinguished – it is simply an observation of mine. Friends have asked me what is the greatest change felt during this time of Covid and restrictions? For me, it is without a doubt my lessening creativity. I mind this more than the weird lingering and on-going side-effects of long Covid – much, much more.

Has your creativity suffered or has this period of uncertainty intensified your output?

My tastes have definitely changed and this stay at home period has me craving colour, moving more and practising the arts of a domestic goddess like never before. I like this “altered” me but I doubt she’s here to stay ;)

I am patiently waiting for the creator with a zillion ideas a day to come back. xv

Creativity: The Mellow Yellows Are Where I’m At

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image, portobello road, easter monday

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One word…hamster wheel..and this already for 1 yr. Can’t really say if my creativity has suffered because in one way this year brought so many ideas and memories into my life. But I know surely…I long for colour, dressing like a drag queen
(not really that’s not me),eating in restaurants and of course for vacation in order to get new inspirations.


Agree wholeheartedly, Rena… I love your description and know what exactly you mean :)

Linda B

Dear Vicki, I have read a few pieces recently about this phenomenon of lessened creativity during the pandemic. I too have experienced this odd phenomenon, though the past year plus has also had some times of creative productivity for me as well. I have learned that I can’t predict when and how the mood–and the will–to be creative will strike–and to dive into it when it suddenly is strong enough to get something accomplished. I have also learned to be more gentle with myself when I don’t have enough “fire” inwardly to get much done. This is actually a great life lesson for me, so I appreciate the opportunity.

In the past month or two, I have started throwing off my lack of interest in dressing creatively that arose during this stay-at-home time. I agree that the bright colors are now calling! I have commented previously on the rich green cardigan I am making myself. Looking at those gorgeous yellow pieces makes my heart sing–and I am seriously in love with the Ulla Johnson Short Sleeved blouse.

Perhaps the most tangible accomplishment I have had in the creative realm in the past months was conceiving and eventually creating a large scale pastel of the vibrant desert sky at sunrise. I did lots of studies and a few big drawings, then chose one to frame for the living room in our new home.

Lately I have been hampered physically by a badly torn meniscus but I am trying to find the creative opportunities in that too. . .More time to sit and knit, draw, write while it is healing.


Linda, your creativity is inspiring … we all want to knit along with you that’s for sure!

I’m sorry about your meniscus.. as you say we have to know when to be kind to us… I am trying this approach and trust it will secretly reward and the creative banks will slowly refill :)


You’re doing a wonderful job with your site. We’re all spending more time smelling the roses than arranging them creatively. Thanks for the np rec, ordered immediately!


Loving and relating to this post today. Your words hit home with me and describe much of my feelings of change and awareness of the life I lived that feels so different. Thank you


Thank you Beth… so much has changed and I hope to learn from it and go forth with this “new” knowledge too :)

Teddee Grace

For some reason, I and my creativity thrive wrapped in the small safe cocoon of a one-bedroom apartment with only the occasional trip, fully masked even though now fully inoculated, out to my rental storage units and local craft stores. Of course I read dozens of decorating and crafting blog posts daily so get inspiration there, but, it’s all in our heads after all, isn’t it just waiting to be tapped?


Good morning Vicki! I am late here but this is a topic so important to me that I’m glad I caught your post.

I know what you are talking about. I have gone MAD being stuck in the house all winter and for us, our winters are known to be brutal. What we used to do, pre-pandemic, was to drive to the large Mall of America to get our 3 mile walk then shop, eat and just enjoy the sights. Like you, even that was stimulating for me as a creative person.

This winter was mild in terms of weather but nonetheless difficult to navigate outside the home. We stayed inside obviously but we’d crank on the Youtube music selections and just dance or we’d put on a travel show on Youtube and jog in place. For me, doing physical activity is part of my creative spirit so that is how I survived.

There is so much to say on this topic but all I can say is that I look at myself now and I have changed. I hope that I have changed for the better because I feel as if a few layers have been gently peeled away to reveal even more of who I am, revealing the resilience that we all have within us but can only be activated through challenges. We survived this so far. Let’s just keep going a bit longer.

Linda Johnston

Well said. I’m struggling too. but with the spring flowers and nicer weather, I am feeling creativity rising inside my head! plus venturing out more.


Late to the party on this response….I believe your creativity is hibernating and yes we are in groundhog day and yours and our lives will not be the same. Fortunately, I did not get covid but when I got my covid vaccine it activated a mild case shingles that has (fingers crossed) lasted 3 rounds of medication and 3 months. I was unable to attend my granddaughter’s 13th party. Crushed me…Soooo what do we do….become creative in other ways. I love when you post your flowers. Crazy huh? Because of allergies I can not have them in the house so looking at yours makes me very happy. I also like the fact that you are real…even though some of us are not able to travel like you (spoiled? Yep..haha) I loved the posts about Portugal and the cottage in the country. So you have spoiled us too with your knowledge and pictures as well as self care and fashion. Thanks Vicki from a loyal follower….J xx


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