15 Nov 2019

The Cross Body: Another One I Left Behind

How could I forget the cross body bag?

I managed to.

Somehow I have become wedded to my totes and lost sight of the cross bodies. Mistake.

Cross body bags are genius in practicality and it doesn’t mean we can’t still carry a tote bag for the bigger items.

The reason I am reminded is the number of cross bodies I saw strolling the streets of Paris last weekend; Chanel style, across the body and mostly in black. All ages had their handbags across their bodies and snug by their waist – shopping was in the additional carry bag. Whether they were wearing a full overcoat, 3/4 styles or a leather biker; the crossbody was over the top.

As soon as I arrived I wanted to ditch my tote and have a different handbag. It’s odd how we can observe a trend and then it is all we see. Maybe my eyes are tuned to spot what appeals to me and I justify it by zooming in the like-minded? I don’t think so as I was surprised by the regularity and frequency of handbag style.

Once upon a time, I wore a cross body and no other style of handbag. I like the smaller size to hold my cc’s, phone, keys and lipstick.

That just about does me.

Cross Body Bag?

These bags come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Do we need the full-on designer number for a cross body? It’s a personal choice and I find it is one bag where we don’t need to invest to manage the look and comfort we want. Yes, a Chanel has still got it but there are many other fabulous options.

I have put together some cross bodies to love and one in particular for the rainy days. Inclement weather is a disaster for any handbag.

Mine is front of the wardrobe now and won’t be staying home next trip. xv

The Cross Body: Don’t Leave These Behind

all saints captain lea  ||  *mansur gavriel  ||  longchamp le foulonne  ||  tory burch nylon  ||  wandler billy tri color  ||  kurt geiger quilted

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I can only wear one of these if it’s small since one of this size would drown my small upper frame! But this design surely helps keep the bag well-secured to your person!


I almost always wear a crossbody bag unless I’m going somewhere more dressy. Having your bag crossbody allows you the use of both hands when shopping or touring. I keep my bags to a medium size ( not too bulky) so they lay properly across my side. It feels good to be mimicking the ever so fashionable French. Who knew?!


I love a cross body bag!!! I no longer need everything to do with children or work in a tote bag and as long as I can fit keys, purse, lipstick, glasses and mobile and I’m ready to roll! I’m off to Brussels with my lovely husband next week and the cross body bag is perfect as it means I’m hands free! The camera shape I prefer as it will fit my Kindle in as well. Passports held in a beautiful hand-made cotton pouche rather than a bulky travel wallet mean they slide into my bag without taking up lots of space. I have chosen a fabulous burgundy coloured bag too which goes with lots of things. The time has come to empty the big tote bag Vicki!!!


I have sloping shoulders and shoulder bags quickly slide off so a crossbody bag works so much better. It’s safer and keeps your hands free. Great to know I am doing something Frenchy. My bag is black. :)


Crossbodies are my go to always, but especially for travel. For long haul I have a large black leather Oroton bag that fits all travel documents, wallet, reading glasses and sunnies, essential medication, cosmetics bag, etc. Then for everyday a much smaller bag, mostly bought in Paris. Valentino make a good “Candy Bag” with rock studs, in different colours – I have one in black (quite dressy) and one in navy to wear with jeans. Last Paris summer I also bought a fabulous Sonia Rykiel crossbody in snappy navy and white paillettes. Great fun! So sad they are no more. I also carry over my arm a light Vanesso Bruno linen tote (I have them in heaps of colours) to fit non valuable things that the smallish crossbody can’t accommodate, like a light fold up umbrella, a cashmere pashmina, maybe a book and makeup bag. Valuables, including passport and mobile phone always go in the cross body. They’re easily accessible but safe there. But I don’t bother with a separate bag for the passport. It slips in so easily without. Best wishes, Pamela


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