30 Sep 2021

Crushing On Cashmere

Crushing On cashmere on vickiarcher.com

What’s not to love about cashmere?

The quality is challenging sometimes, and the prices can be a sliding scale from the sublime to the ridiculous but most times it is possible to find the right piece at a fair price.

Last week’s EDIT had many questions about cashmere – how to wear it and where to find it.

I have put together a collection of pants and sweaters – all shapes and styles – that would work in most wardrobes. I’ve been mixing my cashmere with not only the casual but also with the formal. It’s working for me and as the weather chills down it is an even better option.

The shorter and wider crop has my attention.

In a million years I would have denied them and their versatility. Here I am in a cream pair, worn with an old favourite silk blouse and my new but “old” shoes. They have wider and shorter legs than I’ve worn before, but I like them; not to forget the comfort factor either.

We all know there are “tracksuits” and “tracksuits” and like most fashion wearables, there are ways to manage how we put our looks together. I am a big believer in a mix and match approach and wear my clothing accordingly. I never say never and if I like it and have the confidence for the combination, then I’m all in. Experimenting is key and if your first reaction is a strong one then go whichever way it leads.

Cashmere sweaters are an easy one – wear them with anything.

Why not wear a “hoodie” under a tailored blazer? Equally, throw it over a tee and a shorter style pair of trousers. The pants traditionally have been a lounge about option – cashmere is an investment in most cases so why not wear them for good?

All my favourites cashmere – pants and sweaters – are on the same page. As always, I’m into the neutrals; loving the creams, greys and blacks together – even a little olive green. I did find a fabulousmocha” shade if that’s for you and mixed with cream or black it is a winner.

Cashmere is seriously crush-worthy. xv

The Cashmere EDIT this way.

P.S What about this fisherman knit worn with these pocketed beauties? Love this combination. So, so cosy.

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I truly love your suggestions, love luxury, and consider this site aspirational, but, as a retired teacher, I have a limited spending capacity. Love when realistic alternatives are provided :-)


I try and do my best to make a good cross-section of choices Robin… but I’m limited too.. by what I can find and what is available to share :)

Jacki F.

Love cashmere and have numerous sweaters, but it is easily prone to pilling (in my experience not necessarily related to quality–Hermes pills) and you can just do so much de-pilling even with a proper tool. I cannot imagine cashmere pants and the pilling that would happen on the buttock and inner thigh areas from sitting and friction. How do you handle that? Also, don’t the knees stretch out from bending when you sit? If you are short, hemming could be a problem….


So far, so good Jacki… and no I agree.. never hem them… either i would go for the cuff gathered ankle style or a shorter version to avoid that problem.

Jacki F.

STEAMERY. Absolute best. Martha Stewart recommended it–bought one and love it.


Vicki, I’ve just received a parcel with a navy crew cashmere jumper! Love it especially with a discount code! A simple style that I can wear with jeans, trousers and a skirt adding a scarf and jewellery to ramp it up. Really pleased with it! In the same parcel I had also ordered a bikini!! I know I’ve maybe peaked too early for next summer!! But love the style of the bikinis I’ve worn this summer and there was a sale on swimwear so thought why not!!! St Remy was as beautiful and welcoming as ever this summer too Vicki.


Good morning, Vicki! How gorgeous is your white outfit! You have been the one also, to keep me encouraged about keeping my hair long. I LOVE your updo!

Cashmere is the silk of winter. It is luxurious and warm and I’ve had my share of cashmere sweaters. I am loving your winter whites here!


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