30 Nov 2020

Cyber Monday: And Then There Were These

Cyber Monday: And Then There Were These on vickiarcher.com

Now more than ever Cyber Monday is big.

We could possibly call 2020, Cyber Year.

We have had so many store closures both temporary and permanent as a result of the lockdowns that the online world has become the king of the kids when it comes to shopping. Online was always my go-to but for many, they loved the real shopping experience and a visit to their favourite stores. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy a wander down Bond Street or a stroll on Madison but for my everyday life, it is about the online. It’s what I know and what I do so this particular change hasn’t been difficult for me to follow.

Having said that there is nothing as fun as a day out with a girlfriend in a fabulous store broken by a long lazy champagne-fuelled lunch. The buying is probably not the best post-lunch but the browsing and trying is pretty fun.

Today’s choices are made with the thought of saving on what I would be buying anyway.

I’m talking shapewear – what I would prefer not to need – but I’m not so silly I would go without. This underwear makes a massive difference to how I feel (5lbs thinner), the fit of my clothes and how flattering a piece can look. Shapewear and tights are something I always buy at sale time.

This Way 👉

inside edit briefs  ||  everyday briefs   ||  lace pants  ||  shaping shorts  ||  mid-thigh shapers

and then there were these – all fabulous and all discounted

shaping tights ||  falke polka dot tights  ||  houndstooth fishnets  ||  lace net tights

More This Way 👉

shapewear, not your thing? try these 

lauren ralph lauren coat (great shape)  ||  houndstooth coat ||  coal haan hooded coat  ||  bernardo plaid coat  ||  plaid reefer coat

Highlights 👏

v-neck cashmere in charcoal  ||  halogen sweater dress in charcoal  ||  co shirtdress  ||  essential joggers  ||  essentials sweatshirt

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I remember when going to downtown Los Angeles with my mother to Macys, Bullocks, The Broadway, it was a big affair. She put on her best dress, a pearl collier and she’d dress me in a little blue coat. We’d go inside the grand old buildings where elegance was everywhere. Then came the malls. But when I moved back east to Boston, I was able experience that special holiday feel. An old department store in Salem, Massachusetts still used the old system of communication from the first floor up to the second; it was a tube where the sales person would insert a handwritten note to an associate on the top floor. The tube would be hand cranked to get to the top. Then here in Minneapolis, not that long ago, I entered into a Macy’s where all the associates wore black smocks and pearls….those days are gone.


My childhood experiences in Sydney were similar but it was a shop called David Jones… it’s still there … and beautiful in parts… but not the same treat to visit as it once was..
Black smocks and pearls!! Wouldnt mind that for myself.. ;)


I’ve missed a day browsing and shopping with dear friends and my gorgeous daughter and have purchased most things now on-line. I have however changed my shops and where possible looked to purchase from the small independent companies who need our support at the moment. Only yesterday I’ve purchased from Etsy several items for making my gifts look special and have gone more eco friendly with brown wrapping paper and a vast array of coloured twine; I’ll add some natural festive decorations with berries and leaves. Only small items but to a small business it all adds up. For one big retail I’m buying something else from a small independent business. It’s also quite enjoyable looking at all the items on offer.

GL Gardener

I remember dressing up to go shopping. Now they come in whatever grunge. Also good manners have evaporated. I remember the store having an elevator hostess who pressed the keys for the floor you wanted and opened the door of the elevator. I shop on line and have for several years for most things but I do miss going to the shops. Love going to Somerset Mall where there are nice shops to choose from. For women, it is a social event to go shopping with a friend for the day or afternoon. Enjoying a lunch together was also a highlight. I miss those fun days….


My feeling is that shopping habits changed (as everything), I guess since the new century began. Before I was an evid shopper and had fun to walk from one shop into the next
with girl friends and like you having a lunch break where the name of the game was
fashion, cosmetic, shoes etc. There was a real distinction in style which made buying so joyful. Now everything is too uniform, be it fashion or interior and I am
happy when I found a piece which match to my existing clothes. Last Black Friday confirmed my aversion. Huh, too much negative statements.
B.t.w. Please can you tell me if you are still using Armani silk foundation and which
colour? This is the only one I need shortly.


Yes, Rena… I do use the Armani … the Crema Nuda tinted (Nude Glow) and sometimes the Maestro for evening :)


Oh how I miss the days of elegant shopping. Beautiful stores, wonderfully displayed merchandise and dedicated salespeople. I loved ha ing my purchases wrapped in tissue and placed in a beautiful bag. Now things arrive on my doorstep in a plastic bag and cardboard box. Jacobsons of Michigan never had noisy registers and transactions were handled discretely. Top it off with a lovely lunch and shopping was a wonderful way to spend a day.

Julie Freidman

I retired from department store retail 4 years ago. All black, heels, stockings, pearls & a red lip was my uniform of choice in various forms, every day. I feel as though I was born in the wrong era. I was often asked by workmates where I was going after work. Sad that elegance has been lost and going to work is no longer a reason to dress.


I was seduced for a time by on line shopping when Amazon opened first. As a bookseller. Beautiful coffee table books on houses and gardens and travel were available at very much lower prices than in the bricks and mortar shops. But within about a year I saw what it did to our local bookstores. So many were closing their doors forever. So I went back to regular shopping and have never been tempted to buy clothes on line. I support a retail industry which has been sadly affected by on line availability. Our bricks and mortar shops and department stores gave employment to so many people. But now they’re declining. I may be old school but I continue to support them when I need to buy products. I also prefer to see clothes in real life – – the real colours, the feel of the fabric, the weight of it – which you can’t do on lime. I’ll continue to shop in bricks and mortar while it’s still possible. There’s are several reasons David Jones is no longer the wonderful icon it once was. The previous owners saw the damage online shopping was doing to the retail industry model, and especially their own company and sold out to a foreign company. The grand tradition of service gradually went out the window. Staffing numbers were drastically cut to reduce costs, tried and true brands were jettisoned. The beautiful old heritage flagship Sydney store was remodelled. It lost all its character, beauty and charm as the foreign owners went for a glitzy airport luxury duty free style look. It had always been a pleasure and a delight to shop there in the past. You could even leave overnight bags and shopping at their staff and goods entrance “cloak room” if you wanted to shop unencumbered if you’d come in from the country by train or bus. There was even an art gallery. But that was in the past. So sad. In Covid times, I get it that shops must close their doors when necessary and that people are prudent and careful about venturing out. But I hope these times are not the nail in the coffin of regular stores. Best wishes, Pamela

Mary-Jill Bellhouse

Oh yes! I can recall very well the – almost excitement – of shopping at David Jones – the wooden escalators, the heady yet subtle scent from the perfume counters, the man playing the grand piano … it was an experience those of us ‘of a certain age’ will remember fondly. Also … ‘meet you on DJ’s corner’, being outfitted with a new set of school uniform pieces each year (SCEGGS), and the creamy chicken pies with breadcrumbs in top from the DJ’s food hall across the street from the retail store. Ah so many memories!


Very similar sentimentsl memories of those days. As small children our parents used to take us there to stand on the footpath and admire the Christmas windows. As very unsophisticated children back then we thought they were magical. A treat we looked forward to every year. A kind Aunt used to meet me off the train when I was about 13 or 14 and take me to DJs as a special treat. We’d walk around the wonderful departments, sniff the perfumes, try on picture hats and then have lunch there. My aunt was a music teacher so of course we always stopped to listen to the pianist on the ground floor and when we were ready to leave the doorman would summon a taxi. It was such a pleasure to shop there. And of course the spring flower displays were magnificent – also their regular florist was wonderful. I loved Madeleine St John’s book (and the film) “Ladies in Black” based on DJs of her day. Best wishes, Pamela


Shopping in stores is such a fun relaxing time either alone or with friends. I’m looking forward to those days once again.


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