27 Mar 2018

After Dark: When The Magic Happens

After Dark Is When It Counts: Repair on vickiarcher.com

It’s true.

But I always feel my skin is getting the best repair, replenish and workout when I am sleeping.

I like to do extra at night, especially when I am less tired. Take a bath, relax and luxuriate in the bubbles while treating my skin to a super-hydrate.

Serum has become my go-to. I can’t quite recall when I first reaped the benefits but I do remember Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair was the one. My daughter Venetia gave me a bottle for Christmas and she could not believe it was my first time. Okay, so I am slow to the party; she promised it was a game changer. She was right and it is. It’s one of the most well known of the serums and for a reason; it feels fabulous and works its magic by being active throughout the evening. This serum is one I always have on hand and also regularly travel with.

(Try applying these on a long haul trip before sleeping; one way to beat the tired jet-lag look.)

After Dark Is When The Magic Happens: Repair on vickiarcher.com

Why should we add serum to our skincare routine?

They work.

Serums are made of the most important and active ingredients which, mean we are more likely to get the results.

I’m looking for hydration, skin tone clarity and firmness.


If you are worried about an oily complexion, a serum is brilliant. It’s less heavy and more effective than a night cream.

I like to wear both, but my skin is on the dehydrated side as a rule.

Cost Effective

Serums are expensive but I have found I use far less of the other products so the savings come that way.

After Dark Is When The Magic Happens: Repair on vickiarcher.com

When we were in Paris last week the VA girls and I talked lipsticks; I am a stickler for mattes, they are more adventurous. I stick pretty much to reds, 50 shades of and the nude colours. I like to wear a nude if I have worked the eyeliner and the reds are my go to, generally when the time is pushed. The girls are happier to wear the glossier textures, although when I showed them my latest matte collection from Estée Lauder (hopeless when it comes to lipstick restraint) they agreed I had a point.


I am a fan of Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks it’s true because they are in the most delicious shades and stay on. They are also easy to apply when the lips are no longer as perfcet as they once were – it’s a lipstick that goes where it is meant and stays where it should. Know what I mean? (There is also the Pure Color Envy in Liquid Matte – if you want something to really, really last, this is the one. I gave “heart crush”  a thorough test last weekend and it passed with flying colours.)

Try the magic; it doesn’t disappoint. xv

After Dark Is When The Magic Happens

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Mimi Gregor

Actually, I have read that most of the cellular repair that takes place in one’s body happens while one is asleep. The reason for this is that one’s body and brain aren’t busy attending to other things, so they can devote more energy to repair and regeneration. Just another reason why it’s important to get enough sleep.


Oh Vicki, you are so right here; it’s when we sleep that our body starts to repair itself in so many ways. Not only does our skin get a make-over, but our brains as well! I’ve read that it’s when we sleep that the toxins of the day are “cleaned out” when we rest. What a miraculous machine we live in, this body, isn’t it! I am currently on my spring break, doing NOTHING. Just staying at home, resting, creating, pondering. I find that this is also a cleansing of sorts, but I really do need to get my hands on a good serum, soon, as I will be 60 in April, and I suppose it’s time to change my skin routine of a younger woman to that of a mature woman. Thank you for always guiding our path toward well-being!

Audrey Friedman

I love this post, it is so beautiful. I also love your recommendations and have used and still use some of them. Sometimes the older ones are the best.
Thanks for reminding me.

Carol Griffiths

I love to feel up to date with classy European style,but many products cannot be bought directly if in Australia


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