10 Mar 2018

The Denim Jacket: Have you Got Yours?

The Denim Jacket: Have You Got Yours ? on vickiarcher.com

I don’t!

And, I have had more denim jackets come and go out of my wardrobe than anything else.

I have lost track of the times the denim jacket is in. Well, has it ever really been out?

Right now it’s making the rounds alone or as a double act with jeans.

The Denim Jacket: Have You Got Yours ? on vickiarcher.com

I would wear mine over absolutely everything. Back in the “blues’ day, I would even wear it over my best LBD. During my denim days, I had every style, with and without embellishments. I even had a moment of self-decorating and embroidering. Mmmm, probably not my finest fashion moment but it did go with the very blonde side fringe I wore. At least the denim jacket had some redeeming features; the fringe was a horror. The joys of youth and the cringe-worthy moments of hindsight.

I’m going with yet another denim jacket and this time oversized to wear with absolutely everything. xv

The Denim Jacket: If You Haven’t Got Yours

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OK…I have one somewhere….I must look for it now since I’m seeing how updated you’ve made them!


Still have mine. Since 1977. Classic Levi’s denim jacket. The most beautiful color of blue. Love it.


I had a couple. Same as you Vicki with embroidered flowers!!!
I also had a pair of jeans which had similar embroidered flowers mid thigh to mid calf!
Loved them both and, yes, I also wore my denim jacket with LBD – kind of rock chick!!! Or so I thought at the time!!
I haven’t save any of them but did surprisingly find recently I had saved a pair of Mary Quant black with white spots Capri pants. And still fit in them and love them! Did you have any Mary Quant?


I had some fabulous Mary Quant outfits back in the day that I just adored (no jeans or jean jackets though). Back then I was a skinny long haired chick in mini skirts and looong strawberry blonde hair. Funnily enough I bought them at a wonderful dress store in Brisbane and then took them to London with me where I actually shopped in Biba etc. I had mini skirts, matching jackets – one with a fine check pattern over a textured wool pleated hipster mini skirt. Another outfit was a corduroy mini skirt suit in mustard old gold with tiny red and yellow flowers scattered through – also had the bag and cloth cap in the same fabric. Worn with a fine red wool pullover and lacy red wool tights. Hey, it was a long time ago! Sadly don’t have any of them now. Wish I’d kept as my older granddaughter is now a leggy gorgeous teen. Best wishes, Pamela


Yes I still have mine.
I wear mine with everything. It is so faded and soft. So comforting when I am sad.
Never really wore it with denim pants though.


Recently purchased this! And I love it – great with skinnies, a white tee and ankle boots and just perfect for the autumn weather here in Oz. I had thought it would be a great dog walking jkt but I’m wearing it with everything. Never had a denim jkt before and very pleased my first is comfy and a great fit. Won’t be wearing it today though, my daughter just walked out the front door with it on ha ha.


I know that feeling, Sue!
It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and I am getting ready to have lunch with my chicks… was thinking.. mmm.. won’t wear this, won’t wear that… never every clash with my gorgeous girls.. they win hands down… And that is exactly as it should be… :) :)


Ok Vicki- so going online to get one now! My daughters had expressed surprise recently that I didn’t have one. At 62 I had thought it might be a step too far but not now! Let the good times roll (again!) and let me reveal a little bit of rock chick!,

Magriet Rossouw

Yes, had more than one in my life time and kept the one I love most. Comes in handy at unexpected times. Saw one recently on a fashion icon of mine that she had made with her initials embroidered on the cuffs and flowers embroidered at the back. All in monocrome. Feeling inspired to get my machines out and make one myself!

Jane Derby

Hi Vicki, Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blogs..wish they had no commercial content…and would love to meet you. I buy and sell French antiques and am in France several times a year…next in late April for Paris, Chartes and the Sud. Am in my 70s,grey hair and a designer who refuses to slow down.Thanks for being you. Jane

Dianne Cant

Hi Vicki, so in agreement with you (as usual) re the wearability and wow of a good denim jacket. I recently bought the Ralph Lauren faded ‘Vintage’ denim double breasted jacket with the RL signature buttons and I love it with wide leg pants, narrow white jeans, and even over a girly skirt – so yes, a great all rounder.


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