22 Feb 2016

Diane Keaton: Steal Her Style

diane keaton, vanity fair cover photographed by annie leibovitz, steal her style vickiarcher

Diane Keaton has her way of doing things.

She celebrates her own style in her own way.

I have always been a fan.

diane keaton, vanity fair cover photographed by annie leibovitz, steal her style vickiarcher

On a recent Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz, Diane Keaton wore her own clothes unlike the other celebrities beside her.

Her trademark hat and polka dot scarf are signatures she often writes.

Jessica Diehl, the fashion and style director on the shoot said,

“And in the end, it was the sense of wonder Keaton’s personal style inspires that makes her cover appearance so memorable. “Sometimes, when you get somebody like that, who has taken so much time to hone her personal style, you’re almost an idiot to try and improve upon that in five and a half minutes.”

diane keaton, vanity fair cover photographed by annie leibovitz, steal her style vickiarcherdiane keaton, vanity fair cover photographed by annie leibovitz, steal her style vickiarcher
































Diane Keaton has starred turning the masculine, very feminine and she can make the quirky seem genius.

Think of her tailored jackets and full skirts – her man-style suits worn with shirt and tie. The way she twists a scarf is legendary, not to mention her fedora-style hats and choice of footwear. I admire her unique view of fashion and her consistency; her style has evolved but not changed since her debut as an actress.

I don’t think it is ever successful to copy another top to toe, it is important to re-interpret the interpretation but we can “steal” elements from her style.

diane keaton, vanity fair cover photographed by annie leibovitz, steal her style vickiarcher

Diane Keaton; it would be impossible to steal your style. xv

images diane keaton, vanity fair, annie liebovitz

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Taste of France

A fun hat, a crisp white shirt, a great scarf, a tailored jacket–those are basics anybody can adopt in her own way. And the comfortable pants and sensible shoes just add to her allure–she isn’t suffering for fashion.


Diane Keaton has an unabashed style. Her individuality is a breath of fresh air at a time of global ‘GAP-ization’. However, her style has not evolved, which is a little concerning. But as she smiles all of this is forgotten. The last photo is the best…the theatrics are gone and she shines beautifully. That is the style I would like to capture.


I do like that she wears her style rather than the other way around… and yes.. it’s a gorgeous portrait… :)


I think I would be more concerned if she showed up dressing like someone else. That is the way Diane Keaton dresses, ladylike, quirky and not a clone of every Hollywood female.
Remember the Annie Hall phase ? lol everyone and their mother was wearing fashions like Diane Keaton .. loved it :)

Wendy Shippee

I love her style! She even carries it thru to her movie roles. Stealing style elements, why not?!!


It’s going to be a theme here this year, Wendy.. I thought about all the beautiful, talented and gorgeous women out there and decided we should learn from them, identify their strengths and enjoy their style… Steal Her Style… is a little bit of fun… :)

If you think of anyone we should include.. let me know..


You know who else dresses very conservatively and not like the typical flashy body baring outfits in Hollywood ?
Annette Benning and there is another .. Gina Davis …These women can act. They aren’t depending on their figures/clothes to sell/ promote them ..


Great ideas and I have always been a fan of Annette Bening … Thank you.. They must be added to our series.. :)


Lovely post, Vicki. I adore seeing women – celebrities or not – not being slaves to all fashion trends and owning their own style and letting their own uniqueness shine through. It’s refreshing to be “original” and feeling good in ones own skin – certainly comes through in photos. Really like that a lot. P.S. I need that polka dot scarf!!

Deborah Peterson Milne

I’ve been a devoted fan of Diane as long as I can remember. The combination of her personality, beauty & style equates to one incredible lady to admire. I honestly think she attributed in some way to my love affair with the menswear look.
Happy new week Vicki!


It’s all about knowing what fit you and how to wear it with confidence. D.K. is the best role model.
I like her personality and her humor.


I love the idea of Steal Her Style posts. While
I love Diane Keaton, I’m not a fan of her style ( a bit too costume like) but I would incorporate parts.

Anita Rivera

She has always been stunning, young and matured. Slim and streamlined, her style wins me over every time. Oh that last shot of her, FABULOUS!


She looks superb in that photo with the black and white polka dot scarf. In some of the others, not quite so much. “Lah dee dah” as she might have said – still lots of Annie Hall there. Quirky and eccentric. She’s aged so well.
She was brilliant in “Somethings Gotta Give” -my fave Diane Keaton movie. A great comedienne – she played off both Keanu Reaves and Jack Nicholson so well – I laughed till I cried a couple of times. Her clothes and the sets were amazing too. Her favourite restaurant in Paris (in the movie) is one of ours too, Le Grand Colbert. Though we don’t stick to their roast chicken, it is good. Also enjoyed “The First Wives’ Club” – a fabulous ensemble movie – and so funny. Best wishes, Pamela

Maria de Fatima Moraes Rodrigues

Very personal in your style! I love this peculiarity


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