5 Mar 2020

Style Notes: The Difference Between A Good Outfit And A Great Outfit

Style Notes: The Difference Between A Good Outfit And A Great Outfit

Getting dressed each day means so much decision making.

Too much choice or not enough are equal disasters when it comes to attacking the wardrobe.

I want to get ready with the least amount of effort and in super quick time; I also want to make sure I look the best I can. We all have those goals but it is easy for it all to go slightly wrong.

I don’t think I ever leave the house with the idea to look less well presented than I can – a bad outfit day is never intentional and yet I have days where it goes pear-shaped.  I blame time constraints but I also am responsible for not taking my own advice. I so often break my own rules.

What I did figure out is this; there are certain key elements with dressing to elevate an outfit. An outfit can be good, totally ok and passable, or it can very easily be turned into a great look.

How To Turn The Good Into The Great

Clothing should be the best fit possible. 

Wearing ill-fitting pieces not only is super uncomfortable but also unflattering. Knowing what brands work and what styles suit eliminates the problem.  A simple blazer or tee can change the most basic of outfits if they fit well. Watch those hemlines too, they can make or break the smartest of combinations.

Handbags and shoes are the rock stars of an outfit.

Investment in quality handbags and shoes is a wise move. If these two are right it is easy to get away with some “high street” savvy in your outfit.

Leave the complicated pieces to the dedicated fashionistas.

Trying too hard with fashion is the easiest way to get it all wrong. Stay calm and classic and leave the frou-frou to others. Simple is not dull or boring, especially when worn with a killer pair of shoes and a favourite handbag.

Have fun with the small accessories.

Wear reading glasses or sunglasses that are not only up to date but also fashionable. I learned long ago the value French women put on their eyewear, despite their age. Along with an excellent haircut, the glasses are an important addition.

Be brave, mix the all-stars and chorus line. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces to create your personal signature. Designer labels don’t have an exclusive on great style. Some of the most beautiful outfits include vintage and the inexpensive. The key is to know what you like and what suits and then the ability to put it all together.

Check List: Start Here

tuxedo jacket  ||  wool jacket  ||  turtleneck sweater  ||  sweater dress  ||  sneakers  ||  flats

trench coat  ||  burberry kensington  ||  shopping tote  ||  sunglasses

images vogue spain, georgia may jagger by tom craig


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I’m loving it! Great advice. Now, to go to my closet as I get ready for the school day and decide how I will make my outfit the best it can be for today! Thanks always Vicki!


Very good tips, Vicki. The most important is the fit. A well tailored piece elevates an outfit.


style life isn’t easy…isn’t it? Though we can accept a day where we are not so perfect because it depends on so many reasons. I was very intolerant before against me and others because I always wondered why some (actually too many) women are dressed so terrible tacky and now I try to see it in the eye of the beholder. Anyway very diffi
cult for me. And you are so right…handbags, shoes and sunglasses, the right make up,
hairstyle etc. gives an outfit the final touch and makes also Zara outfit classy. The key is “to know how”. Like your closer examination and explanation about fashion.


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