4 Nov 2015

Dior ‘So Real’: So Fabulous

stella tennant photographed in dior so real sunglasses. vickiarcher.com

I finally caved and bought them; the Dior, ‘So Real’ sunglasses.

I blame Paris.

I didn’t intend to succumb to these sunglasses but when I tried them on and saw the way they perfectly framed my face (read covered up too many late nights) and felt the sheer weightlessness of them, I had to. I was with my daughter and when she says you must then you have to.

Daughters know.

I don’t always take what my daughters say as gospel; that could lead me into trouble. I do believe they have my best interests at heart when it comes to what I can wear and what suits me. I have wanted a new pair of sunglasses but never seemed to try the right pair. The Dior style is retro and vintage in feel which is my kind of style but the lightness gives them a modern twist.

I like the big cover up look we have been wearing for several seasons but sometimes, especially on sunny autumn and winter days when sunglasses are a must; they are too overwhelming and oftentimes heavy. These new beauties will be just right.

Sunglasses are the one fashion piece that can miraculously wipe years off our look.

I notice that French women, whatever their age wear glasses that are au courant. They may be dressed in the classics yet their eyewear will be very much in fashion. New sunglasses lift an outfit and they really do add confidence to the way we feel.

It works for me.

I chose the darker lens shade and my daughter went lighter (yes, we both had to have a pair) mostly because of our different hair colours. Her chestnut hair and olive skin looked gorgeous with the paler shades.

Nordstrom have the full selection of Dior sunglasses and if you prefer a more solid look, the Dior Chromics in the black matt, with a wider frame, would look super cool.

There is nothing like shopping with daughters and especially when you both come away happy. xv

Had To Have: Dior ‘So Real’

**dior so real dark lens  //  dior so real light lens  //  dior chromics matt black

p.s we had so much fun trying all the dior styles, you can see us playing around on instagram :)

image stella tennant for dior

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The best thing is Anita, they are so light, cut the glare and are comfortable.. win/win.. ;)

Heather in Arles

I know that these will look great on you. I remember when you switched to round sunglasses when everyone in Provence was still wearing jumbo-tron aviators…always two steps ahead of the game, you…
PS. I loved the insta of you and Emily shopping together!


Back in the 80s I wore a similar style by Oliver Peoples with clear lenses. There was a clip-on sunglass cover. I may dig them up and have tinted lenses put in. This is one trend I am happy to have return!


Oh how I miss shopping with my mom! We used to have so much fun together and I will always remember when she bought me my first pair of fancy sunglasses and bought herself a pair too (Louis Vuitton). “Mad money” she called it, bc we were so mad that my cancer has returned. Well that was years ago and the same cancer took her. Much too young. She was so classy, she would have loved your blog. Anyway, cherish these times shopping with your daughter. My daughter is 4 = I try to shop alone. :) btw I did buy a pair of these Dior sunnies a few months ago in mirrored rose gold. A splurge but I absolutely love them.

jill ormston

Wow, awesome sunnies! Though at that price I would call them “Get real”! Totally out of my league. Not sure if I would spend that sort of money on glasses even if I could…but each to their own :) Enjoy, they look great :) Jill

Lori Roth

Oh my gosh Vicki – I have a sunglasses fettish. I bought several pair in Paris. And just this past week in Chicago. I have always loved the fact that I could “hide” behind the eyewear and be who I felt I wanted to be. I have purchased expensive and inexpensive- every style and tint possible. There is absolutely no better feeling than a great pair of sunglasses!!

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I never thought I would see another pair of such stunning sunglasses, you see I have a pair of Fendi sunglasses that I bought 19 years ago, I treasure them, they were an expensive treat for the time. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time regards Esther from Sydney.


Lovely Instagram picture of you and your daughter. Looks as though you had a wonderful time together! The new sunnies suit you both. But I think they only work if you don’t have a long fringe (or bangs as I think our American sisters would say). Otherwise they’d probably get caught up in the top cross piece. So, not for me. Also I’m not one to buy the latest fashion as I tend to stick with my own style and don’t like to have the it item of the moment, whether it’s sunnies or whatever. But that’s just me. Best wishes, Pamela


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