29 May 2012

Do you feel like spoiling yourself?

It is around about now that I feel like spoiling myself… I don’t know about you but I start to feel a little bored with my appearance… I think it is a mid season thing… I know that all the fabulous trends are kicking around on the fashion blogs and the online sites… and the more I look, the more I promise myself to really look… to spoil myself. I find I am a habitual dresser… if it works well I keep on with it… if it is easy to wear, I wear it over and over again… My life in the French countryside is very casual… jeans for most of the year with either a tee-shirt or a cashmere, depending on the weather. In the summer, a caftan, a couple of swimsuits and some light linens are all that are needed. London life is a bit different and as in most major cities there is the chance to dress up and play about with fashion a bit more.

I need some updating… a refresh in the wardrobe department… nothing too crazy… just a little pick-me-up.

Here are some tempting thoughts

I like these skinny chinos from J Brand (my favourite jeans of all)… I think they would look great with ballet flats and a tee-shirt or heels and a blazer for evening… and I could do with a new pair of blue denim jeans… I like the skinny style best… they seem to flatter the legs and work with just about any shoes.

Retro style swimming costumes are my favourite… if any swimsuit could be considered a ‘favourite’…. this Navy Memoire Swimsuit by Zimmerman could work… elegant and with the right amount of cover… and such a fabulous back… and this one from Sea Folly… so Hollywood glamorous… In Europe, women of all ages, shapes and sizes seem to prefer a bikini but I still go for the ‘vintage’ style one piece every time.

These sunglasses from Tom Ford would look just about right with those swimsuits… or any outfit for that matter… as would these from House of Harlow

This rose silk blouse could work beautifully with those new jeans… don’t you think? As could this heavenly lace shirt from Alice Temperley… or this embroidered tunic

 and maybe some new wedges for comfort and some snake skin for glam… or a pair of divine dingle dangles… and even a bracelet or two… or three

Have you been tempted yet? If not… have a browse HERE… xv

images – dovima is devine


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Teresa @ Splendid Sass

Wow, Vicki! You have made shopping easy for us.
I am very casual in the summer, especially at the beach, but dress up in cool weather.
Happy Memorial Day.

A Gift Wrapped Life

Oh, I have been spoiling myself and I think those are my new Tom Ford sunglasses. With a very strong prescription of course but I am liking the cat eye shape. We have a clothing line here in Canada called Joe Fresh which we buy in our supermarket and it is very affordable fashion so my damage is minimal. They just opened a store in New York and I find stylish things every week while buying my lettuce and yogurt. How convenient!
Much love and enjoy your shopping. XO

Zaneta Bartosova Tung

Old Bazar is fun to see (: but love the nude chino pant, which I did not expect myself to even want before…now maybe my style is evolving! Lovely clothes and website to shop from …xo Z


I can relate to being a habitual dresser. Although I have a pair of those nude chinos and a pair of white ones from Dillard, probably more affordable than J. Brand (but a girl can always dream).


Good ideas all, my baby girl is getting married June 30, and this calls for a very spoiled mama, hair face nails dress and attitude


Wellladies this is a comment from an older guy.
skinny jeans look good on young ladies under 25.
With he execptionof Paris and new york women have fallen by the fashion wayside. Throw on a pair of jeans,capri pants and a tee shirt and its off to wal-mart for more fashion.ugh!
in my day one would go to il pelicano, capri or the du cap and you were dressed well-chic-even in the hot summer. There is no longer any glamour like on your pages of Bazaar When Marc Jacobs wears a dress to the Met Ball surely the end of civilized fashion is near. put on that vintage Givenchy and go to lunch.


Please get real Mr Hampton. The Hotel du Cap d’Antibes has for many many years been outside the price range of most. Beautiful, chic, elegant, yes, affordable unless you’re a multimillionaire or a movie studio is picking up the tab, no. I drove past it only two days ago and security was extremely tight as the superstars were staying there (with their guards) to retain their privacy in between red carpet walks at the Cannes Film Festival. I understand Nicole was there and George and others of that ilk.

Capri is still wonderful and anyone who can afford to get there can enjoy its beauty. Jackie Kennedy and her sister (epitomies of style and chic) were often visitors, but didn’t meander in Givenchy gowns. There are several places with pictures of them on holidays there. They looked super stylish – in casual clothes.

Janelle McCulloch

I agree Pamela! Beautifully articulated.
I might add that the Hotel du Cap d’Antibes was at the height of its glamour during the F. Scott Fitzgerald years when Scott, Zelda, the Murphys and the rest of their circle spent a lot of time in the south of France. Is this gentleman that old???
Also, the Fitzgerald/Murphy crowd dressed in white linen pants and striped tees – and looked fabulous for it! (So did Chanel for that matter.)
And as for Givenchy… Givenchy is not for Capri or St Tropez. Givenchy is for lunch in Paris, or a summer soiree at the Met. If you are lucky enough to own a Givenchy you do not wear it to the beach and smear it with sand and gelato!


Dear Janelle

Yes, quite agree about Givenchy.

Also love the history of the Hotel du Cap and its past literary connections. Didn’t Scott Fitzgerald write Tender is the Night about their time spent over a summer or so at Cap d’Antibes with the Murphys?

Also love La Colombe d’Or at St Paul de Vence, both for itself and for all the artists, writers, actors etc who spent time there, including according to legend, the Scott Fitzgeralds, Isadora Duncan, Simone Signoret and Yves Montand (believe it was their local for several years), Dirk Bogard etc. Of course also love the art collection and the Calder stabile by the pool. For me there is a kind of magic about places where great artists/writers have spent time. And it’s fun to dress appropriately to visit such places but at the same time it’s important to be true to one’s own style. Certainly they all were.

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I love skinny pants, especially cropped ones…& that rose silk blouse is so ME (I would wear it open with a little tank underneath so as not to show skin), & anything Tom Ford. I was just reading and clicking away and suddenly I cane to the bracelets…and could not have been more surprised to see Splenderosa featured. Thank you, Vicki, for this delightful shout-out. You know I love you….

Jean Wethmar

Great taste Vicki.. I love Splenderosa site too.. PS I adore May’48 cover of Bazaar mag.. V thanks for inspiration always!

Heather in Arles

Oh my, now I am going to mull on Mr. Hampton’s comment for a while. Because I fear that he is correct about the skinny pant and yet I have grown to like them, provided they fit well (because truly, no one wants to see sausage legs in any size). A quandry! Certainly I would be all too delighted to return to more elegant dressing–provided I had the life to go with them… ;)

PS. I too was happy to see your shout-out to Marsha! Nice!

Mary Jo

Vicki, almost everything on your list is on mine. The funny thing is that I have never tried J Brand, but almost every other brand–you are inspiring me. Top of my list though is a pair of Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses.

xo Mary Jo


Hi Vicki–you are too funny!! Love this post. Please add a 3.4 carat top quality diamond and a pied-a-terre in Paris to the list. Be well. Mary



I’ve already done a little on line shopping today :) so naturally I’ll need to check out these links. I own a white and dark wash – J Band, and wear them all the time paired with a tee, sweater, or blazer.

Fun post!


Trish Murphy

I am all for spoiling ! I love the skinny jeans and rose blouse and would love a pair of those nude chinos.I have not seen them yet maybe Spring/Summer Australia.
I had a favorite pair of chinos years ago that I bought in USA. from Banana Republic it was a fabulous shop.
We all need to get out of our comfort clothes and have a change it does wonders
for a girl.Style and understated elegance never goes out of fashion.
How cute are those glasses ! Trish


Lovely blog Vicki, I’ve been admiring it for a while now. Provence seems like an absolutely enchanting place!

Where I live in the States, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for spending large sums of money on clothing, and aside from that, I don’t often feel the need to purchase new things (nor do I like very much of what’s in the stores). However, I wouldn’t mind a new pair of sunglasses for summer travel.

Jennifer F. - American Mom in Bordeaux

Definitely feel like spoiling myself from time to time. I’m love seeing some of the new fashion trend in Bordeaux…definitely different than the States. Thanks for the shopping ideas…I too am fairly casual – summer pants/jeans and just change up the tops and flats!…Thanks for the fun post. I’m loving your blog!!

Ann X

Well, Mr. Hampton’s comment has some point, but the thing is – ideally our clothes must represent ourselves, our lifestile, attitudes and such. Style is something that can’t be purchased, even by purchasing Givenchy…
I’m a girl in jeans, always had been and always will be, because it suits myself, suits who I am.

I hate the route the society is pushed to take – to get this and that and this… And then throw it away because in general even materials are made not to last. It’s not about luxury, joy and fun, it’s all about consumption.

When I feel “like it” I go to trift shops and have fun. It allows me to run away from “uniforms of this season”, from all these “must have this season” – I have freedom to go through thousans of things of which maybe one will catch my attention, and then maybe one will be purchased, but then it will be MINE, something really for me, not somebody’s idea what I must wear.

If I would be able to live the lifestile of the Hotel du Cap d’Antibes during F. Scott Fitzgerald times… I would probably do the same :D Because it’s just me. I have turned my lack of style into a style and wear it with pride. Life is just a game to play! And I prefer to play my own way.


Please say the snake skin shoes are not real snake skin! Once saw a film on how snake skin is removed from live snakes – ‘to preserve it’s qualities’ – snake gets hung on a rack and then it’s cut open and the skin gets peeled from the top down off the live snakes body!!


To allthe ladies who have replied.
i am not so old that i remember scott and zelda but i am old enough to remember when we had to wear a jacket and tie at university and the girls wore (gasp) skirts and everyone looked neat. And yes. there are still chic women on the Riveria in their white slacks and tees (mostly French). And to Pamela…Anyone can go to the Hotel du Cap (bar du cap) for a drink, or the Negresco or hop on a ferry to Capri. And yes you can find a Givenchy or Armani at the thrift shop if one has a good eye.But alas,there are the still restiant women who wear jeans, crocs and tees everywhere.And for them-there is always 6 Flags and a big mac.


Dear Mr Hampton
Yes, that was true in the past – have had drinks in the Negresco too. But have read that the Negresco is now closed unless you’re a hotel guest, which may include those booked for meals. Certainly, the other day, the Hotel du Cap was closed to anyone other than residential guests or those booked into meals – as we were very politely advised by security when our driver pulled up at the entrance. May only have been for the duration of the Film Festival. Have been coming to the Riviera for holidays on and off for over 30 years, staying at Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Nice, Monte Carlo etc and this time in Antibes. Also love Capri and following up its literary associations, eg Graham Greene and the Australian writer Shirley Hazard and her American husband and many others used to enjoy lunching at Da Gemma, much more laid back than the Hotel du Cap, or at one of the cafes in the Piazetta. They were still well remembered by the older waiters when I was there a few years ago.


Ooh some lovely things there Vicki I need a pair of Jeans coming into Winter in QLD & gets chilly in the evenings.
I did finalli get to treat myself just got a woolen Wayne Cooper dress for work which I love just had to stop my hubby this morning putting it in the washing machine though on a 60deg wash awwww!!!
Carn’t moan as he does put washes on for me (I taught him a couple of years ago) he forgot it was wool bless him. :))


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