29 Apr 2019

Do You Leap Before You Look?

Leap Before You Look on vickiarcher.com

We, women, have a tendency to hesitate.

Sometimes our practicality, insecurity and our cautiousness can get in the way of our impromptu natures. It is prudent to take care, think things through and err on the side of safe but does it mean we lose out?

Sometimes, it does.

My best decisions have been those without too much pondering and too much anxiety. Time can work both ways; it can hinder and it can help. With too much time on our hands to mull over all the “ins” and “outs”, it is pretty much guaranteed that a negative decision will be the result. It is so easy to find ways not to do something; it is far harder to take a risk and throw caution aside.

If I had not taken a leap of faith I would never be sitting here now writing this and connecting with all my fabulous readers. “My French Life” was a huge leap of faith, not only the creation of the book but the doing. When I was asked to write our story in France I couldn’t imagine I could and yet, the opportunity was so generous and so exciting I could not say no. I jumped and the rest is history.

Leaping is wonderful.

Taking risks and facing challenges (my favourite expression) keeps us alive; it keeps us “better, not younger” and mentally agile. Most importantly it throws surprises when we least expect.

Why not leap? What is the worst to happen? Something doesn’t eventuate, we may be disappointed or we may stay exactly where we are. That’s not such a great loss.

I am not suggesting we behave irresponsibly and gamble away our lives but I am promoting spontaneity. Why not? Spontaneity becomes submerged when women put their families, friends, and professions in front of their own wellbeing. There are times we must but not all the time.

Like my idea to compliment a stranger each and every day; let’s try something unplanned every day. Start small and aim big.

It sounds easy, I know and easy for me to say; I am prone to leaping.

Once you get the hang of it, safe strides will be out of the question. I promise. xv

I’m Leaping

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Stormy Smith

I have always been a very practical, pragmatic person. Now at age 63, I’ve had the thought that I have reached a point in life where I don’t need to be so practical and can be more open to following my fancy and not worrying that I’m not “accomplishing” something. It will take a bit of time, but I’m eager to see what possibilities will appear!


Yes! It’s the most perfect time Stormy… accomplishment comes in so many forms.. big, small, serious and whimsical.. all are equally wonderful :)


I always have complimented strangers every day but never did it as a conscious act, just something I always have done. It’s very touching to see the delighted reaction from people.


Good morning Vicki!

I have to say that I’ve always had a streak of adventure in me. Even as a young child, behind the facade of timidity that my family saw and labeled me by, there was an ambitious young lady behind it all. And now as a mature woman, that tendency still remains. Yes, I’ve taken a few leaps of faith only to realize the most audacious of dreams. One of my biggest dreams is actually coming to pass on June 1st. More details to follow as I do not want to JINK anything!


I have taken many risks in my life, but in each case I felt a strong intuition that guided me. I can be very analytic and cautious, but when it’s “right” I “know” and act on it. It’s almost a physical awareness. Inexplicable? Yes, but it has never let me down.


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