28 May 2015

Do You Shop For The Men In Your Life?


Do I shop for the men in my life?

Yes and No is my answer to that question.

I do for birthdays and holidays but generally they both know exactly what they like. They both have their own unique style and yet for father and son they are often similar. My son is more adventurous in his taste than his father but there are many elements that mirror each other. I love the way they dress and wear their clothes. These boys know what suits them and what makes them feel comfortable and unlike many women (me included) they don’t deviate too far from what works for them.

burberry for fathers day is the perfect combinationburberry for fathers day is the perfect combination

Men do not realise how easy it is to look fabulous, to dress with style and to appear well groomed. I believe their style choices are so much easier than ours. They may disagree but from where I am standing it is how I see it.

I like a man to look like a man. Know what I mean? Elegant, classic and not too out there when it comes to fashion. I suppose that could be considered narrow minded on my part but for me, they look their most attractive that way.

My mother, a war time bride, told me how handsome the men looked in their uniforms and how much of a surprise it could be when they were dressed as civilians. The uniform gave them a style that was consistent and classic in many ways. It showed the men on an equal playing ground. Classic dressing can work in the same way for men.

It is not the same as wearing a uniform and yet the essential wardrobe pieces mean the uncertain guess work is taken out. Knowing the formula for successful dressing makes all the difference to appearing stylish.

That’s why I think the boys get it easier. The right jacket, beautiful shirt or tee with a good pair of trousers or jean and they are off to a polished start.


I often buy Burberry for my boys. Burberry is the Brit classic that does not only the best trench but also the best essentials. Investment pieces that live long in the wardrobe and really work well.

When Nordstrom invited me to edit the pieces from this summer’s collection I thought immediately of my two and what they would wear. If I could have them wearing whatever I like it would always be the same; blazer, tailored shirt and a great pair of jeans.

That look does it for me every time, xv.

Shopping For The Boys

the southbrook shirt  //  the fred shirt  //  the henry shirt


franson blazer  //  milbank cotton blazer  //  millbank herringbone blazer

russell quilted field jacket  //  howe quilted jacket  //  bradburn hooded tech jacket  //  kensington trench


Burberry is on sale at Nordstrom and there is 40% off on the majority of styles. Spoil them. Why not?

images by mario testino for burberry  

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The Prestigious School

I gave my husband silk boxer shorts for his birthday right after we were married. At the time, he wore an army uniform every day so those boxers were a big departure from his usual. He loved them, though, and kept them for years and years. I was glad I went out on a limb and got him something unexpected and not the least bit predictable for him.

Anita Rivera

My husband is so hard to shop for. I gave up 33 years ago trying to buy him clothes!!!!!!! But I am smiling here because just this school year, I had a darling junior in one of my classes who loves to play golf. With the sport comes fashion, and this kid came to school dressed for the sport, every day. He has a sense of style unseen in most junior boys, and I complemented him always on his yellow pants, pink polo shirts, sockless feet donned in loafers. What a style. What a boy.

Love these photos Vicki!


My adult son loves it when I go shopping with him. When he’s doing a wardrobe revamp, he always asks me spend the day with him. Double bonus – shopping and a day with a handsome man.
I was single for so many years – but the past seven years have really been a thrill to have someone to shop for. Thankfully my fiance sits back and trusts my choices for him.


Love being in the South of France and the opportunity to buy men’s shirts from Les Olivades, Souleiado and Les Indiennes in Arles. They have a touch of originality and colour. The ones I buy are not too unusual, but interesting and not the predictable dressing of so many US and British designers. For smart casual. As my hubby is retired he can dress as he likes and son has his own small company so can also dress as he wishes, depending on clients he may be meeting. So I buy for him too. They both look fabulous in these shirts and sometimes the scarves too. Best wises, Pamela


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