13 Nov 2019

Do You Still Follow The Trends?

Do You Still Follow Trends on vickiarcher.com

I think I fit somewhere IN about 50/50.

I keep my eye in, work with what works for me and admire (or not) the rest.

Age is a brilliant advantage, it gives me clarity; clarity to know what I like and what suits me. Years of uncertainty, when I was younger and trying to make what was deemed “fashionable” flattering when it clearly wasn’t lead to some very funny fashion victim moments. I’m thinking of excessive shoulder pads, bad jumpsuits and one too many frills for starters. I survived, grew up and now, thankfully understand trends are not obligatory but rather good for inspiration and reflection.

Many women may have figured this out long before me but when you love fashion as I always have there is an inbuilt longing to fit in. It is easy to forget the significance of body shape in all this, not to mention lifestyle when the catwalk seems so perfect, glamorous and desirable.

My keyword to pair with trends is adaption.

Adaption, in this case, means identifying a trend and analysing whether it is something that is workable or not. It is one thing to stay au courant but another to go over the top. Like lace-up boots, they are very on-trend but many are overly chunky and too embellished for my take on fashion. My boots are simple and give me the look without feeling overwhelmed or ridiculous. The same can be said of colours; just because it’s in doesn’t make it right.

I have a saying, “when in doubt, both feet out” to help me navigate trends.

If I have the slightest doubt a “new look” won’t work for me, despite the overwhelming presence in the fashion media, I don’t go there. I apply the brakes because history tells me it’s not for me. Overwhelming patterns are an example – they never suit – as is the bomber jacket. I adore them on others but they simply don’t like me. The same with very wide palazzo pants – I wish I were 5″ taller but so far no joy.

Stick to what you know and keep it up to date.

Accessories can play a major part in looking “on trend”. It is so easy to update a pair of sunglasses, a handbag or a pair of shoes.

Small changes to our appearance can have the same effect. A new haircut, a change of colour or a switch to no colour – even a new lipstick can make all the difference. Swap jewellery and layer it up a bit; this always makes me feel more together.

Change the length and style of jeans or trousers – I don’t think we would consider wearing hipsters now but remember it wasn’t that long ago we were wearing our jeans around our hips. The same can be said for skinny jeans – they have almost disappeared in favour of a slightly wider, boot cut leg. It wasn’t so long ago I was peeling those off.

Making small efforts can have big results.

What is the answer?

Follow the trends with an open mind and an observant eye and know yourself, what you like and how to wear it.

Don’t be afraid to change your style, to re-invent and be creative; simply make sure it feels like you.

Trust you, (trust me) and we will get there, looking as we wish, together. xv

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Trends

update all the way

shoshanna little black dress  ||  vince lace-up boots with everything  ||  ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses in green or violet 

stiletto the lips in satin matte  ||  tights in fishnet with the dress and the boots  ||  seize the day in this jacket

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Linda B

I have always been very cautious about following trends. I suppose that makes my sense of fashion “quirky”, or at least very individualistic! But sometimes, there are items that really do speak to me. Like those lace up boots that I am currently obsessing over; still have not found a pair that I like for the limited budget I have at the moment! But I am on the hunt.


I agree with you Vicki, experience has taught me to stick to those pieces that are flattering and I feel good in. I find I am not getting caught up with trends and feeling the need to participate. As I am getting older I am trying to streamline my wardrobe as well so trendy purchases don’t allow for a minimal, classic closet. I am interested in your thoughts on mature women and the current headbands. I am wearing my hair longer and thinking for the holidays a nice velvet or simple black headband might work. Do you do headbands?


I wore very thin headbands for a while when my hair was shoulder length and I liked it.. now my hair is too long and I don’t feel right in them. One of those pieces I appreciate on others.. :)

Michelle à Détroit

The contrarian in me will not allow me to seriously follow fashion. After all, the whole industry is designed to tempt you to buy, buy and buy some more. There is little that’s ever really new. It’s just re-packaged retreads put together somewhat differently from year to year. I am quite cynical about the whole thing, but I am devoted to wearing what looks good on me. I save the pieces that I like. Without fail they come back into style at some point. On another note, few women (or designers) seem to have gotten the memo on the death of skinny jeans. I still see them in everyone, everywhere.


I AGREE with YOU 100%%%%%
WE know by now what works and what does NOT work!I can still recall the moment I tried a TREND on and realized it WAS NOT FOR ME as I was TOO OLD to carry it off!Those moments have come a few times in this past decade but its OKAY!I could deal with it!Now the eyelash having a white HAIR is BOTHERING ME!!!!!!!!THE EYEBROWS TOO……….and the loss of HAIR!


I want to know what the current trends are for the season but like you, I pick and choose/adapt them to fit my age, lifestyle and body shape. For instance, I love the lace up boots trending now but not the obviously “combat” style. Mine are simple black booties that give the LOOK. I’ve switched to wearing straight leg jeans and bootcut. But, mine are not distressed nor cropped. My skinnies are still in my closet though. As the weather turns cold and rainy and the tall boots come out, I’ll be wearing them again.


What a good post Vicki. I do think as we get older we know our body shape and what suits us and although we can follow a trend we make it age appropriate too.
On another note Vicki, I’ve just been to the Mary Quant Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert in London. Just wonderful to see all her fashion styles and outfits that many women have kept for 39 years or more and loaned to the exhibition. If you haven’t visited it’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll love it.


Good morning beautiful Vicki! I love what you are saying here and “shaking it up” a bit for me is what I’m finding works. I’m letting my hair grow long and I love it. Wearing clothing that I had once thought made my hips look HUGE is really settling fine with me, especially after I got a nice complement on my “straight” physique…wow, I’ve never heard that one before, but the contrary!

Whatever I feel good in and whatever flows with who I am, that is where I tend to trend. You look marvelous!


You will hear women constantly say “I don’t follow trends – I know what suits me”. You are always looking at a woman who looks old fashioned and dowdy. It is perfect to know the basic styles which suit you ….. I am not suggesting throwing on just anything! But, look at all the trends for the upcoming season and jot them down. Go to your favourite clothing suppliers and see what they are offering. Then pick out just a couple of bang up to date trends which will work for you. Introduce just a couple of those items and you can refresh and bring your classics totally up to date. In some cases, it takes no more than an accessory.


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