23 Dec 2012

Downton Abbey and Julian Fellowes will be keeping me company this Christmas

Are you hooked on Downton Abbey? We are big fans in our house and during the season, it became a Sunday night ritual… that could not be missed.

Christmas night… we will be watching the two hour ‘special’… and I can’t wait… Promise not to spoil it for those who won’t see it until next year

I think my favourite is Dame Maggie Smith… she is just faultless.

Downton Abbey is written by Julian Fellowes and so for the holidays I have loaded up my Kindle with his satires on English life.

You might say it is a little Christmas present to myself… I don’t wish to be challenged … rather entertained and amused…

I think Mr Fellowes will do the job perfectly

Snobs… Paper Version… here  Kindle… here  Past Imperfect… Paper Version… here Kindle… here

The Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2012… here


I can’t wait to cosy up in front of the fire and read, read, read… that is my idea of a holiday… Not long now… xv

To see more of my favourite libraries like the one above, click… HERE


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richard cottrell

I am so anxious to start the new season. I watch it twice each week as I might miss something. I can only dream of a life like they had. I am sure i would have been a servant! Richard from My Old Historic house.

Barnali Guha

Past Imperfect is a fun read too. I love Downtown Abbey. Enjoy your little present to yourself, Vicki.


oh do i miss downton abbey! before we moved here i watched the first season and loved it…i’m sure i could order the following seasons?
and i’m in need of a winter read. these look good! merci!!


I absolutely agree. I am a huge Julian Fellowes fan and have been since I saw “Gosford Park”. There is a very nice article about him in the December 2012 issue of the American Vanity Fair magazine if you can get your hands on one.

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, my husband and I are hooked too! We have all the DVDS and are awaiting the next season to come out in January. We are going to have a Downton Abby party! Some friends of ours enjoy the series as well and we are going to invite them for an evening of some of the episodes!

I LOVE A GOOD BRITISH FILM. How fun to snuggle up to the works of Fellowes; he is brilliant! Anita


Without a doubt,the best gift suggestion to see me through the holidays. I have downloaded both to my Kindle and look forward to
enjoying the escape in the days to come.
Thank you!
Happy Holidays


Vicki I am so excited for the new season to begin! A very special tradition for your family!

Love and Hugs
Art by Karena

Karen in CT

.. oh yes, I’m in the countdown to Jan 6th .. Julian Fellowes was recently on Desert Island Discs, you can catch it on BBC 4 website or download it from iTunes.

Cozy couch there … enjoy your reading. I’m hoping to catch some quiet time myself.

Merry Christmas

Marsha @ Splenderosa

We are addicted. Funnily, my daughter-in-law had never heard of it (yesterday) so I’m giving her Seasons 1 & 2 for Christmas. Totally agree with you and cannot wait to see Shirley McLaine. Merry Christmas, Vicki !!!


YES! Big fan of Downtown Abbey. Looking forward to Jan 6th. The local PBS sent out an invitation to do a preview on Jan 3rd, but prefer to be in my own home with my husband watching it and loving every minute of their high brow and conniving ways. Can’t wait to see what Shirley dishes out….

La Contessa

CHRISTMAS!DOWNTON ABBEY???WHAT A GIFT!We here in the STATES get it on JANUARY 16th.Perfect Ending to I’m certain a perfect day!
Is that your library?Seems a bit too much color for you yet it could be!I loved that shot!I just noticed yesterday you snapped HEATHERS profile shot from LOST IN ARLES!!!!!!!!!Small World.I really do love that.MERRY MERRY VICKIE………please tell Carla that a book wrapped arrived yesterday from AUSTRALIA!I do believe its hers that I couldnot find over here!It’s the first gift under the tree for me and I’m loving what it shall be!Off and skipping!Today menu planning……………………..XOXOXO


Love it, too. Waiting for season 3 to start in the states in jan. have the first 2 seasons on my ipad.

peggy braswell

Do love Fellowes so much + Downton Abbey. I am reading Snobs by Julian Fellowes right now on my Kindle, it is so good, Past Imperfect is another Fellowes book that is good. Thanks to Helen for the charlie rose interview + to you for the wonderful book suggestion. Happy Thursday from a “chilly” S CA.

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

Vicki…if you can get a hold of it, watch the TV series, Monarch of the Glen. Julian Fellowes is in it and he is fantastic. A quirky likeable character. You can not help but smile through every scene…


We will be too ;-) just absolutely LOVE it…a perfect, relaxing Christmas…can’t wait!
Have a wonderful time, Vicki.

Leslie in Little Rock

A two hour special!! Thank you for filling me in! Going to set the DVR. Always adore your book suggestions! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bloggers!! Bonne Anne’e!!


Hello Vicki,
I enjoy those British Series – Maggie Smith is great in anything she plays –
Hope you and your family have a very blessed and relaxing Christmas. Thanks for your wonderful blogs and pictures – I love reading them and transfer myself back to the Provence, which I miss very much – Had many wonderful vactions there!
Best wishes and Holidays Greetings from Florida

Jenny@French A La Beach

Yes Vicki we too love Downton Abbey – can’t miss it & jealous we can’t see it until the New Year. They keep playing teasers on TV!!
While I am here I wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Safe & Happy New Year – thank you for your stories – I really enjoy them.


Linda Hanselman

We are finishing up season II now. I LOVE it. Maggie Smith is super. I love all her snark. I will be her when I am that age. No wait I am her now! “Oh you took that as a compliment? I must have said it wrong.”

Garden, Home and Party

Lucky you! We have to wait until January 6th. I’m really excited to see how Maggie Smith and Shirley McClain get along.
Have a wonderful Christmas, thank you for always inspiring me.


I fell in love with Downton Abbey much later than most, but it’s an enduring passion just the same :) The weather forecast for Christmas Day in Sydney is cool (22) with showers so it might be a books and movies Christmas here too!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a magical New Year xx

Carolyn Bradford

No wonder I love you and love these fellow bloggers so much! This is our FAVORITE SERIES and we are living for the new season! Does it start here on Christmas as well? We watched two whole SEASONS in less than a week and even my husband is dying for it to start again! Cannot wait! will have to check out more of Fellowes work…thanks for posting this…we are now re-watching the last episode just to “wet our tastebuds” so to speak and get ready for the new season! Thanks, Vicki!


I think series 3 is starting early January in the States… From memory the 6th?? I have watched 3 (promise I won’t tell) it’s a good one and now I am looking forward to Christmas night and the extra 2 hour special… I don’t know when that will be aired in the US… Perhaps other readers will know??

Ivy Clad

That library looks delicious. I agree with you on holiday reading– nothing serious, just entertaining. Enjoy your reading time.. and Downton Abbey!

Happy Christmas,


Am I the only person who is underwhelmed. I loved the first season but just couldn’t get into the second season, in fact I gave my DVD away to a workmate and didn’t even finish it.

Not a patch on the masterpiece that is Gosford Park (also by Julian Fellowes).


I do enjoy Downton and look forward to the episodes as they unfold… It’s quiet and gentle… easy viewing… I think that’s why I like it… and the one liners… they just get better and better:)
Gosford Park is one of my all time favourites too… I must re-watch this over the holidays…


Downton Abbey is a sight for sore eyes… particularly with all the junk on TV that is supposed to be entertainment…

The casting is superb, as is the costuming and set design. I am also anxious to Shirley M. join the cast… I’m sure hers and Dame Maggie Smith’s characters will be setting off sparks…!


Downton Abbey with the family and Christmas dinner leftover supper. Sounds like the perfect Christmas night! I’m addicted to Downton too but am late to the party. I have on episode of the third season to go – so the two hour special is perfect timing. Merry Christmas Vicki! Jo x


Dear Vicki,
Well, we will all be sitting down to the Christmas Special of Downton Abbey on Christmas Day …….. it will be one of the highlights of Christmas !!
Wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful Christmas ….. enjoy every minute.
With much love. XXXX

Mary Jo

Merry Merry Christmas Vicki! I’m with you on Downtown Abbey! As soon as I make it through my very tedious but wonderful John Le Carre spy trilogy I’m going to be cozying up with Downtown Abbey {hopefully during my trip to London next week}. Wishing you a lovely holiday!

xo Mary Jo


Dear Vicki
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of joy and warmth!
Big Christmas hug from Lene


Thank you Lene… So far it’s not too cold! This is good but it doesn’t look like there will be snow… :(
Merry Christmas… xv


Love DA…can’t wait to see what Shirley Maclaine will bring to the mix…so excited!
Enjoy your cozy time, chere Vicki…
– Irina


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