21 Dec 2020

That Dreaded Question: What To Wear??

That Dreaded Question: What To Wear on vickiarcher.com

Does it Really matter?

Many of us are reeling right about now as festive plans move with rules and regulations changing constantly. In London, we are in another kind of lockdown as a new strain of the virus continues to rear its ugly head and gather more momentum. There is no doubt this year has been a ride like no other and there won’t be many who don’t want to farewell it.

Enough of that.

It does matter.

Even if I am munching a turkey sandwich home alone I will dress up on the 25th. It is the least I can do. Truthfully, I am at that stage where not only do I loathe the look of myself – no haircut since forever or beauty treatments other than those I do myself – but also my wardrobe and all that is in it. As much as I have grown to love my sweats and woollens, my sneakers and slippers – a dress is called for. The question is what style and which one?

I’ve been perusing and thought you might like to see. xv

What To Wear

all in black

chiffon long sleeve  ||  fit & flare long sleeve  ||  ganni midi

lace it up

***embroidered mesh  ||  long sleeve lace  ||  red scooter lace ruffle  ||  emilia wickstead tulle

truly fab

emerald jacquard  ||  spruce fit & flare  ||  emilia wickstead pebbled crepe ||  white ganni poplin  || co navy button front

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image, gucci ad campaign


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It does matter! I have my green velvet Romeo Gigli pants, black turtleneck, sparkly earrings and suede smoking slippers ready. Decorate the table, put on some music, perhaps dance a little and celebrate the day!!!

Marion Miller

All the fashions you have chosen are gorgeous…S. Carolina Lady and this Christmas Day there will be a chill in the air so something with long sleeves….maybe a Velvet Top and longish skirt….Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year…🎄


I am with you, Vicki! I seldom wear dresses but nothing makes me feel more put together. I may even break down and pull out my sparkly flats. Stay well. We will survive this together.

Deborah Peterson Milne

Wishing you and the entire family a happy Christmas, Vicki. Dressing up can definitely lift ones spirits, so we too will be dressing up ‘come hell or high-water’ (as my mother used to say). My favorite designer is Emilia Wickstead. The gold dress you chose is my favorite. They have my size left and my finger is wavering over that checkout tab! Oh to dream.

Please take lots of care and here’s to toasting to pandemic-free days ahead and the warmth of a hug from our loved ones. xx


I do hope you got it Deb… it’s heavenly that dress… I went for the pebble crepe! To pandemic free days xx


Good morning dearest Vicki. Watch for your DM section of Instagram. Yes my dear, it does matter because I am now convinced, after living for 62 + years, that are well-being starts from within and radiates outward. I just read about the new strain/mutation of the virus showing up in Great Britain, our travel goal for our retirement. Now I wonder how long it will be until we actually can travel there! We are trying so many ways to stay creative in our minds and also in how we dress at home. I agree that for this holiday, I have to put on one of my beautiful dresses and sit at the dining room table and even light some candles. We must continue!


Yes I agree dear Vicki – it does matter! We are having a white- themed Christmas here in Queensland and I have a lovely white linen dress to wear for the day to match the theme – it will be very hot and we are doing cold seafood this year but still having our hot food on Christmas Eve. Sending much love around the world to everyone with so much crazy going on. Merry Christmas Vicki to one and all x

Cathy Treadway Percefull

Yes! It matters! I have been casual dressing ( not sweats ) throughout this year. Virus or no virus. I dress for myself. It makes me feel better to look nice. The last thing I need during all this virus mess is to walk past a mirror and look awful, to look like I don’t care. I care. I care what I look like. So, fix your face, attire can be formal or casual chic. It is easy to let down one’s standards, let’s not do that. I will win, not the virus.


Yay Cathy… well said.
Today I squeezed into my jeans… always a good test.. and I am relieved.. they aren’t too bad… 🤣 I will be dressing up and looking forward to it too… :)


Great choices. I’m glad you will dress up.

So sorry that London is having another shut down. Stay well and thank you for your beautiful pictures and words every year!! Merry Christmas!!


Joyeux Noël Vicki, to you and your family.
Wishing you a safe and healthy New Year and a speedy recovery from your illness. 🎄


A great post Vicki…thank you! A quick suggestion for you. I loved how you displayed your Christmas edits and recommendations. It made it extremely easy to shop! Is there any possibility you could use the same method for your regular posts? I’d love to open just one link and have all of your lovely picks in front of me with just one click. Thank you for considering!

Michelle à Détroit

My slim black velvet caftan with red embroidery around the neckline and black velvet ballet slippers will he about the best that I can do. I might also wear a cashmere hoodie and black velvet jeans. I am feeling somber and reflective the Christmas.


That sounds pretty fabulous – your caftan, Michelle… I love the sound of that… :)
I am trying my very best to be upbeat in these very strange and tough times… thinking of you…


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