27 Apr 2021

When You Haven’t Been Wearing A Dress

The Dress To Wear When You Don't Wear A Dress on vickiarcher.com

I am so ready for dresses.

As much as I love my comfortable kit I am a little tired of looking like I play sport all day and every day.

But it’s tough.

Life is different and I have become accustomed to casual attire over dressy wear. There is another small problem too; fashion is not inspiring me right now. I wanted to talk about shoes other than sneakers or trainers today and spent hours looking for alternatives to show you. Truthfully, this season’s latest shoes are quite tricky and I would rather stick with the trainers. I will keep looking but for now, I don’t want to wear combat boots with my summer dresses or gumboots with a caftan; not to mention some of the weirdest sandals I have ever seen in the designer collections.

Maybe it is age but more likely circumstance and I want to, no I must adapt fashion to suit me. I am sure you all agree and do the same. This is not to say I don’t want to look current – of course, I do – more than ever after a slow-paced year but I want to love these new pieces and feel encouraged to wear them.

Like this one.

A shape of dress I truly think works is the shirtdress with a fuller skirt; some call it a fit and flare skirt. Collar or not and button-up – usually with a self-belt or cinched waist – this is a great dress to wear if you haven’t been in the habit of wearing a dress.

Why it’s a beauty.

Because this dress is easy, because it is super flattering and extremely comfortable.

Wear it with those sneakers or ballet flats – especially our white sneakers. Dress it up with jewellery, fancy hair and make-up or downplay it with a ponytail and lick of pillow talk lip-gloss.

When you are out of the habit, get back in with this one. It’s uncomplicated and undemanding all the way.

With something as season-less as this; what’s not to love? xv

When You Haven’t Been Wearing a Dress

kelsey stripe  ||  baloon sleeve  ||  max mara favilla  ||  daisy cotton  || leopard print

smocked waist   ||  poplin flare  ||  gathered a-line  ||  polo stripe  || polo beryl blue

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Linda B

I am completely on the same page as you. First off, I’ll agree that I don’t get the current shoes being shown for summer. Just not going to go there. In fact, I ordered a new pair of white trainers a few days ago and can’t wait for them to arrive.

Second, I have been obsessively searching for just the right new dress, and that daisy cotton one is coming closest to ticking all the boxes for me than anything else I have yet seen. I adore wearing white, but am going to be spending much of this summer happily caring for my very active two year old granddaughter–and goodness knows how grubby one gets with a small child! But the shape of this dress–including the pockets–is EXACTLY what I have been thinking will be ideal for my situation. I may just have to accept that the dress will still be lovely even when it is “lived in”!


It doesn’t seem to matter what I wear when I am with our baby, Linda… I am always a mess at the end!! :) I agree it’s a gorgeous dress..


Hello dear Vicki!

Again, I am in agreement with you. If our weather were to just behave, I’d be wearing at least a house dress inside; I’m ashamed to admit that all winter long I’ve been in sweats and on really cold days, an old bathroom and a jacket on top of my fleece sweats. My dream is that when the weather improves and I’m fully vaccinated that I can GO OUT to at least take walks by the lakes, go visit good friends in their gardens and shoppes and wear a cotton dress and feel pretty. I love these shirt dresses you are sharing; they remind me of the dresses I wore right out of high school in the late ’70s. They are suitable for both young and mature women and have enough elegance mixed in with functionality. Oh, do we need a change of scenery!


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