18 May 2018

Dressing Details: How To Belt It


This week, we’ve veered away from our usual VA HQ setting and replaced it with the beautiful Saint Rémy de Provence surroundings. Our trip is all about La Maison du Village and the finishing touches. Planning and photographing La Maison du Village is the reason we are really here, though that hasn’t stopped us from jam packing our suitcases with new fashion pieces to prance in.

And the recurring staple in each of our cases? The Belted Dress.

We spied this treasure from the Gal Meets Glam collection, and it spurred on a tie-waist dress fling.

They are the perfect effortless dress for summer days.

How To Belt It

* Finding a high-waisted tie that sinches us in all the right places is a must.

Belt details that sit higher up the waist are much more flattering.

* Delicate V-neck or buttoned collars both drew our attention.

They are timeless, yet both reflect different styles.

V-necks display a dainty, feminine approach whilst the button up collars present a little more formal.

* Tie-waist dresses bring structure to our top-halves, revealing our silhouette.

Therefore, long and pleated bottom-bottom halves work best, ensuring extra movement.

* Despite us falling head over heels for the girl in our graphic above, we’ve realised big puffy sleeves are just not for us.

A more fitted sleeve is where it’s at these days.

Dressing – it’s all in the details.

Dressing Details: How To Belt It

**gal meets glam jane midi  ||  mara hoffman wrap  ||  goat cady wrap  ||  khaite button-down crepe  ||  lela rose lace

image, cult gaia

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Oh how I love a thick belt on a flaired dress or skirt! At least I have a tiny waist to show off! This is glorious, this yellow dress!

Vicki Ford

What a beautiful dress. Love the colours, the softness, the prettiness and the girl within the dress. The fabric gathering and ruching throughout have certainly bulked up what would normally be a slender frame. On a figure not quite so lean, I would forego those bellisimo gatherings at the waist and embrace your fullness of hem with generous inverted or even double inverted pleats falling from a slight dropped waist, making sure you keep a nice shaping on the side seams to accentuate any natural curves. The pleats would sit smoother over the high hip area, keeping the torso elongated rather than shortened. The belt would look fantastic on that. Keep the softness over the bust as per the image above. Then replace the fuller sleeve with a simple cap sleeve or a slightly relaxed classic sleeve ending at the 3/4 mark with a french cuff and cuff links. THEN add a beautiful pair of chandalier earrings to reign in that softer vintage charm which is what the picture is all about. Its so nice to dress like this….imagine the shoes and even styles of boots that could finish this outfit.

Taste of France

It depends on one’s figure, but I’ve seen a few famous women with belts so high they looked strange. I think a natural waist looks…most natural.

Mimi Gregor

I hear ya on the puffy sleeves. The model looks great in them, but she is tall enough to pull it off. At 5 feet, I’d look like a superannuated toddler.

Yes to belts! They define a waistline like nothing else can.

Hildred Sullivan

Agree. As beautiful as they are, all of the examples on my petite frame would leave me looking quite dumpy!

Rebecca Agar

Dear Vicki, Hello. I’m a Florence friend of Lisa Clifford, originally from Melbourne and now commuting (spell check changed this word to commenting – equally apropos – between London and the Tuscan Hills. I had started following you before realising what friends you are with Lisa! I’d love to see photos of you in your outfits ?? or at least a few studied shots on your about page to put a face to the name. Just a thought. I won’t suggest we meet because nothing is more annoying but I’m daily at the life centre in Notting Hill and live on Gloucester terrace so I think we might be neighbours. I love your blog and have all your books. Beata Te! With Kind Regards Rebecca.


Les robes sont absolument magnifiques, le tissus, la coupe et cette large ceinture un must. Les boucles d’oreilles sont ravissantes, en Belgique on les appelle “les créoles”.


I really like the Mara Hoffman dress. Very chic!

I have a dress that has a higher “belt”; it’s actually just fabric. The one thing you need to do with this style is suck in your stomach! :)


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