28 Feb 2018

Dressing Details: With Spring In My Step

Dressing Details: With Spring In My Step on vickiarcher.com

Spring is in my step.

And with that comes a mood for dresses.

This past weekend we had a lunch in Notting Hill, which was the perfect reason to get the new dress out and on. It’s a spring love from Roksanda – you might remember Margot, which did the rounds for a special birthday. This dress has been worn more times than I can count so when I saw the Aylin Bell in the new collection, I wanted to try it. It’s a sapphire/navy blue with a medium-full skirt and wildly exaggerated sleeves. And no, they don’t get in the way at all and are super comfortable. Don’t discount the bell sleeve as an option for spring dresses, they really are very pretty and give detail and fullness in the best possible places. My dress choices are closing in a little these days; with many being too short, too full or too fussy. It is refreshing to find a style with flair that is not only comfortable but also very wearable.

Dressing Details: With Spring In My Step on vickiarcher.com

I like the feminine floaty feel and like the Margot, I can put it on and feel ready to go in seconds. I was running around in my sneakers before lunch, checking on our renovations and buying flowers. They worked and allowed my speed and comfort; later I swapped them for a slip-on mule with a bow trim. Some aren’t fans of the sneakers with the dress. I understand and I do listen. Although, sneakers are still on trend right now and wearing them with more formal pieces from the wardrobe is a look I see often. They have taken over where once upon a time the ballet flat was doing all the work; without a doubt, we will swap again. That’s the crazy thing about fashion; it’s a merry-go-round. As I race around on foot for much of the day, while it lasts, I’m going with it.

Dressing Details: With Spring In My Step on vickiarcher.com

Nordstrom, like me, are in the mood for spring dresses and as always they have a wonderful selection. Fortunately, they ship to Europe as they stock so many brands and price points we don’t necessarily have access to. The Roksanda dresses are investment pieces, from my point of view, but if I calculate them on a cost per wear basis they are winners every time. Not every dress or every occasion warrants a Roksanda but Nordstrom have that in hand too.

It was starting to feel a lot like spring here in London until last night, when we had proper snow. No doubt London life will slow to a snail’s pace today and my thoughts of spring dresses will have to wait a bit longer. The weekend was a mere tease. xv

Dressing Details

roksanda aylin bell  || roksanda margot  ||  golden goose sneakers  ||  dior homme metal shield glasses

don’t resist

emerson rose  ||  jill jill ||  lafayette 148 marissa  ||  lafayette 148 holy bell ||  timara bow mules ||  adidas gold stripe  ||  le specs history

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Taste of France

What fantastic sleeves on that dress! It’s a standout detail that will stand the test of time.
After a mild winter, the Beast from the East has brought us a rare snowfall, so I’m swaddled in thick sweaters at the moment. But tomorrow spring is supposed to return, warm enough even for bare legs.


I cannot believe the snow in London! And my timing with the photos on the weekend… I can hardly believe I was running about like that! :)

Mimi Gregor

*Chuckles* …And I am one of those who detest the sneaker. I don’t care that everyone is wearing them. “Everyone” also walks around in yoga pants everywhere, and I detest that, too. I just don’t care for how casual the world is getting.

The sleeves are a bit much. I can envision someone wearing that and trying to light candles for dinner, and going up in flames. Yes, I DO tend to catastrophize a wee bit.


Gorgeous dress, hair, and sunglasses…but I totally agree with Mimi about the sneakers. When are there are so many pretty and comfortable flats to choose from, I just don’t understand mixing sneakers with a casual chic outfit.

Linda B

I am smitten with that gorgeous dress! (And, I am finding that bell sleeves are currently just perfect–because they work with the cast on my broken left arm, lol.) The dress looks fantastic on you. I love it with the sneakers you’re wearing, but somehow every time I try to pull that look off, it doesn’t feel right on me. I guess I need to keep trying to find the right combination.

Seems like many places are going to experience the traditional March–in like a lion, out like a lamb! Even here in Arizona!


No snow here in Southern California, but it is chilly {for us, anyway!} with early mornings at 39-40 degrees. I am so looking forward to spring, like everyone else. That dress is beautiful, I’m actually shopping for a jacket with sleeves somewhat like that this morning, hope I find one! You look stunning, love the dress – with the mules- sorry, I just can’t get with the sneaker with a dress look. But if anyone can make it work it’s you, Vicki!

Anna M

Lovely to see you in front of the camera! The dress looks great on you and your skin looks amazing!


Just back from the house in Naples with the typical perfect southwest Florida weather. It’s been gorgeous too back here in Detroit, Michigan for the past few days. You never know, though. It can snow here in April. I am so ready for spring. I’m pulling out the navy patent, thick soled loafers for this weekend. What a gorgeous dress, Vicki. And, I love the longer hair.

Kayla Davies

Let me get my sneaker veto out of the way and get on to rave reviews for the rest of your look. My default position always goes to “Is it pretty?”, right after is it the right color. For me and my ankles, I stick with booties. I do wear soft “sweatpants” but they are technical cashmere by Kit and Ace and at least they are not leggings!


Agree absolutely Wendy! I wouldn’t wear sneakers with that dress, but on Vicki – she works it, and I think it looks fabulous. I really think it’s the hair and the air of confidence that exudes and allows her to carry it off.


Absolutely no sneakers/trainers/plimsolls!!! A beautiful dress deserves something much more stylish!
I think a younger generation gets away with this but in our 50s it is no go area!!
There are much better choices.

Lynne Savage

Those flowers are to die for.
Stick to your sneakers. High heels are just so awful for your feet and so “controlling” of your freedom of movement. Women dont need any more controlling.


It’s not about controlling! I don’t feel controlled by anyone if I wear a heel, in fact I prefer a kitten heel. It’s about us giving our views on some fashion item Vicki has found, and in this case, worn.
We either adore it or repel it or, as sometimes can be the case, are completely unsure!
In this case, and every other track suit/sneaker case I just don’t like them!
But I loved the dress!!


I agree with a previous comment that your hair, makeup, glasses and dress are gorgeous. All lovely. The sneakers work for me as well.


Spot on – Mimi…. I agree… The sleeves are a bit much. Black denim with converse sneakers ( clean ) is a go.. Dirty sneakers with pretty outfits ruins everything. Of course , unless you are jogging/ running.. Well,
maybe fom the fashion police.

Leslie in Oregon

The dress and sneakers outfit is wonderful!

Please post some London-in-snow photographs here and/or on your Instagram site. London is such a gorgeous city in white!


I’m late but very enthusiastic about this post, Vicki! That dress….YOU! I am loving these bell sleeves and have at least one top with these sleeves. And as for dresses? I wear them always. Even in the summer, I enjoy wearing them because they just give me that vintage “Audrey Hepburn” feel as I peruse the shoppes and “countryside” near our city. You look marvelous, and how I wish I could photograph you. You are smashing.


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