4 Jun 2018

Easy Dressing: The Silk A-Line Skirt


Lately, it seems to be that way at VA.

Discovering an outfit that can be worn without inputting a huge amount of thought is our kind of outfit.

That’s why we are introducing the A-line style silk skirts to the essentials list.

The midi-length skirts are the ideal length to drape us in, for obvious reasons.

Not too short that we feel conscious of exposing what we would rather hide and not too long that our dressing shifts to frumpy. There is always a fine line to be found and besides knees are hit and miss unless we are professional tennis players or yoga gurus. I have nothing against knees, but I think they are better hidden after a certain age.

A skirt to emphasise the calf with a fine ankle is perfect.

A midi length A-line may not be for everyone. But, they are excellent for women looking to elongate their figure. The A-line style hugs in all the right places and is looser around the hemline, still giving the skirt some movement.

They caught our eye for their versatility. Many different styles of tops can be paired with them.

Imagine a simple white tee tucked in during warmer weather and a roomier, lightweight sweater when the evenings grow cooler. We love the mix of textures  – a cable knit cotton worn with smooth silk is a lovely contrast.

Footwear works in the same way; all our favourites work.

Picture the skirt with our forever-faithful mules at an evening party but switching for the effortless sneakers on days that are spent pottering around and about.

Silk skirts of cream, navy and grey tones are our favourite finds.

But experimenting with prints is next on our agenda. Leopard print anyone?

Easy Dressing: The Silk Skirt

eileen fisher bias graphite  ||  eileen fisher bias cut  ||  vince raw edge  ||  raey leopard-print

image, christy turlington, arthur elgort for vogue 1990

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I have redone my entire wardrobe – more of a capsule thing – what a breath of fresh air. Lots of classics and neutrals with a splash of color here and there. We just had house guests for 3 nights and mostly ate out for dinner – it was so nice to just quickly select something – everything works!

Mimi Gregor

I know what you mean, Lyn! I have a very small capsule wardrobe, with a neutral color palette (with red a touch of color) and classic lines. Rather than limiting my options, I find that it expands them. I never stand in front of the closet wondering what to wear. Everything goes with everything else, so I can mix and match like crazy. In the dark, even. It is so freeing!

Linda Gallinatti

Where can I find the stripe jacket/coat in your previous feature. Looks like linen. Also wide leg stripe pant?


Hello Linda,

The campaign photographs are old so that exact jacket is not available.. we loved the photographs and felt they visually expressed the look we are going for… The jacket we found most like it was the link for the Leith jacket. xv

Michelle à Détroit

I love the cut, but these look a bit too much like thin slips to me. I’m still loving my midi tulle skirts for summer. I don’t care if they’re now passé.

Donna D

Michelle, I too still love the midi tulle…don’t think they are passe at all! If you feel good when wearing it, do so. These skirts are lovely as well, soft, comfy…good choice VA!


I have one….not to the floor, but mid-calf and I love it. When I wear it, it takes everyone by surprise. It’s steel gray and I can wear it with a black top, pink, or a crisp white shirt. Oh how I love this elegance!


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