22 Apr 2021

Is An Embroidered Touch Too Bohemian?

Is An Embroidered Touch Too Bohemian? on vickiarcher.com

I will declare my hand; I love embroidered everything.

So the answer is a resounding, “no“.

London is in a glorious swing right now and with the blossoms blooming and the sunlight pouring I can’t help but think of lighter days; lighter in every way.

With a life less formal I try and imagine ways I can re-invent my dressing without falling back to my tailored ways. Suits and all that just don’t seem to be my garb of choice; I still revere the masculine/feminine look of a good old pinstripe but they aren’t for me at this moment. I know life will turn and we will be singing their praises soon enough but for now, I have another idea.

Last year I became a little more adventurous with my blouses and added embroidery to my collection. Less structured, not so classic and maybe slightly on the bohemian side I wore them with jeans – in particular, a white pair – over the spring and summer. This year I’m thinking I’ll add to my mix with another one and try it with a pair of sweats on my lazy days and my jeans when I feel the need to be “tighter”.

When it comes to an embroidered blouse how far do we go?

I think if the rest of our outfit is simple we can have a fair bit of artistic license.

My only requirement is to avoid too much puffiness and especially around the sleeves. It’s not I don’t like it, but rather short puffy sleeves don’t suit me anymore. Once upon a time, I was “puff” everything; not anymore, they need to be a longer sleeve if there is fullness in sight. It is a little bit like a Peter Pan collar, adorable on the babies but not for me.

Do we tuck them in or leave them out?

Depending on the style I do either but mostly I wear them out and like them ending at the mid-hip level.

Do we choose dark or light fabrics? Going for a monochrome or colourful embellishment?

Again, I wear all variations but tend to contrast the top and the bottom. The style of the blouse becomes more impactful then.

Too much bohemian? Never – it’s all in the way we wear it. xv

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Good morning Vicki!

These days, I am not sure anymore. I think the weather here has to remain warm enough for me to really figure out what my wardrobe will be like this warm season. With still nowhere to really go (even after I’m fully vaccinated), I’m not sure if my walks at the lake will warrant me wearing any of the elegant clothing I wore as a teacher. I guess that phase is over. Oh, I’m still trying to figure it all out!


The warmer weather and blast of sunshine really does make a difference. I am not normally weather-sensitive but somehow this year it does feel different. Anita, once it changes I can see you dressing up even if it is at home :)


I love this look and a short sleeve for me because of the temps. Ps. Really enjoyed the floral design video this morning.


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