1 Apr 2014

Emmanuelle Alt… Taking Inspiration

Emmanuelle Alt - Taking Inspiration

In the next few months I will be travelling around all over the place.

I am excited… I admit to never losing my love of travel.

What I don’t like is thinking about what to wear and what to pack.


Planning my wardrobe has made me focus… focus on who has a style that I like, that I find wearable and that is relatively practical.

I thought of Emmanuelle Alt.

She gets it right time and time again… her choices are classic, simple and most importantly they work for most occasions.


Alt is clever in the way she dresses… she knows what suits her and whatever she wears is a variation on a theme.

Jacket, slimline pants…flats, stilettos or shoe boots.

Her jacket changes by length or by detail… her pants and shirts change colour or formality, by season or by occasion.

She embellishes with a straightforward shape… not fussy, not frilly.

A brass button, a leather tassel…a tuxedo lapel or a longer length… the elements are different but her fashion philosophy is always the same.

Classic with a cutting edge and less is very much more.


All this has lead to an idea.

Shop French Essence has had a makeover.

Regularly I will be updating the Shop with looks that inspire…the women we admire…  from the runway… from my favourite street style fashion.

I hope that it will be an easy way for you to choose items that compliment what you already have in your wardrobe… or a spark to reinvent the pieces that you own and encouragement to wear them in a new way.



I like the way French women work their wardrobes… don’t you? 


Visit the Shop and be inspired… xv


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Dee Dee

Oh! Traveling! I love to travel, too, but never seem to remember everything I said I’d packed while planning the trip. :)

If you find yourself in New York – perhaps I can talk you into a trip to Bergdorf for cookies and tea.

By the way, I overpack on shoes when I travel. I feel like there is a smarter way to get as much footwear planned as I think I need so any tips would be so appreciated!

une femme

Emmanuelle Alt is one of my style crushes. I love how she sticks to her signature look, just changes up the details to keep it fresh.

Anita Rivera

Ooooo…..she is an inspiration indeed! I just came back from interviewing a local artist/author for the magazine I am writing for, and I got to dress up very similar to this style. WHAT FUN! And what is even better is our weather to encourage us to dress up in such a way. Have a great day, Vicki! Anita

miss b

I can’t imagine ever losing my passion for travel! Emanuelle Alt’s style reminds me so much of Inès de la Fressange. It’s an easy effortless style that’s relaxed yet polished to which I try to aspire! I like this new idea for Shop French Essence too.


I agree — one should always be passionate about travle! I love Emanuelle Alt’s style. I do need to incorporate these tips into my life and wardrobe for my next tip. The Shop looks fun.

Teddee Grace

Emmanuelle Alt looks good in her clothes because she is six feet tall. I dress like her even though I had no idea until I read your post today who she was. I don’t look like she does in my clothes. Nine inches makes a difference. If I had her build, I would not dress like I do or she does.


Same here! Though I can’t wear heels and so never get that little punch-up of dressiness they give any outfit. To look good in flats, you need to be super tall and thin, like Ines de la Fressange (1.80m) or Audrey Hepburn (1.70m)


Love this post and Emanuelle’s style.

As I have been thinking about what to wear/pack for my trip to Paris and Provence next month two questions nag at me:

Is there such a thing as two old for skinny jeans?
Why can I not pack less then 4 pairs of shoes?!!!


Emanuelle Alt is French chic personified, my way of dressing, simple, classic but with an edge…. Travel my other great passion. Will look at your “Shop” for more inspiration, what a great post. Love from Australia. Regarde Margaret

Cathy Wong

I do like the Shop’s new look! I’m always interested to see someone’s signature style and how they work it. Lots of inspiration here….not just in what she is wearing, but also how she changes it up while still staying true to her own style.
(I’m with you miss b …. effortless, relaxed, but also polished …. always lovely)


Hello dear Vicki
I must admit that Ive never been able to travel light..and although frequent trips tend to streamline the operation I still seem to find myself with a lot of ‘contigency’ items, belts, scarves, shoes..secret touches to change things up a little!
Seeing this reminds me of that oh so happy day when I found you. It may have been the same girl you were writing about, the post was about how to wear white jeans. I was captivated and have been ever since
You bring so much style, beauty, lovely thoughts, sunshine and happiness with everything you write.Thank you xx


Firstly Vicki, I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for the beautiful print and handwritten card from you, that was waiting for me at home, when I got back from a trip at the weekend….what a lovely surprise! Such a charming and lovely giveaway, and I shall so enjoy it!

Love this new Shop look too!

Sophia x

D. A. Wolf

The classics. Simple, functional, elegant – always. (I love these looks, and love the nude stiletto on your “shop” link. Nothing elongates a woman’s leg more exquisitely than an impeccable nude pump.)

As for the traveling, I admit I did it much more easily in my 30s than I do now… I always had a bag packed and ready to rock ‘n roll. My hat’s off to you for the ease and style with which you change locales! Ce n’est pas évident – du tout.


I love your idea. It helps to have a guide to go by when dressing/shopping.

You remind me I need a black belt. See how useful this will be? :-)

PS- I can’t wait to hear about your travels!


I traveled 3 month around the globe with only 1 luggage…I still
don’t know how I managed it but it worked so good for any climate and each occasion. It was my best experience regarding packing for my future holidays. And yes, I can understand D.A. Wolf when she
admitted that she did much more easily in her 3os than now. With
shoes I still have my problems but as sneakers are the new look even
for an elegant outfit (I’m not really convinced yet) it should be easier for all perfectionists.

Pamela Terry

So apropos.
I was just telling my husband over dinner than I needed to pare down my suitcase when I travel this year. Beach trip next week… but that one’s easy. Linen trousers, linen shirts. They take up no room at all.

Leslie Nash

I hope skinny jeans are ok for us older girls……..just bought some new ones!


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