13 Jul 2019

Escentric Molecules: A Fragrance To Love



I think about one and I think about the other.

Without perfume, I feel underdressed, not quite finished. It doesn’t matter whether I am staying in or dressing up, a scent will always accompany me. The scent and the ritual of wearing it make me appreciate my feminine side; it makes me feel well put together.

The fragrance we choose says so much about who we are.

Don’t you think the perfume we wear is key to our personality? I gravitate towards similar fragrances and I know immediately if they are for me or not.

Seasons will determine my choice of perfume as will my mood. The more confident I feel, the braver I will be with my fragrance. If I’m tired, overwhelmed or just downright “not in the mood” my tastes will err towards the more simple, the less potent. The hotter the days the lighter the scent.

And then there is the way we display our scent.

I like fragrance bottles to be shown, in the bathroom or on the dressing table. They tell their own story and have individual histories. I like to linger over their shapes, their colours and remind myself of why I chose them; I like to conjure up the memories they provoke.

How Do You Wear Your Scent?

I apply a little dab on the wrists and then spray ahead and walk through. The perfume mist cloaks the body evenly and ensures the fragrance is distributed all over. Oftentimes I repeat the process if I am feeling particularly inclined.

The discovery of a new fragrance is the greatest surprise of all. It is like winning the lottery; such a simple yet significant pleasure.

A while back, when I least expected, I discovered a new scent.

You know how it is; we mosey around in a store, browse through the items in a semi-conscious way. I wasn’t buying; instead, I was looking. I saw a fairly non-distinct perfume bottle on the counter, picked it up, put it to my nose and was immediately transported. This scent was slightly woody but also fresh with a hint of floral; a note I couldn’t quite grasp. I knew I wanted the sensation of this scent over and over.

Our scent should resonate on every level. A fragrance is our signature without writing, our name without calling; fragrance can tell all.

This scent is one that changes with you; it’s individual.

It is the one to stop strangers and the one I have had the most compliments on, ever. Try it, you’ll see.  xv

Escentric Molecules: A Fragrance To Love

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