20 Mar 2021

A Fragrance To Love



I think about one and I think about the other. This one, I am still thinking about.

Without perfume, I feel underdressed, not quite finished. It doesn’t matter whether I am staying in or dressing up, fragrance must be with me. The scent and the ritual of wearing it make me appreciate my feminine side; it makes me feel well put together. With my Covid experience, I was horrified to lose my sense of smell – it changes the way we feel dramatically – and even now it’s not quite the same.

The scent we choose says so much about who we are.

It is key to our personality? I gravitate towards similar fragrances and I know immediately if they are for me or not.

Seasons will determine my choice of perfume as will my mood. The more confident I feel, the braver I will be with my fragrance. If I’m tired, overwhelmed or just downright “not in the mood” my tastes will err towards the more simple, the less potent. The hotter the days the lighter the scent.

How Do You Wear Your Scent?

I apply a little dab on the wrists and then spray ahead and walk through the mist. The fine particles cloak the body evenly and ensure the fragrance is distributed all over.

The discovery of a “me” perfume is the greatest surprise of all. It is like winning the lottery; such a simple yet significant pleasure.

I discovered a scent that has given me so much confidence and pleasure. It is a fragrance that stops people in their tracks and one that receives so many compliments. I have been wearing this one for years now and without hesitation, it is one of my most-loved finds.

Our scent should resonate on every level. A fragrance is our signature without writing, our name without calling; fragrance tells all.

This scent is one that changes with you; it’s individual.

Try it, you’ll see.  xv

Escentric Molecules: A Fragrance To Love

escentric molecules molecule 01   ||  escentric molecules molecule 01

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Hi Vicki, Is it eau de toilette or parfum? In Canada I found it as eau de toilette and one for women. Also one for men. The women’s was $23.00 more. Thanks.


Eau de Toilette as I understand Dianne… I am not sure about the pricing in Canada…

Pam Egan

You are so right! I’ve been wearing Estee Lauder’s Pleasure for the past twenty-five years. I love the scent as much today as I did when I first discovered it. As a young preteen, I wore Evening in Paris, then Woodhue by Faberge. I love wearing perfume, whether I’m volunteering at the shelter or on a dinner date with my husband!


I adore fragrance and never leave home without spritzing some on. Dabs behind my earlobes, on my wrists, between the girls. Sometimes I do spray and walk through it. Someone told me the distance you spray from yourself effects the staying power of the scent – who knows!
I’ve loved Dioressence since my teens, No 19 and Allure by Chanel. I love all in my little collection and the memories they evoke.


Chanel NO 19 is wonderful… I wore that for many years and loved it… I think you would like this one, Vicki :)

connie hobbs

Hello Vicki! Scent is everything to me and always has been.So many are reminders of people, places visited and past loves. Nice to know you feel the same way as so many people stay away from anything scented possibly due to allergies… I have Molecules 01 and love it, but on me it seems to hide..lol. My all time favorite for many many years is L Artisan Parfumeries Dzing and passage d enfers. When in Paris, it is always on my list of to do’s….hope to get back in 2020. Perfumes are so wonderful as they mix with ones self and becomes your own mystery!!!!❤️


I also love Channel No. 19. What are the tones of this fragrance you recommend Vicki? Are they floral, woody or something else? Of course we can’t even go to a large department store or anywhere else to try a tester. It maybe I wait until I go to St Remy and go for an Avignon or Aix-en-Provence visit and find a stockists there. At the moment who knows whether we will be able to travel in the summer but I can wait until the autumn.


I’ve just applied this fragrance and I am trying to think what to say… it’s not sweet but nor is it too woody or musky. It’s not floral – which is my usual go-to – I can’t tell you… I’m sorry… all I can say is I love it! And it is unique for me.. I haven’t tried anything like it before. It’s a great everyday fragrance… Sometimes you can find a travel size that is quite good for a tester.. I think Net a Porter have from time to time… Good luck Janet.. I doubt you will find it in Aix… UK or US availability.

I too am getting very nervous that we won’t be able to leave the UK at all this summer :(

Michelle à Détroit

I adore Molecule 01. So far I’ve just worn it during lockdown, but my husband loves it. It’s difficult to describe, and unlike anything I’ve worn in the past. It’s not particularly girly, but it’s very inviting. Very modern, too.


Yes.. it’s impossible to describe.. but I agree… it’s not too much but has that “something”, Michelle :)


Finding a perfume you love is exhilarating ! I wear Chanel No 5, but my first love is Jicky by Geurlain. and always will be. I wish I could get to a large department store to try the one you mentioned, and other scents I have read about.

Esther George

Hello Vicki, I am a Chanel girl I started with no.5 at age 18 it was a gift and I fell in love with the scent. I did stray to Miss Dior, Dolce and Gabbana classic and now it’s Chanel 22 the sad part is I can only put perfume on my wrists 😢my skin is very sensitive. Would love to try your perfume one day when “normal” comes back❓Thank you for sharing beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney copping a drenching for the past few days.


I love Escentric Molecules! It’s such an underrated brand, but their Molecules 01 fragrance is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It’s amazing how different yet beautiful it smells on every different person xx


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