24 Oct 2019

Essentials: When They’re Right, They’re Right

Wardrobe Essentials: When They're Right, They're Right on vickiarcher.com

There is a reason wardrobe essentials are essential; because they work.

Essential doesn’t mean dull or boring; essential doesn’t mean taken for granted or lifeless.

A wardrobe essential is every bit the opposite and especially those pieces working for us over the weekends or in a casual capacity.

Take the loafer, the ankle pants, turtleneck and leopard print blouse.

These have been re-invented and recycled in my wardrobe for decades. They simply work for me and I am guessing for you too. They are so right on so many levels but most importantly these essentials give me self-confidence. When I feel right everything else is better; the smile is wider, the eyes shine and even my posture straightens. Yes, it does sound a little crazy but like a fabulous hair-do, the right clothes can shift and elevate our moods big time.

On the weekends I look for pieces that are not only comfortable but also take me everywhere. When it comes to shoes, I have been lazy and relying on my sneakers endlessly. I can’t apologise I love them but it’s time to swap them; they won’t be forgotten simply at the back for a month or two. Loafers are as comfortable and look just as cute so I am trotting out in these and alternating with a pair of lace-up boots. The thing about a loafer and the same applies to all these essentials I am wearing, is they are ageless. The leopard shirt, a loafer and ankle pants can be worn whether 80 glorious years or 20 fun years. They have the ability to be styled in our unique way and show our personality in the way to best represent us.

Wardrobe Essentials: When They're Right, They're Right on vickiarcher.com

The same goes for a cocoon style coat or a faux fur – there is no use-by date and how we mix and match our pieces spells our name, nobody else’s.

The cocoon shape and the faux fur don’t have to stay inside during the week but they tend to be my weekend go-to. I have chosen black and cream as my outerwear mostly because I am a fan but also for practical reasons. Like khaki, they blend with every essential and whether it’s all black or mixed with animal prints they are coats I rely on. It’s not to say there are not others filling my essential list but these two are important additions.

My selections, like so often, are from Nordstrom. Their weekend wardrobe edit is one I find to be perfect for me – more and more their offerings are supporting sustainability and that’s where we strive to arrive. Choosing carefully and investing in essentials has never been more important.

Finding a personal style that is unique and lasts the decades means more than ever today.

Wardrobe Essentials: When They're Right, They're Right on vickiarcher.com

Can you remember your first leopard print pieces? Mine has come and gone – they have been passed on to my daughters, who still wear them. The same goes for my coats; the shapes are the same but they have been replaced over the years.

And as for the turtleneck, that one is forever. xv

When They’re Right They’re Right

leopard print blouse with tie  ||  leopard print classic  ||  ankle pants  ||  turtleneck  ||  cocoon coat  ||  faux shearling coat  ||  loafers

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Vicki. You are such an eloquent and elegant lady – your daily blogs are kindly, warm and above all inspirational.


MY first piece was from AUSTRALIA!A friend mailed to me for a GIFT A LEOPARD HAT!Just like CARLA’s when she married THAT ITALIAN!
I use to work at NORDSTROM’s………48105-7 was my employee number!How on earth I can recall that I do not know!Those were good fun days………….I started out in THE PERSONAL SHOPPERS office then went to COUTURE!Those were the days when ESCADA was BIG STUFF!I still can not part with those pieces!XX


I share your buzz with the loafers, black ankle pants and leopard blouse but not with
the faux fur

Michelle Faison

Fabulous, Vicki! Love the clothes. Keep the long hair. We must resist the pressure to conform to outmoded edicts about age appropriate hair length. I think of the beautiful women of India, many of whom have gorgeous, waist length grey hair.


I love a classic look and classic pieces have been my “go to” for many years. I have several pairs of black ankle pants and find myself wearing them more often than any pants other than jeans. Leopard is always good. I was never a fan of animal prints until I fell in love with a cashmere leopard print sweater at Nordstrom. Now I have scarves, ballet flats and looking for booties. Love the plush coat. Still too warm in Pennsylvania for a coat but in a month or two it would be excellent.


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