21 Aug 2017

The Exception: The White Jean

The Exception: White Jeans on vickiarcher.com

There is an exception when it comes to wearing white pants.

I generally never ever wear white pants because they don’t love me and all my leg “nooks and crannies” appear magnified. Do you know what I mean?

White pants are in the most part unfriendly and certainly unforgiving however svelte we are. The only exception is if they are worn with a very long tunic style top and even then, it is an outfit with limits.

The only white I can take when it comes to my lower half are jeans. I absolutely love a pair of white jeans. I don’t know why they work but I believe they do.

After my last pants suggestion, I do understand there are doubters amongst you and I respect that, I should be nervous to share my white jean crush with you. I am not because I always want to hear other opinions and enjoy our conversations wholeheartedly.

I am still going forward with my side stripes and can’t deny they are my favourites right now.

For those of you who won’t wear a side stripe, do get your white jeans front of house. They are the perfect pants, when summer is in the most part behind us and yet it is far too soon to contemplate winter fashion.

Last week I spent a few days with my gal pals in Italy. Isn’t it always the best being with girlfriends? Comfortable, fun and so much laughter come to mind when I reflect on our days together.

These girls are beauties and wear a white jean fabulously well.

We also noticed other women wearing their white jeans with a variety of tops; not only tees, man style shirts but also blouson style blouses whether bohemian or silky. They all looked so smart and age didn’t come into it at all.

The white works in principal because the thickness of the denim hides a multitude and the detailing moves the eye away from close inspection.

I will often wear mine with a longer shirt tucked loosely in front and hanging out over my backside. That is a very neat trick for a more slimming look. I will also apply the same method to an oversized tee shirt. In at the front, out at the back.

My favourite is to wear a black blouson style shirt with white jeans. The contrast is flattering and for no other reason than I am a big black and white fan.

One of the girls wore hers with a full silk white blouse and that was a great look too. Another had an off the shoulder cotton top in pale blue which was very pretty. It made me realise there is big mileage in the white jeans. Add a pump style shoe and a tailored blazer and there is a whole new story.

The moral of this story?

I am wearing my white jeans a whole lot more. xv

The Best Exceptions

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image linda rodin photographed by gabor jurina for fashion may 2014

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Beth Anderson

I have always really liked the black on white look, much more so than white on black. The former looks like Jackie Kennedy blithely gliding through the crowds on Capri, sandals in hand… the latter more like a uniform.

Mrs J

Such a coincidence, today I saw a mature lady wearing three quarter length white cotton trousers but infortunately her black was her rather large knickers, showing through, white trouser wearing ladies be warned !!


Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!!! You confirmed what I have believed for years!!!


It sounds like you had so much fun, Vicki! White jeans are my summer favorite, especially with a black or dark top. This summer white jeans were my uniform for those kind of days that went from meetings, to lunch with friends, to dinner with the family. Worn with a gorgeous navy blue linen shirt, longer in the back. So classic, that even jewelry was optional, it still made for an elegant and very comfortable outfit.

You are so right, white jeans look great on everyone, they are so forgiving.


Ha Ha… you probably look amazing and have nothing to fear :)
I need a little forgiveness around that area… ok,…. a lot!!


Another great new trend that can be really flattering in a white jean is the crop with a small flare. It balances out our curves the same way a traditional-length bootcut jean does- but it is nice for the summer and it shows off sexy strappy shoes and ankles!

mona turner

I am a big fan of white jeans, especially this time of year. I just watched “Something’s Gotta Give,” last night and Diane Keaton was wearing her white jeans looking classic, elegant and ageless.


Love “Something’s Gotta Give” – the interiors are wonderful, both the Hamptons and New York. And the location shots in Paris, NY and the Hamptons too. Also love that there’s a scene filmed in one of our fave Paris brasseries, Le Grand Colbert. Once or twice have sat at the table where Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves were sitting in the movie. There’s even the actual clapper from the movie. Great fun. Also a great range of food – we often prefer the simpler things like the cotes d’agneau with their wonderful potatoes cooked in cream and steamed baby French beans as a change from some of the richer foods at Michelin star restaurants. My favourite dessert is the Omelette Norvegienne, a kind of bombe, only I prefer it flambéed with Grand Marnier rather than rum as listed on the menu. Superb, but doesn’t go with skinny jeans. My husband’s favourite is the apple ice-cream served with a shot of Calvados. Another great thing about Le Grand Colbert is that you can rock up without a reservation if you arrive around 3.00 and still get a full lunch. Not many good restaurants will serve if you arrive after about 2.00. In fact we rather like it when it’s quieter in the afternoon. One day JK Rowling was there with her husband (at least we assumed it was her husband) only a couple of tables away. Best wishes, Pamela


Absolutely love white jeans!!! They are an amazing wardrobe staple. And as you said, Vicki, they can be worn in a variety of ways.


I LOVE my white skinny’s.
Just need to get the TALL size skinny.
Where will I be able to find that?
Please let me know🤔

Taste of France

I love my white jeans. All of them, but especially the ones that are cropped and flared. Somehow cropped makes them feel more summery.
The heavy fabric mostly hides underwear! What is it about white pants that one’s undies always seem to show, even if they are practically the same color as one’s skin?

Mimi Gregor

I like them on other people, and although I would look good in them, I don’t wear white jeans because they just aren’t practical for me. White shows every speck of dirt, and unless I want to get persnickety about what I eat/what I touch/what touches me, I’m better off wearing darker colors. I don’t need the extra stress that comes with wearing white.

Don’t let my pooh-poohing your recent suggestions deter you from suggesting them. I am an inordinately hard sell; I question EVERYTHING.


Yes, you’re right. Everyone who puts on a pair of white pants should take a good look in the rear view mirror before they go out. The secret to disguising “texture” is the weight of the fabric, I suspect.


There’s a great ‘French style’ company here in Australia – Blue Illusion- who sell very affordable clothes, and cater for a wide range of sizes. They have a staple item of great ‘pull on’ jeans- style pants in lovely soft denim fabric, including various shades of navy AND a white. I always buy a few new white pairs each season just to freshen up the colour & keep it crisp. The fabric is denim as I said so no showing of bumps, lumps or underwear, yet it is light & cool ( they also do a heavier winter fabric). My days of zip up jeans are over as are my days of tucking anything in – but these pull on jeans are spot on with a beautiful silk shirt.


Love my Gloria Vanderbilt “Amanda” white jeans (size 6 SHORT!!!) — that particular brand may not be considered very upscale by those who shop exclusively in high-end boutiques, but they fit perfectly as I’ve got the “long torso/short leg?” thing going on. GV makes the “Amanda” style in short, average and long — so all gals can find something that will work. Needless to say, when it comes to jeans, my closet’s filled with these in all colors!


I have to giggle a bit about fashion faux pas for I think in America one wouldn’t hesitate one bit to wear white jeans….texture or not. We’re just a little more Bohemian, I do believe. Great discussion! Kathryn in California

Trish Murphy

Thank you for a great post Vicki. I have been wearing white jeans since I was 16 and at the age of 61 I still love them. Black tees are great and longer tops to cover the bumps. Navy is a winning combination with white jeans. Trish

Anita Rivera

Yes, it’s the thickness of the fabric that makes wearing white jeans easier for me. And even though I’m thin, I do understand that white pants seem to accentuate any fold or flap or bulge that I’d rather not make noticeable! Now you’re making me think of white jeans for next year….

Linda B

I am a lover of all denim, seriously–but it took me almost summer to find my perfect new pair of white jeans. I have to confess that I bought them at a stupid-cheap price at a discount store, TJ Maxx, a few weeks ago. Crazy after all the other try-ons but these ones are just the perfect fit for me. And like the rest of you, I do wear them with a longer, tunic style top. Love them especially with black, but also with a turquoise silk tunic with spaghetti straps. . . I may pop back to the store to pick up a second pair for the inevitable spill that will wreck these perfect white jeans!

Jolain Muller

White jeans are a classic, and an old reliable summer into fall friend. One of my favorite transitional looks is a skinny white jean, above the ankle with a chunky camel sweater and a clunky Marni like sandal. Reminds me of chilly end of summer sunsets, a great feeling!

Linda Gallinatti

Your photo in all white is great plus the comments from your fans. Can you give us the brand of your blouse and chunky silver bracelets?!


Linda Rodin is the woman photographed.. I am not sure where her blouse and bracelets came from. She has wonderful style and I am a great admirer of the way she dresses. xv


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