29 Jul 2019

Eye Candy: Mascara Magic


The Do’s and Don’ts of Mascara.

Unless I have my eyelashes tinted regularly or I wear eyelash extensions I feel naked, in the worst way. I remember my mother saying she felt like a “bald eagle” without her mascara; I have no idea what that is but I know how she feels. Recently I got caught short without my eye candy and I felt very underdressed. I bought the best replacement I could; it was then I realised there are mascaras and there are mascaras.

I figured out quite quickly it is better to go without than persevere with a bad product.

Everything else might fall by the wayside but dark lashes make all the difference and nothing helps open and brighten the eyes more than a coating or two of good dark mascara. There is an unfriendly flip side; there is nothing less attractive than badly applied mascara.

Applying and wearing mascara well is as much about what you don’t do as what you do.

The Do’s and The Don’ts

Don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube.

This pushes air inside the tube and makes the product, dry and flaky. Instead, twist the wand back and forth in a circular motion and coat with the correct amount.

Before applying gently remove any excess on the wand with a soft tissue.

This avoids clumpy lashes, the application will be so much more even and the waste minuscule.

Apply mascara to the bottom lashes first and look upwards during the application.

Coat the topside of the upper lashes with mascara.

When applying mascara to the top lashes, look straight ahead.

Curl the upper lashes with the Shu Uemera lash curlers.

Curl as close to the root as possible, being sure not to trap any skin in the curler. Pump the curler for 10 seconds and then move onto the next eye.

Once curled, apply more coats to the base of the eyelashes and zigzag upwards to make sure you cover every single lash.

It will probably take several applications to reach the desired thickness. Go slowly, it is easy to add more.

If the lashes straighten after only a couple of hours, using waterproof mascara should help this, but is more difficult to remove.

Eye Candy: My Top Three

dior volume & curl  ||  chanel le volume  ||  charlotte tilbury full fat lashes

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I agree. Instead of living with a bad product, just invest in a good brand and use it according to your style. I can go without mascara since I have very dark lashes but when I do wear it, I look like a totally different person! Therefore, I do have fun creating different looks ranging from glamorous to casual!

Linda B

“Bald eagle” perhaps refers to the national bird of the USA, with it’s bright white head? Not exactly colorless but perhaps that is what your mother was referring to?

I have had a mixed relationship with mascara. Even with waterproof stuff, I find that by midday there starts to be a layer of smudge underneath my eyes–and I am pretty sure this is not attractive. I wear glasses, and I think that is the problem, especially in warmer weather; it is like a little mini-sauna behind the lenses, and so there is a degradation of the mascara that ends up on my face. I have tried various brands, and nothing has really worked. If someone has a good recommendation, please comment and let me know!

This summer, while I am up in Oregon helping with my sweet new granddaughter, I have ended up experimenting with no mascara. After all, most days I am not out in public, and even if I do get out, I literally know almost no one in this town other than my husband, daughter and son-in-law, so who really cares? I have a nice routine of minimal make up that looks like there is nothing there, but I enjoy it for myself. . .and the tinted moisturizer has sunscreen, so that is a plus in summertime. But I know, when I go home in 5 weeks, I’ll want to figure out this mascara thing. Suggestions?


My daughter is a fan of Dior mascara. Once I tried it, I was sold. During the summer months, I wear no make up but still apply mascara as my lashes are blonde. I didn’t realize you could get them tinted.


Agree with you V and your choices- with fair eyelashes myself, the right mascara is an important part of my kit!
Another really useful one is Kevin Aucoin’s Volumising
Mascara. Very gentle on the eye, easily removed with warm water and really pumps up the lashes. You never end up with “Panda eyes” with Kevin!

Linda B

I ordered some of that Kevin Aucaoin mascara, so we’ll see if that one is my magic solution. . .Thanks for that recommendation, Deb. Vicki, I should probably try the Dior one too! You’ve got me on the hunt for a real solution now.

Gina Lanman

Ironic that you have this topic today. I am going back and forth on getting eyelash extensions. I have had the tinting and it really does nothing. I fear the maintenance of the extensions. I travel to Provence for long stays like to feel natural in the summer months. Curious as to what your readers and you Vicki have to say about your experience with extensions. I do love the dior mascara as well!


I will get to writing about extensions Gina… I have had them several times for special moments… love them .. but not all the time… :)


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