25 Jul 2019

Eye Spy: Lady Of Athleisure


Next on the agenda is Athleisure.

I know, a strange amalgamated word. What does it even mean?

I first heard this description in New York some years ago and I guess it makes sense. Athletic wear turned into comfortable dressing wear. My only reservation is when it becomes “everyday” wear as opposed to “weekend” or “taking it easy wear”. Which is not to say I don’t like feeling comfortable and cosy, I do but I also like to keep it for when I really need it. That’s not every day.

I’m a fan of the cosy after a long day or when I’m feeling under the weather. I dress down on the weekends if a long walk is on and I especially like to put on the tracks and sweatshirt on a Sunday night. That’s my idea of heaven.

Athleisure wear is one kind of clothing I do try and pick up during the sales. Other than colour and texture, it rarely changes so it is the perfect moment to take advantage of reductions. Two for one has always appealed to me :)

There is no reason why we shouldn’t look good in it though. xv

Eye Spy: Lady Of Athleisure

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I agree! When this kind of wear becomes habit for everything, then I step back. Oh what happened to the days when what someone wore was considered a little more!

Michelle à Détroit

I agree wholeheartedly with Anita. This is becoming the way that many people dress for just about anything short of a wedding or a funeral. It’s great for around the house on weekends, a quick trip to the car wash or the ATM. I rarely think that anyone looks REALLY good or particularly athletic dressed this way. They do look comfortable, though. Could there be a correlation between the increase in girth of the average American and the rise of “ athleisure”? Hmmmmm.

Michelle à Détroit

And is the model actually wearing slides and BOXING gloves? I’ll bet Muhammed Ali would never have tried that!


Athleisure is comfortable and good for feeling cozy at home in winter. Like Uggs as slippers. But only for the house. I find my old trackies and tops invaluable for working in the garden. The extra thickness gives protection from scratches to arms and legs when pruning, especially when pruning rosebushes. I buy very little of this type of clothing and because I wear it only at home, mainly when gardening, I don’t really mind when it gets shabby. So it lasts for years. It’s also wonderfully easy to care for. I remove any little twigs or leaves and just throw it in the washing machine. No ironing.


There’s a Greek proverb that says “Everything in good measure.” And it fits quite perfectly here too. I like athleisure wear, but not for every day. So I make a point of wearing it during the weekends when casual is the main motto.


Now that my hubby and I are both retired, every day is like a weekend for us. So many people at this point just take to their daggies – trackies, hoodies, sweatshirts – fine at home I guess, but not all the time even then. Just too boring and debilitating. But so many dress like this when they go out too. It just looks as though they’ve given up. Even just to go the local shops I wear make-up and lipstick, jeans sometimes but with a pullover and scarf and always some jewellery. Husband also makes sure to dress casually but never in trackies. It’s so easy! And we don’t want to look as though we’re in God’s waiting room. Even when my mother was in her 80s and living in aged care accommodation she still enjoyed dressing nicely and having her hair done. She always looked beautiful. Best wishes, Pamela


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