28 Jan 2019

Eye Spy: The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

Are you a fan of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel?
I admit I am.

This period piece tells the story of Miriam (Midge) Maisel, a Jewish wife and mother who breaks into the comedy-club scene. Midge is an unlikely candidate for a stand up; she is from an upper-crust Jewish family on the Upper West Side. Her upbringing provides all she needs for her gags.

Midge lives the dream life until it isn’t; her husband leaves her for the secretary, she moves back home with her parents and the rest is where the marvellous comes in.

Yes, it is an unlikely story but it is charming and funny, not to mention the fabulous 1950’s wardrobe.

Season 2, contrary to the critics, is my favourite.

The storyline is perhaps less engaging; the focus is way more on her parents and her ex, but the sets are wonderful. The director’s version of Paris in the ’50s, the summer season in the Catskills not to mention New York in all it’s Upper West Side and Greenwich Village glory.

I watched the season back to back; Mrs Maisel was the perfect companion for a bad case of flu over the holidays.

I won’t say any more – I don’t want to spoil, “The Marvellous Mrs Maisel” – but if you fancy a visual treat with a few laughs, eye spy your next lazy day call. xv

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It’s mahvalous!! I watched back to back, TOO. Finally, some creative writing…this “reality” NOISE is not entertaining, in my opinion…just saying. franki

Linda B

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of my favorite tv series ever! I love the story lines, all of them. . .and those clothes! And the humor! I think there must be an almost unconscious predilection for me here–these are the clothes my mother and everyone else wore at the time of my birth; and as a Jewish American, although without any roots in NY (which is unusual!) the culture and family dynamics are also very familiar. The whole thing is just a pleasure (excluding the uncomfortable human dynamics that sometimes are part of the plot.)


I’m so glad you do too Linda… the second series I really loved and thought it so engaging. I was surprised it got a bit of negative press from the critics… AS Franki said… it is refreshing to be watching creative imagination rather than reality TV… :)

Debra Pinck

I too am a fan, I love the show but love love the clothes. Thanks for hunting some down, more please!

Sharon E.

If you are “into” the 50s do watch THE HOUR on Acorn TV. It’s a British production about the people and the stories of the BBC (fiction). Love the green cocktail dress that our female hero wears. The program has some depth, and the costumes are worth watching.

Joanna Callander

I love Mrs Maisel and tempting though a binge watch is I ration myself to one a day. The summer holiday camp was just hilarious especially the packing! And the clothes are gorgeous. It’s a great watch.


I love this show too, I couldn’t stop watching ! The parents are my favorites, well Midge too. Actually when I think about it ALL are wonderful. I sure wish there were more great shows like this, so many are just plain weird, violent, graphic etc.


Loved this show, both seasons. Not a Jewish American, but lived Long Island during those years and appreciate the humor, the clothes, the way of life. A real jewel.

Sheila in SF

Terrific show loved the characters and period clothes. Funny and so entertaining! Hope they make more shows like this –great writers.


Oh dear, I missed this post in my inbox! Well, my husband and I are ever so addicted to period pieces (especially of the British sort) but we have heard that this series is a must see! We are home for two days so far due to the extreme cold coming into the Midwest; I think Miss Maisel should be a binge-worthy show to start today! And the sets, the costumes….YEAH!

Michelle à Détroit

I’m still lam nting the loss of Mad Men and it’s marvelous fashion. Perhaps TMMM is just the antidote!


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