23 Oct 2019

Eyes Wide Open: The Feline Flick

Eyes Wide Open: The Feline Flick on vickiarcher.com

The feline flick; I’m in.
Do you ever have those days (read months) where you and the art of make-up part ways?

Where the idea of taking the time to go the extra yards is all too hard? A slash of lips and a splash of fragrance is all the enthusiasm you can muster?

The thought of concentrating, looking in a magnifying mirror and artfully applying a fabulous product is just simply, too daunting?

Thoughts of, “what if it smudges”, “will it run” or “is this ridiculous” dominate and prevent experimentation and adventure?

Do you recognise my mood?

I have become a little lazy of late with eye make-up. I shouldn’t because a good pencil can change a multitude and make more than a small difference.

Ever since I learned the keep-the-eyes-open trick to applying eyeliner, everything changed. I was no longer scared to apply and wear eyeliner and I felt confident to add a little feline flick.

In the past I had always closed the eye to apply eyeliner, whether liquid or pencil. All wrong.

This rock n’ khol liquid eye pencil is the one. xv

How To Draw The Feline Flick

To start a pencil and never a liquid.

Apply the pencil with eyes wide open, looking straight ahead into the mirror.

The line is drawn as the eye is seen.

Start from the centre and draw upwards as you reach the outer lid.

(When you close your eyes, you will see that it is a different shading to the one that would be there if you lined your eyes closed.)

Open. The eyes look wider and the eyeliner flies up at the edge rather than down.

All You Need For The Feline Flick

verushka mink  ||  le volume extreme


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Oh Vicki, I hear ya….

All of last academic year, I did not wear any eye make-up but only wore my trusty red lipstick. This year, I’m wearing the minimum eye make-up and it’s made such a difference. But I get lazy with the eyes; weekends are perfect for no eye make-up but then there are times that I simply want to go to school with that casual look but I just can’t pull it off. I need to dress the part!

Helen Meo

Ladies, I’ve had my eyebrows and eyeliner tatoo’d – it’s subtle and age appropriate and has made such a difference. I’m now considering the lips – to have a bit of colour at all times and to be given that defined lip outline would mean looking groomed 24/7.


I think a great underdone and very quick eye can be done with a MAC paintpot. They are longlasting, easy to apply with a great range of colours. Also love the Laura Mercier stick eyeshadows. Either of those with a dollop of Chanel le volume or Kevin Aucoin volumising mascara and your eyes are done in a fabulous yet understated way! Both those eye products make a great base to layer on some more colour or depth if you’re transitioning to evening. Oh my goodness- sounding like a You Tube makeup tutorial! Just love to share what works for my eyes!


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