9 Nov 2017

Feeling The Cocoon

Feeling Cocooned on vickiarcher.com



This is what Elsa Schiaparelli must have thought of her 1951 cocoon-like dress design.

The cocoon shape is one I really love in a coat. I like the way oftentimes the sleeves are a little shorter and I especially find the ever so slight balloon effect in the back to be most flattering. The cocoon coat is barely different from a straight coat but the small difference makes all the difference.

For those of us with a more pear-shaped anatomy, this coat is particularly flattering. There is an English brand in London who make wonderful coats and in particular their cocoon. I had to travel all the way to the US to find them even though they are happening on my doorstep. These coats are simple, extremely practical and can be worn day or evening, depending on the colourway. You know me; I love the grey.

Feeling Cocooned on vickiarcher.com

The bonus of this shape is wearing as little or as much as you like underneath. If you are in a city like me, where heating is always over the top, a fine layer works well. Move out to the country (where I find the central heating to be generally less overwhelming) and the chunky knits can come out of the wardrobe. City life is all about fine layers and heavier coats.

A cocoon shaped coat is one of my very favourites and I don’t quite know what it is about them, but I feel extremely well-dressed when I wear mine. Even if I am having a less than better “dressed” day; the cocoon coat will elevate whatever it is letting me down.

Let’s come out in our cocoons ;) xv

Feeling Cocooned

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madewell atlas black or pink  ||  lamarque grey || avec les filles boucle  ||  sosken emma  ||  herno navy  ||  vince camel

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Mimi Gregor

*Wipes away a tear* Ohhhh, lordy, but I had a good laugh. I tried to picture myself wearing one of these things and going out to run errands. I try to wedge myself behind the steering wheel… nup… have to set the seats waaay back. Now my feet can’t reach the pedals. Okay, I bring the seat forward. Oof! Can’t breathe. I try to get out of the car so that I can go into the house and put on a more sensible coat…. But I’m stuck! I beep the horn for help, but my neighbors are used to ignoring car alarms. So I languish there until my husband finds me and calls the paramedics with the “jaws of life” to get me out. Ahhh, fashion. You provide me with some chuckles, you do.


I am here to amuse :)
I have a sense of humour like you I think, Mimi… I must admit I do like finding the occasional “tongue in cheek” image… :)

anita rivera

Now I think this would be a great thing to wear on the couch, on those cold nights, watching a MOVIE!


Not unlike the sorts of things poor Fergie sometimes wore back in the day. Only hers were usually bright colours as well. No that I have anything against bright colours. But! Best wishes, Pamela


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