8 Feb 2020

Feline Flick, Eyebrows and Lashes Encore

Weekend Wardrobe: Feline Flick Encore on vickiarcher.com

Mastering a feline flick or one that suits me is my new desire.

Other than a slick of pencil, lashings of mascara and a coat of gel on the eyebrows, my eyes go nude every day. I’m not good at applying make-up and have worked with the theory of no eyes are better than bad ones. You know the look – bad smudges, sticky lashes and pinholes for peepers.

Until I decided I want a bit of definition on my upper lid.

I have been, against my better judgement, trying liquid liners. And yes, Some of them do not work for me. A “workman does blame his tools” but some are easier, so much easier to apply than others. It is to do with the type of brush – length and width of hairs – and the consistency of the product.

I have tried more than 6 liquid eyeliners and while I won’t say which ones weren’t doing it for me, I will tell you the one that is outstanding. We all like a variety of versions but if you find it a struggle and want an easy to apply, stay on great result, The Nars is the winner.

This morning – eyes all dressed up, my daughter arrived and was astonished at my “new” look. She always tells me the truth and it was then I decided I should suggest this liner to you.

My eyebrows need a gel to keep them in place, look fuller and hide the occasional grey in between tints. The usual Eyeko gel has been impossible to find so I have been experimenting there too. BBB London is the answer and seriously amazing if you like a well-defined and shaped brow. I am using Cardamon as I like a dark shade to offset my grey hair but Chai is the answer for a softer look.


Look no further, this le volume is a winner.

A new trifecta of lashes, brows and flick is easy when you have the right tools. xv

Easy Eyes X 3

nars stylo liquid eyeliner   ||  bbb london brow styling gel ||  le volume de chanel

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Michelle à Détroit

Thanks for the tip on the liner, Vicki. I have had a difficult time finding a liquid liner that works for me. I’ll give the NARS a try. A bit of liner can do wonders to “ lift” snd define the eye. I only do my upper lid.


Good morning Vicki!

I started off the school year wearing eye makeup. I was pleasantly surprised that at my age, my eyes still looked good with my usual application of shadow, pencil liner and mascara. However, around October, I decided to go naked eye again, with only my signature red lips to give me that “ready for anything” look. I am however, going to look for this because that extra lift that an upper liner can give is a game-changer, for sure!


It’s fun to swap it up.. I just felt like I needed a little “lift” with the eyes.. and this is an easy fix! ;)


I bought the Chanel Le Volume mascara and find that it smears under my eyes about half way through the day. I want to love it but it won’t stay put. Any tips for how you wear yours?


Hello Amy,
I find it’s ok with me.. I love it.. but I don’t put any creams much under my lower eyelashes in the day time. I actually stop my tinted moisturiser a bit before the lash line to avoid smudging. Try that or even blot underneath before you apply.


I started w Le Volume then graduated to the Charlotte Tilbury version and now I’m on the Lancôme version of those types of mascara. Le Volume caked and crackled on to my cheeks. Charlotte is nice but Lancôme the most controllable first this heavy type of mascara. I LOVE the look of all of them.

gail c

hi vickie! would love your thoughts on a natural false eyelash for an evening out. i am thinking about trying Moxie lashes. they have magnetic ones that use a special liquid liner. they get great reviews.


I haven’t tried these Gail…
What I do for special occasions.. very special.. is have a half set of top lash extensions applied… it is transformational and they usually last me around 6 weeks. I have had no problem with eyelashes falling out but I don’t do them very often.. 1 x yearly..
Lashes make all the difference.. so try away and let us know :)


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