21 Dec 2017

Festive Fever: Accessorise And Go

Festive Fever: Accessorise And Go On vickiarcher.com


Countdown to the festive season is well and truly on.

My capacity for new and fabulous ideas is getting stretched. It is that time of year.

After many thought-provoking hours to find the perfect Secret Santa gifts, the fun presents for friends and family and trying to pack for the holidays, I’m running out of ‘outfit’ ideas.

When in doubt, my mind jumps to accessories. I pull out the trusty LBD or the black pants and jacket combination and find myself a new pair of dingle dangle earrings to festive up. Since letting my hair do its own grey thing, earrings and colourful statement style numbers, have been a very easy way to dress up.

Drop earrings have my best friends forever – I have always worn them. They make me feel dressed up, however simple my outfit. With longer hair the earring needs to make a statement – especially for the evening – otherwise, they get lost and disappear in my unruly mass.

Festive Fever: Accessorise And Go On vickiarcher.com

Earrings are one of those accessories you either wear or you don’t.

I haven’t been one for multiple piercings- I am more of a statement or nothing kind of gal. Which is not to say I don’t find some of the multiple waves of ear design fabulous, it’s just I haven’t got there yet. For now, I’ll stick to the bling and be happy with a one-on-one impact.

The idea of wearing a tried and true outfit and not having to think too hard about what to put together to make it out the door in time is winning me over; a wardrobe of earrings is the answer. Earrings, by the way, are one of the best presents to give or receive so if you are still looking for the perfect gift, these from Yoox could save the day. The other big, big winner about earrings – actually two fabulous features is they are timeless and ageless. (Most of the time, anyway. Let’s not mention the “bluebirds of happiness” fad.)

Need another little stocking filler, what about these?

Festive Fever: Accessorise And Go

  1. 1. ayala bar ocean drift  ||   2. dori csengiri red  || 3. ayala barr cornelia  ||  4. ayala bar alinea  ||   5. deepa gurnani masai

  2. 6. dori csengiri gold  ||  7.  ayala bar cornflower  ||  8. dori csengiri purple  ||  9. deepa gurnani herise

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image helen mirren, jan welters penelope cruz, juan gatti


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anita rivera

Another WOW post, Vicki; I’ve been a wearer and enthusiast about large drop earrings and as I age, they come in handy to lend a bit of sass, sophistication and statement to any mood. I have a pair of earrings that look like chandeliers, and I wear them with gusto and passion! And Dame Helen Mirren, that woman is unstoppable at being fabulous.


These are all pretty fabulous earrings, Vicki, so thank you for reminding me to wear a festive pair for Christmas. Have a lovely holiday with your family in Paris. Cheers, Ardith


The edit of the Helen Mirren is fabulous. What a beautiful idea, you’re so talented
Love all of the earrings you’ve – need a pair ASAP! x


I love the look of huge drop earrings, but I find them incredibly uncomfortable to wear unless they are very lightweight.


Once again a great reminder: add a ‘wow’ factor to outfit. Thank you for a wonderful year of posts and pictures, Vicki. A very happy holiday to you!


Oh Vicki!!! My TOTAL fave are big earrings. I cannot think of a more flattering accessory for myself. Sometimes, I confess, to glancing around the room at other women and I cannot help but notice a gal or two who might really “up their game” with a big earring. Besides which, small conservative earrings do not look good one me…..they age me. Love the photos and the blog!!! Thanks and Happy New Year!


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