19 Nov 2008

French Music… Jane Birkin

Favourite French Music

Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Cafe, Comic Strip, Love and the Beat, and Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited.

Jane Birkin – Je t’aime…Moi non Plus ( again with SG – her great love) and Arabesque

Isabelle Boulay – Tout un Jour

Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit and Comme si de rien netait

Belinda Carslile – Voila ( the greatest version of La Vie en Rose from a real rocker)

Francoise Hardy – Les Chansons d’Amour, Tant de Belles Choses and The Vogue Years

Can’t help myself with these oldies…

Charles Aznavour – She: The best of Charles Aznavour

Yves Montand – Un Gamin de Paris

Edith Piaf – Chansons d’ Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose

Also love the soundtrack for the movie, A Good Year

and all the mixes from Stephane Pompougnac (especially the early Buddha Bar) and Hotel Costes… xv

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Tres Belle

I will have to have a listen to some of this music. I ordered some of your olive oil yesterday. Can’t wait to try it!!



Thank you for this great list! I need to pull out my French CDs and order a few new ones online. I actually miss watching Star Ac!! Oh goodness, did I just admit that??!??

Paris Atelier

I love the classics as well! I can’t wait to check out these others that you listed! I’m very excited…Have a great day!


Oh thank you; that’s fun! I have several tunes from the Hotel Costes series downloaded onto my iPod but I am thinking i am going to have to buy the series. It’d be a great life soundtrack, don’t you think?!


Hi Vicki, I love your list of music, makes me wish I could be in France, eating some of that bread dipped in olive oil you mentioned. What lovely dogs you have, they are such great companions. Is Nellie a Ridgeback or a Carabasch? Charlie looks like a collie. What do they think of your choice of music? My dogs howl if I play Irish traditional music. hugs Margie.

My Notting Hill

Love Belinda’s album cover- I would have never guessed! It brings me back to memories from the 80’s…


Oh Vicki I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carla Bruni!! Would you believe I am listening to her right now!!! Your blog is beautiful. And your dogs are just gorgeous :)Love Kate xo

Callie Grayson

with my love of music and am going to check out your list.
i started with Carla Bruni today, since I have been reading a lot about her music lately. I really like her new CD. I will have to place on my wish list.

tomorrow i think Isabelle Boulay!
how was the harvest of olives today? I can’t wait to buy a few bottles of the olive oil. yummy

Pamela Terry and Edward

Oui to all the music, but we are in love with Charlie and Nellie!!

Wonderful blog!


Hi, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I love your blog.
I will add it to my blogroll – will u do same for me?

Erica Lee

Your blog is a great discovery!
I’m italian, but I’m very intrigued by french music and by London life.
I’ll come back to find you, in this virtual place!
Have a good day!
Erica Lee


HI Vick, great selection, I have couple of those playing as I write. Enjoy the olives. Carla x

la la Lovely

Vicki, you are dearest of the dear! Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I am so excited to start a little French collection. I am going to get a few before my little road trip (hubby won't know what hit him with all of the French music). And who knew about Belinda Carlisle? I used to love her! Many thanks for taking the time to do this! Have a wonderful & relaxing evening!

xx Trina

The Daily Connoisseur

Wow Belinda looks fierce on that cover!

Great list- I also love the soundtrack to Amelie… most of it is instrumental but it is so amazingly French in nature- I think Yann Tiersen is a genius…

High-Heeled Foot in the door

Oh I’ll have to download some of these. I love the french music in Something’s Gotta Give while she is writing her latest play and balling her eyes out.

Thanks for the picks!


I will have to look some of these up. Love the classics & I own some of the ones you have listed so I will be very excited to add some more to my collection….thanks! Amanda x


Thanks for the list Vicki – am going to try and make a cd of them to listen to while i drive to work..that will surely cheer me up or at least make me pretend i am elsewhere lol. Mel xxx


Lovely list thank you for sharing, Vicki. I have been listening to Piaf all day. My daughter loves to dance to her. Carla Bruni is also wonderful. To be honest, I could listen to frogs croaking if they croaked in French!


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