3 Sep 2020

Finally Figured Out The Flawless Finish

I never really believed the “flawless foundation” promises.

I have been plodding along for years; changing products but always maintaining the way I apply my cream – whether it is a tinted moisturiser or a more opaque foundation for the evening. I have watched a million make-up gurus and influencers work all their tricks of the trade but in most cases, they don’t translate for me. My days of flawless were a distant memory or at least I thought so.

Here is what changed.

As I scrolled through Insta on repeat I kept seeing familiar influencer faces talking about a particular kind of make-up brush. I became bored with it like you do when the repeats become repeats of the repeats until I started noticing how their skin looked. Flawless.

Backtrack a little.

My skin whether with a tinted moisturiser or a foundation wasn’t looking how I wanted. The finish was patchy and nowhere near “flawless”. I tried quite a few different make-up brushes that were recommended by people I trust but still no joy; an expensive exercise and application with my fingertips was still a better result. 

I didn’t want to spend more and more on application brushes only to be disappointed. Weeks passed and still, my make-up wasn’t looking as good as it should – I’m solid with my skincare routine and follow my own advice on the whole which means it usually looks presentable enough.

Operator error must be the “why”.

What finally had me over the line was the concealer brush.

Concealer really can look dodgy – it can appear caked on and do more to highlight problem areas than diminish them. There is an art to applying these products and when they work they do make a noticeable difference.

I bought one brush to start.

Foundation first followed by the concealer brush. The oval brushes are all much the same but a smaller size makes concealer application a dream.

I don’t quite know what the deal is but the result is miraculous and since I have been applying my tinted moisturiser and foundation with them, the compliments have been coming. Nothing else has changed.

Ruthlessly I check the finish in the magnifying mirror and it is good. Seriously smooth, doesn’t clog in the lines or become patchy around the nose area and the jawline is blended perfectly. I am delighted and don’t know why I didn’t use these before.

I’m all about natural when it comes to make-up and haircare but I realise I need to be more open and try “other” ways because these brushes have made so much difference to my skin finish.

Did I mention I use less product and the blending in is super easy?

Face done in seconds and no fear of walking outside and looking like a patchwork quilt. No complaints here, they are really remarkable. xv

Flawless Finish This Way

artis elite oval 8  ||  artis elite 7  ||  **elite 5 piece set (i should have started here straight away)  ||  **bobbi brown intense serum foundation

UK and Australia, available HERE

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Paula Robinson

Vicki, thank you so much for this amazing tip! I can’t wait to try these brushes… I’ve been wondering what the trick was for ages! I use Jane Iredale’s fab makeup which really does give a lovely natural glow, but the close-up view of concealer & eye-shadow leave something to be desired!


Let me know what you think Jay… but I’m not great at make-up and this brush makes it so much easier and more natural looking…

Julie Mills Wentz

I guess what stops me from using a foundation brush is the maintaince.
Do you wash it every time?
How do you store it?
Does it absorb a lot of makeup?
Just wondering. Thank you.


I keep mine in my make-up bag or a drawer in my bathroom cabinet and wash it with a gentle shampoo. It doesn’t absorb much of the liquid at all.


Can you explain how you use the brush both foundation and concealer? Do you pat it on? go in circles? thank youl


Its a circle and blend action with the larger brush for the foundation… The concealer I smooth underneath my eyes, above the top lip and sometimes down the side of my nose. The brush very much dictates the action in some way… the finish is really very clear and smooth. :)

Frith Latimer

Vicki I cannot agree more, I have used these brushes for just over a year and they really are a game changer.


I dab my foundation with a beautyblender and it looks very natural. I think the keyword
is dab either with a brush or the blender.

Deborah Clinton-Baker

Onto to it! Thank you Vicki, your suggestions mean a lot!
Love my beautiful Chanel and Armani foundations but the mature face requires a delicate hand- not wishing to use too much and for it it to emphasise lines and wrinkles but still loving a polished finish.
Despite my best intentions and home spa sessions during lockdown, I have found the time of Covid quite ageing! Perhaps too much time to look in the mirror!


Would like to try just one first..which one (size) would you suggest?
Do you place the foundation onto the brush?
Thank you Vicki…


Try the larger one first.
I have tried every way and find the best is to put the foundation on the skin first (a little you can always build up) and then blend with the brush. :)


Oh, if only I used foundation! What a great discovery, however, to find something that gives that look as if nothing is there but flawless skin.

Thank you for always being there, Vicki!


Do you use a tinted moisturiser Anita?
I find it very sheer and makes a big difference – it also has a sunscreen within which is good for all year round, everyday life. x


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