16 Oct 2019

Finally, I’m Ready For A Turtleneck


We all know this woman loves a turtleneck.

And so do I.

Other than a dash of red lipstick I can’t think of a better and quicker way to dress up and feel like I have it together.

As I navigate the minefield of a mother of the bride dress option it has become very clear to me I don’t really like showing too much skin, especially all arms and backless styles. Am I unusual in my preferences? Maybe? I am not meaning 100-degree days and summer holidays but rather when I am dressing for an occasion, workdays or I simply want to feel smart; I like to be covered up a little. Not prim and proper, I don’t mean that either; covered up can be equally as alluring as the bare and brave.

So, therefore, the turtleneck is a real favourite of mine and every year around this time I start stocking up. I start with the cotton and stretch fabrics and work my way towards cashmere options as the weather changes. Think black turtleneck and white jeans – such an easy winner. Or turtleneck and a pair of Capri style pants – classic but a no brainer. The midi lace-up boots and a turtleneck – what’s not to love?

Why make fashion complicated when one small piece can handle it all?

Are you worried about the fit? Does the turtleneck look or feel too snug?

The answer is easy; buy a size up and choose a more forgiving fabric, like cotton or fine wool. Stick with a darker colour  – the black turtleneck gives me great confidence.

Do you have concerns over the neck? Does it feel like you are choking or adding another chin?

Make sure the roll neck is not too large and try wearing it as a single neck rather than folded over.

Forget about tucking this sweater in.

I don’t think turtlenecks work tucked in unless you are very svelte or you want to wear a button-up blazer over the top.

I’m starting with these, a lighter version for now, with one exception. xv

I Am So  Ready For The Turtleneck

everlane micro rib  ||  sanctuary essentials  ||  reformation recycled cashmere

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image, diane keaton for elle.com

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Michelle à Détroit

I absolutely live in them in the fall and winter. I like the fitted ones for dressier occasions and looser fitting, longer ones for daily wear. The only issue is that as much as I love them, wool and even cashmere turtlenecks are very itchy to my sensitive neck. I’m more comfortable in cotton or cotton blend ones.


Can’t wait to wear it….and for winter black, black, black. You are right it suits well with
black and white trousers. This turtle neck you can dress up and down, day and night….
a reliable basic.


I feel the same way: red lipstick and a proper turtleneck and I’m ready. For years, I’ve been unable to find the fitted sort, only the “cowlneck” variety! I will check out your links, Vicki!


Yes.. I am not one for cowlnecks.. always think I have enough neck of my own ;) ;) :)
These are great, go and have a look at your local Nordstrom .. wish I could :)

Amy Howell

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