24 Sep 2019

Finding Direction: Which Way To Turn

Finding Direction: Which Way To Turn on vickiarcher.com

It’s harder said than done to follow directions.

Do we take a left towards comfort and the well-known or go right and experience the unknown? Perhaps we prefer straight ahead and never face the alternatives.

At this age and stage choices are less frightening than they once were but a new direction is still very challenging. A comfort zone is just that, comfortable. Yet the alternative, staying the same and burying myself in the familiar frightens me. I believe “older” is not how we look or appear but very much about mentality and having a flexible attitude. Once we lock the door of change it is almost impossible to turn the key. We must keep moving, not only physically, but also mentally. The stopping is never temporary; standing still can mean we get stuck.

Stuck is not where we want to be.

Finding direction in our lives doesn’t have to be a grand scheme.

Small changes, tiny achievements can be deal-breakers; we aren’t all going to revolutionise our existence. We don’t need to; it’s our world that counts. When I stand still I can feel, even in the slightest way a murmur of fear; fear to go forward, face challenges and relate with change. It is ever so slight but I sense it and probably the reason I guard and respect my energy. I push towards new directions on a regular basis and the more I do the easier it is.

The hard part is finding the balance.

Push too hard and we risk burn out or running around in useless circles; too little and we can stagnate.

How to find direction?

I get stuck, you get stuck – let’s be honest, we all get stuck.

The answer is to jump on it before the mood has a chance to settle; easier said than done.

Question honestly.

What do I want to do and where do I see myself?

Accept finding direction takes time.

It’s hard work fighting the unknown; give in and let it organically happen.

Be observant.

Observing and being in touch with all things current is the first step towards changing direction.


Talking through plans and ideas with those we value is gold.

Teach yourself.

Learning is a privilege and never to be ignored.

Avoid comparison with others.

We all have friends who seem to be so much more creative, cleverer and more directional. Comparisons are fruitless and impede our ability to make choices.

Do it.

Whatever it is – try – and keep trying – until the right direction finds us.

Directions lead us astray at times. Failure is a learning experience and we make of it what we can. The idea is not to be paralysed when an idea doesn’t work out exactly as planned. Adapt or start again is my motto. There is always a benefit to be taken away.

What’s next for me?

Soon we have a new collection launching on THE EMPORIUM. That’s where my head is and has been.

I hope you follow along for the launch. xv

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I think it’s a never-ending topic, Brenda.. one we all face… I’m always questioning these things…part of my nature I guess!


Thank you Laura.. I think we all feel much the same about this … sometimes it’s easier to find direction than others :)


Good morning Vicki. I was just speaking to a friend yesterday about this. I am inching my way toward retirement from teaching (three more years at the most) and I already know what I want to do to spend my retirement years. My problem is that I want to do all that NOW. So my balance is trying to live peacefully with my frustrations while I work…my frustrations that I simply can’t devote as much time to the artistic endeavors I want to improve and season. Oh well, I guess this is what life is about!


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