18 Aug 2020

The Finishing Touch: Ready, Set And Puff

The Finishing Touch, Ready Set and Puff, image Tim Walker on vickiarcher.com


There is a finishing touch I can’t do without.
It’s powder.


I need a puff to not only feel made-up and ready to go but also to maintain my make-up during the day and evening.

Powder in the most part is essential but finding the right one can be downright hazardous. I don’t want to look as if I have seen a ghost and nor do I want to look like I have a veil of crepe glued to my skin.

Even when I write the word “powder” I conjure up images of powder caked women with vividly painted lips; who knows where my imagination found that one?

A powder can be perilous.

I have persevered with the use of powder because the right product can change the skin from ordinary to fabulous in a few sweeps of a brush or the pat, pat, pat of a sponge.

The Finishing Touch, Ready Set and Puff, on vickiarcher.com

I like both loose and pressed powders for different reasons.

The immediate benefits of a loose powder are the loss of shine and the minimisation of pores; powder when worn correctly can regularise the skin tone beautifully.

That’s where the Laura Mercier comes in; I adore this product. It is easy to apply and has a beneficial effect immediately. I puff it on my ‘T’ zone and that’s it. I wear it over a tinted moisturiser and a bit of blush. The days of wearing loose powder straight on my skin are pretty much done; even in winter, I use a coverage cream with sun protection.

The Chantecaille HD has revolutionised my make-up.

The light-reflecting properties give a flawless matte finish; this compact is especially great in the evening for a more polished look and is very easy to use for touch-ups. If you want to be camera-ready, this powder is a winner all the way. Shine and facial photography are never together.

And the best news about these two? They don’t emphasise the facial lines. Win/win. xv

The Finishing Touch

chantecaille hd perfecting powder   //  laura mercier translucent loose setting powder


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Good morning Vicki!

My mother wore powder and she wore it well. When I was old enough to be interested in make-up, I tried powder but my skin type is so different than my mother’s; she had softer, drier skin and mine is of a different sort that when I tried powder, it just didn’t mix with my skin. When I performed on stage, I actually used theatrical makeup but it was a cream and I found that to go so much better on my skin.

These days, I still don’t wear any face makeup but for those of you lucky ladies who can wear powder, you all look so beautiful.


Do you wear a tinted moisturiser or light cover, Anita? I find I really like this and it’s just a slightly smoother finish than staying only with a cream. I also like it has sunscreen and that I am wearing it without thinking about it :)


Couldn’t agree more. It’s just the same as putting a topcoat on nail polish. My additional step after loose powder is to lightly spray with Avene thermal water which sets everything and keeps the skin hydrated.

Maureen Kelly

The first ingredient listed in the LM powder is talc – a known carcinogen. I’ll avoid that one and also am surprised that LM continues its use.
Looking forward to trying the other powder.


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