28 Oct 2020

Five Tricks: Five Years Better

Five Tricks: Five Years Better on vickiarcher.com

five tricks to look five years better?

A bit of a tease but I’m willing to make the effort if it makes me feel better. There are certain “grooming” jobs I have done regularly otherwise all is not well with the world. Lockdown made the lack of these even more obvious. Simple beauty, hair and make-up rituals make all the difference to how I look and feel in myself. They are not complicated or revolutionary but they inspire confidence. When I am behind on these, I am well and truly behind. Right now, we all need to be upfront and full of good energy. Little treats can make all the difference. 

The Hair

A good cut and blow-dry on a regular basis are some of those can’t-live-without treatments. Without a groomed head of hair, I feel not to mention look, terrible. Most likely it is 99% in my mind, but that is where it counts. A good haircut not only boosts the confidence barometer sky high but also improves my self-confidence big time. The blow-dry is a weekly ritual and a professional job really makes the difference. If you are lucky enough to manage your own hair then I am jealous. If my hair is good, I am well with the world.

Silly, I do get that, but we have to do what we have to do.

The Nails

A manicure and pedicure are absolute musts to feel well put together. The latest colour on the fingers and toes is an easy, non-confrontational way to stay up to date. Don’t forget to wipe the nail with remover before the base coat; the manicure lasts so much longer. I don’t do gels as my nails are not strong enough but this move means my manicure will see me right through the week. A new shade, I am loving New Dawn, is a simple pleasure but it brings all smiles.

The Smile

Smiling takes years off the face, especially in photographs and besides who doesn’t want to be the recipient of a beautiful smile. Invest in teeth; they deserve it. They are hard-working, long-lasting and define one of our most important features, our mouths. A million red lipsticks won’t hide unhappy teeth.

The Brow

Brows are one of those features that make all the difference. I am confident with the grey hair but not the grey brows. Brows define the face and a darker brow can lift the eyes and subsequently rejuvenate the face. Well-defined brows mean less eye-make-up is needed. In between tints, I shade the eyebrows myself. Finding the happy medium between Twiggy and Groucho takes years off.

The Glow

Hydrate constantly and sleep well as no one product can duplicate the wonderful benefits of water and rest. Invest time and energy in skincare. Know your products and use them. I am often guilty of skipping my routine when I am tired or rushed. There are no valid excuses; I know my serum and moisturiser helps give me the glow I am looking for. Wrinkles are not the ageing baddie we are lead to believe; a lifeless and dry complexion is the guilty party.

Five Tricks: Five Years

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I really, really love this. All of these areas (hair, teeth, nails, skin and attitude) are the places where our health shows up. If these don’t look good and are not attended to, we can’t blame aging for it. There are so many seasoned men and women who prove that aging can be wisdom on how we take care of both our beings: the body and mind!


I LOVE that word “seasoned”… from now on that’s me!! But very true.. taking care of our whole beings is everything and more, Anita …


I do agree with you here Vicki. I’ve tried to keep up beauty routines and it’s been quite nice doing these myself. Whilst in St Remy for 8 weeks I kept this going. A nice exfoliation, a face mask and of course the lovely divine moisturiser from Darphin which I did find in the Pharmacy near the Intermarche (what a fabulous place this is!). I’m working on applying nail polish myself but it’s a work in progress! Not quite as neat as I would like! I even had a hair cut in St Remy which I loved especially as the cutter had no preconceptions of how I wanted it and her blow dry was fabulous and so different. I suppose she saw my face shape in a different light. Loved it! Now off to try some nail polish on my fingers – I’ve all afternoon to get it right!! 😂


Isn’t that pharmacy the best!! I had a shop up there a couple of weeks ago… always temptations to be had :)
Enjoy the nails, Janet …

Mona Turner

Good Morning Vicki! Great advice, as always! Your posts are a part of my daily beauty regime that I don’t want to miss!


Joani Johnson is so gorgeous! Google her name with The New York Times and you’ll find a fun article in that newspaper where they added pastel colored extensions to her hair. The article was something along the lines of how mature women with gray hair can sport the “unicorn” look too. Joani is probably the only woman that could pull off that look. Really fun, though!

Michelle à Détroit


I couldn’t agree more. A bit of effort in these categories makes ALL the difference. It’s never too late to start. In fact, perhaps spending more time at home also allows us to grant ourselves more time for self-care.


46 years ago, at the age of 22, I chose New Zealand as my permanent home. Even during 12 expat years back in the UK my heart was always here. That decision fills me every day with gratitude. I can understand how easy it must be to fall into the trap of losing sight of self worth given the world’s current circumstance, but these small attentions pay back at a far greater level than the effort to execute. Thank you for highlighting this.

Robin S

Always love the lipstick and nail polish suggestions- thanks for the fun! Sorry to hear about your Covid diagnosis months ago, but glad you’ve recovered- completely I hope.


Just purchased the lovely Chanel shade of nail polish. Love it Vicki! Thanks for the recommendation. Daughter staying for a few days so she’s kindly applied it for me! A beautiful colour.

Miss Bing

I quit wearing makeup because of the mask;however, I always cleanse and moisturize in the morning and at night.


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