8 Mar 2017

Flat Out: From The Feet Up

Flat Out: From The Feet Up on vickiarcher.com

What do Jean Louis Deniot’s beautiful interiors have to do with feet and shoes and flats?

Absolutely nothing except a match with my current mood.

I am feeling a desire for a more womanly approach to dressing and after my hours lost with the new Dior book I am convinced this is a feeling we could all share.

Don’t misunderstand my intentions, I am still wedded to wearing the tailored and will be spending hours in my comfortable athleisure wear; I will also be refining my style and incorporating a little more of the woman within. The streamlined is sharp and it is my most happy place to be but there is something about a flare, a curve and added fullness that appeal.

Flat Out: From The Feet Up on vickiarcher.com


This approach to femininity can start from the feet up.

This season I am noticing a trend for not only flats but also gloriously girly flats with details and colours to bring to mind these interiors. Lush and pretty textures and softer shapes that make wearing a flat even more ideal.

I do love a flat, which is not to say I don’t worship a great heel too.

In terms of practicality and comfort a flat is hard to beat and when the fashion Gods smile down on us and shower us with an abundance of style and comfort; well, it would be just plain rude to ignore the signs.

Like everything else, there are flats and flats.

Working out which flats with which outfit is a minefield of decision making but the way to success. Do we wear round toes or pointy toes? Are mules better than loafers? Should a flat with an embellishment be worn in the day? Can we wear flats with long? Is a straight skirt possible without a heel? And so it goes on?

Back when the choice of flat involved a pair of sneakers or a ballerina style pump the answer was “No” a lot of the time. Now and in a large part thank you to Alessandro Michele at Gucci, flats are knocking themselves out with originality and creativity. Flats are far more interesting than heels right now.

Win/ win/ win.

When did I ever think I would be advocating ‘comfort over style’? I have no problem running with this trend and only hope I will be able to climb back on those heels when needed. Walking in heels is an art and one of my greatest fears is tripping indelicately and injuring myself. Not a winning posture. Heels are for the dedicated and like flats require a little understanding. For me 8cm is my limit and try as I might, as pretty as they may be and as many kilos as they instantly reduce, a higher heel ruins my balance and cripples me. The same with a flat; too pointy and the pinching is excruciating.

Flat Out: From The Feet Up on vickiarcher.com

This season flats will be my friends and I will look to the feminine, to the shades of nude and rose, the details of ankle ties and the prettiness of pattern to strike a pose. I may be dressed in the monochrome from head to knee, but from the feet up I shall be girly, gorgeous and extremely comfortable.

Flat out fabulous is all I can say, xv.

Flat Out: From The Feet Up

pretty in pink

**maddy mule || chic ballet flat  || bolshoi ballet flat  ||  bevian flat  ||  felicia flat

go go gucci

blue multi  ||  pink princetown  ||  white peyton  **sigh**  ||  brixton loafer

manolo madness

hangisi mule  || hangisi flat  || ballet flat

Thank you Nordstrom for partnering with, Flat Out: From The Feet Up

As ever their selection of women’s shoes is impeccable.

images jean louis deniot, barker

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Taste of France

Maybe I’m getting crotchety with age, but I have no interest in subjecting my feet to torture anymore. No heels. No pointy shoes. Heels started as a way for men to look taller, then were adopted by women when they started showing their legs. The current heights are a ridiculous bleeding into the mainstream of porn culture. I just say no.
I’m not going to wear orthopedic shoes, but if I want to dress for myself, it means some comfort must be included.


Yes I did see that… I can’t believe with the fashion for flats so strong it could even be an issue!
I like a heel… but it has to be the right one… and yes, I am embracing the flats :)

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I love your juxtaposition of décor and footwear! Let’s face it, no matter how we live, we all have to dress our homes and our bodies, and both done to suit our tastes gives us that extra lift. I too have recently been thinking about overhauling my summer attire. My winter/work wardrobe is comfortable while being stylish, so I won’t change that, but it’s during the summer months when I’m not out working that I feel I want to enjoy more with a little more style. Instead of just wearing shorts all the time at home and while going out, I want to dress up a little. Maybe a pair of nice espadrilles and a soft dress or shirt would work. But something’s gotta change to fully enjoy this wonderful femininity we are gifted with. LOVE THE PHOTOS!


I do love mixing images that don’t necessarily tell the obvious… A mood can say a lot more.
Espadrilles are a great wear in summer… but I am a gonner when I see a pretty mule! :)


Because of my foot problems, I can not wear (high) heels any more, it is a pity, but now I am embracing the flats and I have many to chose from :) The photos of the apartment are stunning! Love the colors and interior style!


You have plenty of beauties to choose from Darina… so losing the heels won’t pinch at all ;) ;)


I was delighted to see that in Buenos Aires, the women/girls dressed like women and girls ! Feminine, dresses and skirts, it was very warm there at times, a skirt is so much cooler and more comfortable not to mention, perfect when you live in a city. I rarely wore jeans and ballet flats were my shoe of choice. Lucky me the dollar was strong and the shopping was
excellent :)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Good morning Vicki! ( or good afternoon for you) I love this post, on so many levels. First, the interior shots are simply dreamy. I could look at that credenza type piece all day, it looks like white jewelry! Second, it’s about my favorite, shoes. I am not going to lie, my years for wearing high heels are over, but I do adore a medium heel, especially when going out. Some shoes are “walk from car to restaurant or theater” only, some are comfortable enough for strolling. And flats? Yes!

We are so fortunate to have such a wide range of feminine styles available. Pointy, and round, flats can look deliciously girly and be comfortable. I was at Nordstrom’s the other day and fell head-over-heels in love with several pair. Thank you for the inspiration.


I am relieved Nordstrom is only an “online”destination for me, Lidy… Imagine… I’d almost be camped out there ;) ;)


I think that was the way my husband felt when we lived in the States and moved to Argentina .. no more Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstroms. Little did he expect the great shopping that was waiting for us in BA lol


Vicki, I completely agree with your post and the replies you’ve received. Health issues have removed heels from my wardrobe so girly flats have become a staple for me. Thankfully, there are now so many from which to choose.


I refuse to spend $1200 on a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, I don’t care how little I have to walk in them (forget about the fact that cobblestones and/or NYC streets are unforgiving). Would sooner put those hard-earned dollars towards something pretty for the house.
Why do we women insist on subjecting ourselves to this torture? And why are the fashion shoe manufacturers not listening to those of us with money to spend? I’m not exactly a Birkenstock kind of gal, and while flats have their place (am lusting after the Gucci mules), whatever happened to kitten heels? I thought I had found the kitten heels of my dreams, only to discover that Miu Miu had only made fabulous kittens they showed in their ads, for the ads – they never hit the stores! Sorry, Miu Miu, but your current offering for Spring 2017 are never going to find a home in my closet. I refuse to wear pumps with spikes on the heels (and if you lose one or two, where the heck do you go to replace them??).
Gucci here I come!


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