9 Jul 2015

The Most Flattering Swimsuit Of The Season

gray malin vintage style shots

Is there such a thing as a flattering swimsuit any season?

Of course there is and the swimsuit cannot be blamed for the sins of the wearer.

Even though, I want to.

This season the sports style swimsuit is out and about everywhere.

I don’t normally like to talk swimsuits, let alone suggest shapes and styles. This one you have to try.

These active styles remind me of the swimsuits I wore as a schoolgirl powering up and down the pool; they were practical, comfortable and with decent cover-up.

All these years later I am searching for exactly the same style of swimsuit?

How crazy is that? Back in my beach days it was all about the impractical, the eenie meenie and the idea of comfort was not even on the radar.

The beauty of this season’s swimsuit is the  neckline, the detailing and the shape. They contour and structure the body and best of all, these swimsuits keep it all so together. Know what I mean?

I loathe trying on swimsuits; a guaranteed way to darken my mood.

The sports style of these swimsuits won’t speed up my laps but they do look fabulous.

For me finding not one but several swimsuits to love is a revolution, xv.

Super Swimsuits

***zella zip front racerback  //  ***carmen marc valvo city slick  //  ***oye stella mesh sides  //  tory burch colour block

melissa odabash sienna racer  //  lisa marie fernandez


nordstrom have opened their fall anniversary sale for early access to account customers

one of the best sales of the year and next week i will be showing you my selections… i am hopeful these chunky heel booties make it in

images gray marlin

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Anita Rivera

Now that is an attractive suit…I think it was you that had a vintage suit photo on IG….it was a ruffled number in a teal blue. Now THAT is my type of suit because though I’m thin, I need a bit of a distraction like a ruffle!! But this is a gorgeous and well-shaped design here, Vicki! I hope you are enjoying many poolside days in the heat of Provence….have you had le canicule yet? WOW, can that be a brutal period of heat!

ENJOY! Anita


It’s been a canicule every day… as you say Anita, a brutal heat, but still lovely…


Love the image. Reality is, far less people are looking us than we think. Fitness swimmer, truck loads of cellulite, still within normal BMI, luckily old enough not to care! Whilst we all think everyone is looking at our imperfections, fairly sure they are not. Too busy with everything else. However, if are comfortable in what we wear, it adds to the happiness. No one ever thinks they have the perfect body. Might. Be wrong!


Vicki we are getting a heat wave here as well! I love a beautiful one piece suit. To me it is the styling and lines that make it comfortable and elegant!!

The Arts by Karena
Stems Soiree


This summer is the first time in years I’ve purchased a new suit. All because of my terror of facing the challenge in the dressing room! Like Anita, I opted for one with a bit of a ruffle to hide the um…less than 24 year old upper thigh area. Each suit you have linked to is well thought out and beautifully designed, Vicki. This summer has been hot both here and in Europe, so I imagine we are all enjoying poolside or beach days. Thank goodness for well designed bathing suits, it’s well worth investing in a truly flattering and high quality suit.

Mimi Gregor

I think that it makes even less sense to have one particular swimsuit style be “in style” than it does to have certain street clothes be “in style”. For one thing, women look better when they wear what is flattering to them — duh! — no matter what the style may be. For another thing, swimsuits are very similar to underwear. You don’t wear a certain bra or panty because it’s all the rage, if it’s not what you need or what flatters. Why would one hold swimsuits to a different standard? A swimsuit company that would make swimsuits like shapewear — with bra tops that actually work like bras, and bottoms that give varying degrees of control and coverage — would probably go a long way toward making women less queasy about buying a new swimsuit, and would be successful as a result.

Angela Muller

Well, Vicki, I love anything Carmen Marc Valvo designs, and those suits are no exception, even if I won’t wear one these days, but, if I were forced to buy a bathing suit, those would be my first pick. So, what do I wear to the beach…and I do go to the beach? Well, I usually come out late afternoon to avoid the sun, then I wear shorts and a t-shirt…and feel so comfortable.


Oh, I love the Tory Burch and the Melissa Odabash. I like a sporty suit although my most recent purchase was a black one piece with a pretty ruffle down the center. It’s nice except it bulges under a cover up. The sporty styles are sleeker.


One combo that I think looks cute on everyone is swim shorts ( a little bit loose almost like trunks) combined with whatever feminine swim top you can get away looking good in. If we are generously endowed on top, a black top looks good with either black or bright shorts. Top and bottom? Same color shorts and top. Bigger on the bottom and smaller on top? Black shorts and a bright top look adorable. Thighs are covered but you still look cute.


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