11 Jan 2022

I Have Finally Found THE Flawless Finish I Need

I Have Finally Found The Flawless Finish on vickiarcher.com

This is the one.

For now, anyway.

For years I talked about a tinted moisturiser I loved from Giorgio Armani – it was the dream – with a flawless coverage, sun protection, and an easy application. I found it simply the best and recommended it to all my friends. Like so many revelations, it was discontinued and I have continued to search for that perfect coverage. I found a pretty great one from Bobbi Brown but it is a smidge heavier than I want to wear for the day.

Over the holidays I went back to my research and tried a whole new round.

It does seem like a waste but it is the one product I need to wear 365 days per year so a little study and expense pays off.

Let’s backtrack a bit.

Lately, I find I wear less and less makeup and I believe the reasons are two-fold. It’s a question of age and lifestyle.

“Age”, encompassing not only the idea I look better with less but also, I prefer the look. An overly made-up face doesn’t work anymore, and my focus is on the complexion. The wrinkles and sag continue to defy me but while I’m accustomed to them, I don’t need to draw attention. A heavy foundation amplifies all I prefer to fog over. How to sleep better, drink more water and eat an anti-inflammatory diet consumes me more than the latest eye shades for the best contouring. I follow the KISS approach to make up and unless it’s a very special occasion the tinted moisturiser, mascara, cheeks and lips do for me. An eye pencil might make it every now and then. The skincare products are another matter; those I do rely on.

“Lifestyle” or the new I-am-at-home-much-more life I seem to be living makes the full-on makeup seem a bit redundant. The sweats, even worn with my very best blouse or sweater, don’t look right with a full face of colour. Not meaning the red lips though. Red lipstick is my constant companion, whatever I am wearing or wherever I go. “Natural” has always been my preferred way but not in the let-it-all-go sense. A natural look requires as much time and investment as a fully made-up one- maybe even more.

My newest crush is on the nude finish tinted moisturiser from Bobbi Brown and it is the closest duplicate I have found to my old favourite. The texture glides like a dream and it has the added benefit of dampening down redness if you suffer from that. I do so I really notice the smoothness this hydratant offers. This is my day-to-day go-to and the serum formula I will wear in the evening. Colour-wise I am wearing the lightest, porcelain tint, which blends well, and the shades are true to the description. I’d stick with either porcelain, medium, or dark to start as it blends away and provides a canvas rather than a cover-up.

If there is one small change to make this month, this is it.

A tinted moisturiser to love, the small wins, oftentimes the best. xv

The Flawless Finish

bobbi brown nude tinted moisturizer  || or at net a porter

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I do agree with you here Vicki. I’ve never liked the fully made-up face full of heavy foundation, thick eyeliner and over powering lipstick preferring a more natural with a little lift of colour. The more I age into my 60s this hasn’t changed and has gone much less! I prefer a serum that hydrates and love my white jade facial roller for my skin. I will look at Bobbi Brown though as love the lip Art stick you recommended years ago and have a bare (nude) and of course a deep red!! I’m at home more but do some part time work meeting others and it’s lovely to put a little more into make up so will look at your recommendation as love Bobbi Brown and we are never too old to have a crush on something!!!

Drina Nadler

I use Chanel over moisturizer and Blanc
Base lumiere . I am older than you so it is more
moisture. Drina

Jacki F.

Thanks for this! I needed “something” besides “nothing” (except moisturizer) for every day and don’t want foundation (which of course gets all over the mask and no one sees it anyway)! I needed to see the colors in person so I found them at my local Ulta; I tried both the light-medium (a bit too peach) and the light, which was perfect (think light beige). It doesn’t smell, goes on smoothly & absorbs easily (even after moisturizer). My skin has a glow and feels “moisturized”. Got rid of that splotchy redness and evened out the color a bit. Really hit the spot(s)!


Yay! So glad you liked it Jacki… I am really pleased with it for all the same reasons :)


I’m with you. an old pasted skin does not look younger but much older. who wants that? Therefore soft soft soft also in colours.


Thank you Vicki!! I can’t wait to purchase this moisturizer :). Less is so much more and better!!
Which color do you wear in the BB serum foundation? XO Michelle

Leigh Riley

Thanks for this. I started using Armani Prima at your suggestion and have loved it. Heartbroken that they discontinued it. I just ordered this Bobbi Brown as a replacement. Wish me luck!


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