17 Jul 2020

Flip, Spin, Swirl And Twirl

Flip, Swing. Swirl and Twirl on vickiarcher.com

I’m finally feeling in the mood for some swirl and twirl.

Frankly, I am sick of myself and how I have been looking. I’m in the irritating frame of mind that likes nothing. I cut my hair – it’s too short. My clothes are dull and sweat pants can only bring so much joy. The lack of make-up, while healthy for the skin, is doing me no favours. Taking a few days away in the English countryside has softened my funk and challenged my thoughts around our dress code. I do know it’s all irrelevant stuff in the grand scheme of life and what the world has and is going through but some days a little fashion makes a whole load of sense.

The dress and missing mine had me reflecting on skirts and asking myself why I don’t wear them more often. They really are a great addition to the wardrobe and as versatile as any trouser. The lack of beauty services over the last few months has meant covering up but now much as resumed I’m ready to wear one.

A midi skirt is my go-to.

No minis here and despite what our legs look like; they are a tough one to pull off unless very young. Some disagree, I know so we can agree to disagree there. A midi or longer style is one I like wearing with a tee or a loose sweater if it’s cooler. Ballet flats and sneakers equally finish them off. The fullness is a personal choice; I’m a fan of the A-Line, the bias cut and a fuller skirt. The pencil is fabulous but I find it less comfortable and adaptable for casual wear. An oversized blazer also looks great with a skirt or a cropped leather jacket. My leather jacket is slightly too tight after lockdown so this piece has become my new “test”. Back to walking further each day and not so many, “one more can’t hurt” bites.

A skirt and a white tee are just as easy as any jeans combination and the twirl and swirl aspect does feel feminine. I’m wearing mine with a pair of black trainers today but will swap them for a pair of flats tonight once I’ve conquered my steps. xv

Ready To Swirl and Twirl

annie bing is the perfect all-rounder  ||  feeling floral in rixo and needle and thread  ||  topshop is of fabulously pink  ||  swish and swirl in co  ||  everlane easy chino skirt  ||  plié in lee mathews pleats 

out the door with the addition of these

white tee ||  white superga on sale  ||  vince double breasted jacket  ||  muuñ basket 

images for door by willy maywald

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Loved this post , Vicki and agree on every count. I cannot wear anything above or at the knee not only because of my age but frankly, they have never been flattering on me. I love a midi length or a maxi, and completely agree about the a line style being flattering. I am long-waisted and skirts have always worked better for me. This post really hit home for me.


Thanks, Cindy,
I agree… I’m the opposite … short in the body… but I can usually make them to work :)


Oh Vicki, skirts are my favorite. I own the Anine Bing in the leopard print. It is an absolute favorite. I wish they would do more colors and prints as this is a very nice cut and easy to wear. More skirt suggestions please!

Linda B

Midi skirts have been a staple of mine since I was a teen–with my long torso and somewhat short legs they just were a better look on me. At that time, I used to make my own, or borrow vintage ones from my mother. (There was a beautiful wool plaid one that I totally absconded with!) I still love skirts of all kinds (except not pencil skirts usually) and wear them all year round. They really are the best for the hot desert summers–so airy! I’ve even designed myself a few handknit ones–a flouncy cotton one for summer, and a patterned wool pencil skirt for winter. The versatility of a skirt can’t be beat.


You are so resourceful Linda… I love a plaid skirt.. so cute with a cable knit sweater or cashmere. I love the silk bias with a tee and sneakers… or a longer floral with the same… Skirts please!! :)


I feel as fed up as you about my hair. I wanted a trim and I got an appointment on the first day salons opened. I think my hairdresser was overenthusiastic, PLUS she could not see my face because I was asked to wear a mask – can you really cut hair well when you can’t see the result on the face? Anyway, I have decided I am not going to do that again. Now I need another three months lockdown to grow it all back! Humf.


Me too Tricia!! I am far too impetuous by nature… I told my hairdresser to take even more.. he wouldn’t … thankfully! I need 3 months so it stays up without the bits falling at the back… anyway.. it will be fine and hardly a big deal :) :)

Kaarenx Eastwood

Yes please ! I would luv to see you with short hair I think you would look more fabulous! I’ve been so sick of coloring , foiling etc etc and have decided to just let it be! Still don’t recognize myself each morning as I’ve always had dark hair Oh Well! Who knows what will happen in the next wee while


At five feet tall with proportionately long legs, trousers have always been a problem for me. Skirts are my happy go to. As I have aged, and I am now 54, my denim skirts for example have changed length from a couple of inches above the knee and casual, to a couple of inches below and smarter cut. And I absolutely agree …. No matter how slim a woman has stayed, her skin elasticity is the give away and saggy knees, wrinkled decolletage, and lines at the stomach scream our age. Personally, the shape of my legs is still great though so I will “cheat” on a date night ….. I have two beautiful slim fitting lace skirts that finish at midi length while the lining is mini ….. A very subtle hint of leg shape while discreetly disguising older knees!


Yes that’s a brilliant combination Alexandra… and lace with a little ‘see-through” is always a beautiful look.

Jennifer Connolly

I’m on the same page as you Vicki! So many women think of skits as too dressy for daytime but they’re easily as comfy and versatile as pants. I have knee length and full length skirts but realize now, that a midi would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.
Have a wonderful visit in the country. xx


Yes… I think they are so versatile but for whatever reason, I tend to neglect them… I just ordered myself one :)


Thank you. I needed to read that. The evolution of a pandemic is new. I didn’t realize until reading your post, the leveling off blahs put a bulls eye on my appearance. I think if I didn’t have a pair of leopard pattern flats, then life would feel duller. Comfortable clothes may feel right, but being fancy now and then is right.

Michelle à Détroit

I too love skirts. The problem with them is that while pantyhose make legs look polished and flawless, they have been deemed aging and outdated-even in the dead of winter. I suppose bare legs are OK if you live in a year round warm climate, or if you have flawless, vein free legs. Opaque tights are good, but they can’t be worn with everything. Leg makeup is tricky. What to do?


I either wear opaque in winter or go bare in the warmer months… often I will wear a lace-up bootie and just have a bit of skin showing. It’s always so overheated in most places that I’m never cold!


Good morning dear Vicki.

I trust you as an understanding blogger and also a friend. I hear you.

Let me go back in time; throughout my short but memorable career as a teacher (I just completed my 17th year at the age of 62) I have worn nothing BUT skirts or jumper dresses with an “A” line. Only a few times did I wear a nice pair of jeans only accompanied by a fashionable “Audrey Hepburn” style trench coat, covering my unattractive hips. For me, these gorgeous images you share are the exact style I have marked for myself, and all my colleagues and students have commented more than once, in all those 17 years, on the elegance of my wardrobe. Those skirts and dresses (and red lipstick!) got me through challenging mornings when I asked myself, “Can I do this job today?” I felt good about my appearance, my entrance into the classroom, my position at the front of the class or leading groups. I played the role and I dressed the part.

Now while in lockdown, I am feeling equally as good because I realize I may be entering a new phase in my life. It’s not official but I might be one of the teachers who will be sent off with an early retirement package. I asked myself yesterday, “What will I wear if I do find online employment!” since so much of my teacher identity was based on how I dressed the part. We shall all see what the future holds, but we can rest assured that we will grow.


Hi Vicki – trying to stay cool here in very hot/humid North Carolina (101F heat index this weekend) and finding skirts much cooler than tight pants, or even flowy trousers. My favorite skirt is a pull-on terra cotta color linen maxi – bias cut, and made for me by a designer friend. . . . . . .wait for it. . . . . . .about 20 years ago! I haven’t many other clothing items THAT old, but this one still looks awesome, and fits comfortably! Much is feeling rather snug lately I find – baking bread and far too many of those “just one more bite” moments are damaging! Of course I’m not going far from the house so just throw on casual outfits for the weekly grocery run. . . . . .and visit daughter’s larger garden on Sunday afternoons in crop pants and loose linen tops, or my zebra patterned caftan, to sit comfortably distanced near the picnic table, but close enough to the chilled bottle of rosé!!!!!
I’m certain your hair still looks awesome. I stopped coloring in March and I’m persevering with growing out my ‘silver’ by keeping it in a shorter more layered bob (have had two trims since my stylist re-opened). No longer blow it out straight, just let it dry naturally and now find I have waves and hair is not falling out as it was before! Wearing hats often – large brimmed straws, fabric cloches, and ball caps – I love hats and have a lot. I do not look much like me anymore – but hey, I’m healthy, which is what really counts these days!

Stay well and be strong, and keep bringing us your great posts – hugs, Mary


Hi Vicki!
So glad to hear you are able to get away especially with your family. Sometimes I get my packing all wrong too …my husband takes 15 minutes and I need at least a week to figure it out..haha. I love wearing midi’s with t-shirts also. Because the weather is so hot here I love the light weight linen skirts and tunics w/tights. My morning walks have increased in time also as I sooo depend on them. Throughout the stay at home I have been wearing my clothes and trying not to wear the same thing the next day. It makes more wash but then I figure it keeps me busy;-) The Annie Bing skirt is a keeper for sure. Take care and enjoy your time in the country….so beautiful!


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