1 Feb 2020

Footnotes: Velvet One Step Further


Velvet, puff and a shade of pink to love must be close to the perfect storm.

As we mentioned, there are puffers and then there are velvet ones. I wanted to show you a further two, not too onerous an investment and creative addition to our weekend wardrobes. The pink is one I would wear to break my black and the darker shades – well, they work with anything.

rachel parcell pink velvet puffer   ||  mark new york velvet puffer


I wanted to share Spiral – a French police/political drama – one of my favourites and if you haven’t watched there are 6 fabulous series to hold your attention. Tell me your favourite character once you get into it; you will guess mine;)

Have you watched Marriage Story? It’s not a lighthearted romp but it is a very good watch. Challenging viewing and superb acting.

Behind Closed Doors is an interesting view of the last years of the Duchess of Windsor’s life’. This Duke and Duchess, the choices, their history have fascinated me and if you haven’t read Hugo Vicker’s take, you will enjoy it.

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Oh Vicki, both of these you share on the links are gorgeous! The price is extremely affordable and they both have a much more tailored fit than my L.L. Bean parka, which is lovely but it’s more of a Michelin Man look! And I’m finding that pink is really looking good with the gentle “silver” that is now appearing on my temples. I would have never attempted to wear pink but the right shade is that perfect blush for a mature face!

Mary from Philadelphia

Hi Vicki, hope you’re feeling better. I watched The Marriage Story and found it a brilliant watch. The acting, as you said, is superb. A must see – during the day so it has time to sink in and you have time to cogitate before sleep. I have been married for almost 33 years and could see how the characters were headed for trouble. I wanted to reach out to both of them and give them a hug and sit them down and have them talk to each other! Where was that kind of mom?

Speaking of moms – I love your suggestions for the puffers. The pink one is a gorgeous hue – and as Anita said – great for maturing skin and hair colors… I don’t think my teen daughters will be embarrassed to be with me🙄😊

Thank you!


Really enjoying Spiral….thank you! Only half way through however I will wait to reveal my favourite character at the end.
Now some of my weekend referrals for you…”Deep State” and “Temple” …hope you enjoy them.


I’m sure “Behind Closed Doors” will be done well and will be interesting. But they were truly an awful couple who did nothing useful or good for humanity in their entire lives together. Shopping for luxury goods, grand luxe travels and accommodation at the expense of friends, constantly pressing people to aaccord HRH status to Wallis, though she wasn’t entitled. These were their besetting occupations for the rest of their lives. Wallis was the woman who introduced him to her Nazi friend von Ribbentrop and brought him under the wing of Hitler who wanted to make him puupet King of England after deposing George VI. They were considered such a liability risk by the wartime British government that they posted them as far away as possible from any action. A pair of parasites, a gogetter and a twit who harboured thoughts of treachery to his family and country, tempted by Hitler. I have no patience with either. So many people see just starcrossed lovers. But no, they deserved each other. In fact we can thank Wallis for saving Britain at a critical time in its history from a man who would have debased the monarchy and maybe worse. Best wishes, Pamela


History is not always sugar-coated and glorious – I like to read many accounts of interest, despite the characters and persuasions of the subject.


I love Gilou! Josephine is a close second. Spiral is a great series and we are hoping for a seventh season.


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