16 Feb 2021

Talking Tinted Moisturiser & Foundation

Talking Tinted on vickiarcher.com

Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation?

I believe once our skin reaches a certain age a tinted moisturiser is the best option. A lighter coverage is kinder to the skin, evens out our complexion and does not emphasise what we don’t wish to illuminate. There are exceptions for photography or special occasions but in general, my rule is to go lighter. Who was it that said get dressed and then before leaving the house remove an accessory? The same can apply to make-up; apply too much and the look can be deadly. I have done just that – left the house overly made-up – and felt uncomfortable all evening. With make-up, unless you are an expert, less is generally more.

Finding the right one for us, whether tinted moisturiser or a heavier formula, is one of the hardest parts of our make-up routine. My new brush has changed the game entirely and I wish I had tried this earlier – it takes the end result to a whole new level.

The types and the shades of foundations lining my bathroom shelves in the quest for a flawless finish have now disappeared. I have tried the mattes, the sheers and the tinted tubes; truthfully I feel like I have sampled enough cover-ups to last a lifetime. I like a texture that is not drying; that mask-like feeling tightening over the face is awful. If a foundation is highly fragranced, that is out too? A couple of products work for me and until they change or I find something that shows a better result I am sticking with them.

Choosing a foundation is the land mine of all beauty negotiations and the place we need to start. If the base isn’t working we cannot expect the rest to save the day. xv

All Day Every Day

Giorgio Armani Prima Color Control Glow.

This will depend on coverage requirements but the texture of this cream is fine, sheer enough and evens out the complexion. This tinted moisturiser, replacing the BB formula of the past, has a lovely texture and the sun protection is excellent.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation.

This has a medium coverage – slightly more than the Giorgio Armani – but still sheer enough to even out the complexion without looking clogged or heavy.

Special Occasion

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow.

This foundation creates a dewy texture with more coverage for the evening. I’m making the presumption of lower and more flattering lighting.

 Tips And Tricks

1. Prepare the base.

 Applied after the skincare routine, primer makes all the difference and prepares the skin for the foundation layer.

2. Create a dewy finish and a glowing complexion. (Optional Step)

Mix a small amount of Mac Strobe Cream with moisturiser and using fingertips apply the blend to the face from the middle outwards.

* The strobe cream is a secret of make-up professionals. The difference between using moisturiser alone and this product is the light reflecting properties. It is not sparkly just enhancing. If you can be bothered to add another product to your routine it’s a very worthwhile addition. It is one for special events or an added touch of glamour.

3. Apply tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Add a small drop of night cream for a finer effect. This works brilliantly for seamless coverage.

4. Set the foundation with a thermal water spray.

The Avene Thermal Water Spray is one of the fasting selling beauty products in France and it works. Spray a fine mist over the entire face after foundation and blush, before the eyes and lips for a longer-lasting finish.

Tinted Moisturiser & Foundation Made Easy

giorgio armani color control  ||  bobbi brown skin serum foundation   ||  luminessence silk  ||  tom ford primer  ||   evian spray  ||  mac strobe

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I am looking forward to getting back into a department store to actually try some similar products. I’ve never worn foundation but have always used moisturizer; it’s time for me to get a tinted moisturizer as spots are starting to develop and thanks to Zoom meets, I’ve seen myself in a different light and it’s rather startling!


I love light foundations. Recently I have discovered Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow water tint. It is amazing. It comes with the most gorgeous brush for buffing in. The colour particles are dispersed in water and mix together on the back of your hand. Lasts all day and gives a wow factor to the skin. Of course being, Chanel, it cannot go wrong.


Prefer a light foundation rather than the tinted moisturizer. Latter is too creamy for me
but I use a primer then CC-Les Beiges glow foundation. As you recommend, a primer makes all the difference. I too have to many foundations stored, most of them are half full or more and I should discard them after one year. Some were a blunder and some were used rotative…hence personally I would like a much smaller size of the bottle. Why does nobody made this suggestion to the cosmetic industry? Influencer please call to action!


L’Oreal has a product out now, in CVS (quel horreur I know) which is billed as foundation but is so very light. True Match. It reminds me of a lighter, more sheer version of my usual Lancome Renergie foundation – I managed to break my last newly opened bottle of same and decided in a pinch to try the L’Oreal since they are the same company. I love it! Bonus the bottle only comes in one ounce sizes, versus the usual bigger sizes you find (1.7 oz?)

Ellen Shook

There is a Tarte product I really like which is a combination primer, screen, moisturizer — AND it s tinted. I use this after my skincare routine in the morning, and this is always my go-to now at home. If you want to add a little foundation over it, you are covered well without the weight. My personal preference as I “improve on nature” for here at home, is a very light dusting of a mineral powder type of makeup like Jane Iredale or Bare Pro from Bare Minerals.

Jeanne Henriques

Thank you Vicki, I always love your makeup tips. I started using Giorgio Armani primer and Luminous Silk a while back, based on your recommendation and have been using it ever since. I will check out the BB serum. Love the extra tips here too, thank you! xx


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