11 Nov 2015

Four Tricks To Better Beauty Sleep

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The elixir of beauty sleep; we know it’s good, we know it works and we know we need more of it.

I am not saying anything innovative or life changing.

What I have been working on is trying to get the most out of my sleeping hours, from my skin’s point of view. If I am resting and having all that downtime then I want those hours to work for me and to help my skin repair and rejuvenate.

It is so easy to fall into bed exhausted and wrestle away the hours without deeply relaxing; that is more to do with our current mental state before bedtime than anything else. Calm makes for better sleep as does letting go of technology for those 30 minutes before sleep claims us.

Beauty sleep means preparing our skin and taking care that we are looking after it in the most practical and efficient way. There is no point buying all the lotions and potions, the make-up and body care if we don’t apply them or allow them time to do what they advertise.

Miracles can happen but they do need a little nudge. xv

Four Tricks To Better Beauty Sleep

*Stay Cool

A warm and luxurious bath is the most wonderful way to relax but it is important to cool the body down before sleeping. We sleep better if our body temperature is lower so relax in the tub, luxuriate forever but cool down afterwards with a tepid shower.

*Remove Make-Up

Removing make-up is a must but also a great big bore at times. Many times I arrive home late only to think of nothing but crawling between the sheets and letting the face stay put. All wrong.

The most important part of skincare maintenance is the cleansing; letting the day’s build up settle overnight is probably one of the worst practices. 

*Use Those Products

All the energy we spend finding skincare products that work for us and how often do they languish in the bathroom cupboard untouched and unloved? I know I am oftentimes guilty.

I am taking the time at night to mix up my skincare routines; apply a mask that can soak in throughout the evening or add an extra vitamin serum or hydrating cream. Coat the cuticles, cover the body and pamper the feet; so much can soften while sleeping. Allow a few minutes for the products to soak into the skin before laying down and settling; better on the skin that on the bedding.

*Silky Satin

Silk satin pillowcases are meant to be the ideal for sleeping on. Why? Apparently they produce less friction when we toss and turn which means less wrinkles. I am trying a satin pillowslip out this week and so hopefully no more deep and furrowed lines on my forehead when I wake up. I’ll let you know if it makes a difference.

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Vicki, I have been guilty of trying products and then they sit, from now on I am using it all, like you. I mix up my regimen. Oh and I do like a satin or silk pillow for sleep!!

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Artist Sandra Goroff


While we all hate waste, keep in mind if you have products that were opened over one year ago, especially those with anti-oxidants or retinols, they lose efficacy and potency over time. It’s best to toss and start anew.

Colette Brannan

I have used Silk Sheets and Pillowcases for the last four years you will have no more deep and furrowed lines on your forehead when you awake ! The pleasure being surrounded by silk while sleeping words can not Express !
Kind regards
Colette .


I haven’t tried silk sheets, Colette.. I have always been a fan of linen.. probably because I am always looking for them when I am in France… I shall continue sleeping on the pillowcases .. :)

Mimi Gregor

I’ve never had the remotest desire to fall into bed with my makeup still on; usually the first thing I do when I get home is wash my face. Makeup, when worn all day long on oily skin, can feel perfectly awful after a while. Even in the days when I used to “party hearty”, I would wash it off. I wouldn’t remember doing so in the morning, but the habit was that deeply ingrained.

Cathy C

Hello Vicki,
Such a timely post. As we gear up for the holiday season, it especially important to take care of ourselves. Holiday parties, though so fun to get all dressed up for can take a toll ~ the late night, the extra cocktail, and like you say, just wanting to fall into bed without the chore of removing our makeup. I just know if don’t I take off my makeup and couple it with a poor night’s rest, I will absolutely wake up with blemishes, even at 51!
Thanks for the great reminders.


All of those are great tips, especially removing the makeup and using a good skin care routine. My favorite products currently are by Paula’s Choice (Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment) and SkinCeuticals (LHA Solution/toner and Metacel Renewal B3). My skin looks radiant and feels so smooth!

I would add drinking a cup of chamomile tea (soothing and hydrating), a breathing technique called 4-7-8 and a yoga pose called Legs Up The Wall (calms the central nervous system) pose all work wonders. In particular, the breathing technique also helps those of us who are having ‘personal summers’ to shorten the length and intensity.

La Contessa

How did YOU know I went to sleep last night with my MAKE- UP ON!
I haven’t done that in years……………last night after falling asleep on the sofa I had NO WILLPOWER to cleanse!
PROMISE!It will NEVER happen again!
PS.I tried the SATIN pillowcases and find they get snags VERY easily!!From what not so certain…..I do LOVE my LINEN CASES the BEST!Then again I sleep on my back.


My late mother in law, who lived to be 99.7 months always gave satin pillow cases as a wedding gift. She always made them of pale blue satin. She must have known! She also had the most beautiful and glowing skin. I know for a fact she wore very little make up but she was known by everyone for her radiance! Living proof of your suggestion! She has only been gone from us 5 months. We miss her. I think I will have to sew some satin pillow cases! :)


The silk bedding sounds wonderful! How do the pillowcases stand up to night after night of skin products touching them? Do gentle detergents made for delicates wash the oils out well enough?

Anita Rivera

Silk satin pillowcases, YES! I have even noticed a difference by using 1000 count sheets and pillowcases….my sleep is definitely more relaxing! Yes, applying the products religiously results in clean, fresh and YOUNGER skin. Happy day, Vicki!


Great advice, Vicki!
Taking things one step further, I was advised to use a fresh silk pillowcase every night, as our hair products transfer to the case leaving it less than fresh and clean by the second night. More online shopping to do, I guess…

Bettie pardee

Love the hint about cooling down after a bath (who knew?) and I’m pulling out those satin cases I invested in and giving them another try. At the least I will be sure my house guests are pampered with them. But I can never, never go to bed without cleaning my face. No matter how much champagne I’ve had, one look in the mirror reminds me that I cannot not clean my face!!
Thanks for thinking about all your female followers.

Mary Wikert

Vicki, I have been a Clinique girl since I was in my early 20s and use their 3 step regimen religiously. I inherited my grandmothers English complexion and I wanted to protect it. Was not a sun worshiper because my skin always burned no matter how much I slathered on sunscreen. However I did divert a few times, tried new skin regimens and then paid the price with breakouts or other skin issues…always faithfully went back to my Clinique products and now at 67 I still get many compliments on my skin. Of course I have had to upgrade my regimen with Moisture Surge and Clinique Smart to prevent wrinkles and keep my skin in good shape. For make-up, I love their Even Better compact makeup with a bit of cheek color and my usual eye makeup. Can apply everything in about 5-6 minutes and am set for the day. I also smile a lot…a nice smile lights up your face and makes everyone look radiant and younger!!!!


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